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Found 10 results

  1. SvS Mirror Match Tourney! It's finally here! The time you've all been waiting for! A chance to try out PvP and participate in a PvP tournament without needing to buy gear and figure out a build. This is a skill vs skill battle as well because both characters are completely matching. Same amount of life/mana/res/dmg all that good stuff. I have made 2 lvl 92 fireball Sorcs on separate accounts geared exactly alike with tals sets as the main gear setup. I would love to see a lot of Pvmers join this event, this includes hardcore players. As I said the chars are made and geared all you need to do is meet up with someone on the mirror sorc to duel. The Rules! 1: The only duels that will count will be duels vs the mirror sorc 2: The duels must be ft3 (Winner will post the score on this post the losing party must confirm.) (Also please take a screenshot of the chatlog at the end of each ft3) 3: Duels must be in clear hell Moor. Both Sorcs have nova to clear. 4. To enter members must be recruited Jan. 31 2020 or earlier. (Will consider newer members if asked via voice chat on discord I am on Tues and Wed. nights) 5: Only members who have signed up on this post will be counted. (You will not be givin the password to the sorcs without signing up) 6: Nobody is to share these passwords with people not on the list. (If it's found that you have givin out the password you will be dq'd) Signup format OD account name: Rich(OD) D2jsp account name: Hmmjason How it will work! This will be a ladder form tournament and will be monthly. The first one will start Feb. 26th and last until the end of March. There will be 3 points awarded for winning a ft3 match and 1 point awarded for a loss. There will be a bonus point awarded for a non PvP member that beats a PvP member in a ft3. (PvP members will be marked as PvP beside their names.) I will keep track of points and keep the post updated the best I can. Remember the winner of the ft3 match must post on this thread and I may ask for screenshot comformation. Prizes and payouts! I will be editing this post in the days to come to add prizes but I would like to get some people signed up. Prizes will be mostly fg but if you do not use jsp I will get items equal to or approximately equal to the prize. I am going to officially start this event on Feb. 26th. All who are signed up can challenge any other member on the list (Max of 2 challenges per player at a time). You may not challenge the same person more than once in within 48 hours. You may however challenge people back if they challenge you. (Example: MooMoo(OD) challenges Rich(OD) and loses, MooMoo(OD) has a challenge available and challenges Rich(OD) right back and loses again) Any challenge not played completed within 24 hours will be nulled and no points will be awarded. Screenshots if needed must include in the message log who was on which sorc. (Remember the final score of a duel must be confirmed by both parties on this forum.) Payouts will be as follows: 1000 fg will go to the top scoring player 750 fg will go to second 500 fg will go to the third I will be paying 10 fg per point to pvm members who do not win one of the above prizes also those with bonus point will receive 20 fg per bonus point SuNSeT(OD) is offering 50fg to any non PvP player that completes 3x ft3 matches. Current sign ups: *Daterminaytah(OD) 4pts Deathflames(OD) *Yoshi(OD) 10pts 1 bonus *Raged(OD) 21pts 1 bonus *RadarRick(OD) 8pts *psy9zach(OD) 7pts 1 bonus *Purplez(OD) 8pts *Froggie420(OD) 5pts *Shark(OD) 11pts 1 bonus MooMoo(OD) "PvP" 36pts DBZ(OD) "PvP" resigned😢 SuNSeT(OD) "PvP" 3pts Rich(OD) "PvP 19pts
  2. We are seeking more survivors to help us thrive in the apocalypse. In 7 days to die we have a very harsh life. We must hunt and grow our own food or scavenge for what little remains of the old world. We must build fortifications to protect ourselves from the zombie onslaught daily. We must arm ourselves with weapons and protect ourselves from the constant threat of zombies and wildlife. We have to craft and create our own tools including electrical and power equipment later in life. For anyone that is interested please let me know and I will ensure your survival for your first go. We currently have 3 very established bases and 1 deserted castle up for grabs. We can equip players with armor, tools and weapons to help them get started. I will also gift every new player a brand new mini bike for quick travel around the world, which btw is quite large, so there is plenty of room for people to come join us. Hikato hosts an OD private server for us, the info for the server is in his original thread: Overdosed in 7 days. Come join us for great fun and comradeship. Currently myself, Vanity(OD), Hikato(OD) and SupremeJester(OD) are all active players. Ravemore(OD) pops in time to time as well.
  3. Level 16 pvp in goldshire all races acceptable all gear must be white you can transfer gold to but gear all gear must be from stormwind and of white quality not better i level must be 30 or below rounds will be at max 5 mins(most damage will win otherwise) no salt the winner gets 10k gold tonight at 10 est
  4. Criaric, frank, champ,and i have created a GUESS THAT THEME SONG event. We've complied 5 songs for every hero and even some potential yet to be released heroes. the object of the event is to guess the most correct songs out of everyone. Points will be given based on the Tier of the song ranging from 1-5. The event will be hosted in a jeopardy like style which we will finalize before the event. This is extremely fun we've spent hours finding the rights songs some are painfully obvious were as others are dreadfully difficult overall it some be some good fun.All songs will be played through my TS music bot . The winner of this event will receive a one rank promotion ( WO4 or lower ) and a medal. Official date will be posted on TS and updated here once its set in stone video purely for entertainment
  5. Lol where we can all watch one movie in one room. (I know it might be chaos but it will be fun.) Movies night will be done at 7pm eastern, saturday. Unless stated otherwise. People are free to post suggestions just keep the movies PG-13 and below. I prefer to rotate genres, so people have to pick a film for that week's genre but the film is majority's vote. If you guy's do want a community movie night, feel free to pick our movie night's first genre in poll. I wish to get a bunch of people for our movie night Due to having young adults in the clan, please keep your movies PG-13 or below so that everyone can join the film. No rated R film's. Sorry Ravemore you will just have to watch your X-film in your own time. I have yet to decide how we are all going to watch the movie, somebody can use Rabbit and other if they wanted to, can use their own link and watch at the same time as us. Please make sure if you are the streamer for that film, that you have a legal copy of the film. (ex: Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Youtube movies) I am not publicizing pirating movies in Clan Overdosed due to legal use. BTW: Rabbit is a streaming site where one person can stream a movie from there device so everyone can watch. It's free but you have to sign up to use the HD feature, again it's free. PLEASE READ BELOW TO AVOID CLUTTER WHEN POSTING MOVIES PLEASE USE THIS FORMAT This is an example, you may add the trailer, and or summary but it's optional (Below you will find a copy and paste format) : Title: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Length: 2 hours 37 minutes Rating: PG-13 Trailer and/or Summary: -Copy and Paste Stuff- Title: Length: Rating: Trailer and/or Summary(Optional):
  6. For this week's #SundayFunday, we'll be playing the custom game known as "Ana Dodgeball." Going just about as kindergarten as we can get, we'll be having a blast with as many people show up. We can decide how many games, how many teams, etc. once everyone shows up and we have an idea of our numbers. All the information for the custom game is in the first seconds of this clip. We obviously can change things slightly if needed. I hope to see all of you there. It should be a blast! Promo to winner
  7. Greetings, Family! the Diablo 2 community is eager to announce that we will be hosting yet another Drunken Karaoke Night! All Divisions, All ages, All pitches, All are welcome! Drunken Karaoke Night's date will now be discussed openly between all divisions within the community thread due to the scheduling conflicts regarding the dates, which have previously collided with Drunken Rocket League. As of now I will be motioning for our next Drunken Karaoke Night to take place on Friday, February 24th. Saturday the 25th also works. Any Questions/Comments/Concerns may be handled within the Melodic depths of this thread. Spank you very much, TannerBallZ
  8. l2dusk


    That's what you get when you KS Ymir
  9. Okay so everyone needs to vent their frustrations about the quirks of society, so here's a spot to do it. If you know of some quirky event that just makes you want to facepalm post it here, and perhaps others will get a good laugh out of life's foibles. So up here it's common knowledge that Target missed the mark in Canada, and now they're pulling out of the country. Yesterday the documentation was finalized stating that they would close all locations by the end of February, but the rats are already abandoning ship. One city over there is a Target containing a Starbucks, and even before the paperwork was signed they'd closed shop within the store. So much for benefiting from American exports, especially when their dollar is so strong compared to our own monopoly money. You know us Canuks love our coffee so even if we lose the Target Starbucks there are still other stores dotted across the country, yet many of us consider American coffee sub-par because it's left on the burner for too long. Until now we've found respite in another brand named for one of the greatest hockey players of all time: Tim Hortons. Recently a mega-corporation was allowed to buy our beloved coffee franchise, and subsequently it is also owned by Burger King. Now here's where the marriage gets a little weird; the main shareholder is Burger King, but that is subsequently owned by a corporation whose President lives in Brazil. Additionally Tim Hortons has had a historical tie with Wendy's whereby they sometimes share the same locations, along with certain fundraising projects. Wendy's is obviously a competitor with Burger King, so how will these famous burger companies avoid a conflict of interest? Will there be any insider trading, or back room deals being signed? And just how Canadian is my country's most iconic franchise? So now my southern cousins are experiencing a boom in the economy, my dollar is weakening thanks to an overinflated housing market, and record numbers of unemployed youth face serious struggles when attempting to break into the middle class. American products are leaving the country and our industries are being sold offshore. Fortunately we have a competent bipartisan government in control... IN MY DREAMS! Just yesterday I got a survey in response to a controversial bill that will only put money into the hands of the 1%, and these were the two check-mark options, "Yes I support my Government's efforts to create tax rebates for youth participating in sports." "No thanks, I don't care about kids." REALLY? That's almost as bad as the Crimea referendum: "Voters are directed to check one of two boxes corresponding to two questions. The first asks: do you support reunifying Crimea with Russia as a subject of the Russian Federation? The second question asked is: Do you support the restoration of the 1992 Crimean constitution and the status of Crimea as a part of Ukraine? (The wording "restoring the 1992 constitution" does not make it clear whether this refers to the original version of the constitution, declaring Crimea an independent state, or the later amended version, in which Crimea was an autonomous republic within Ukraine)." So to summarize American corporations are pulling out, and industries are buying up Canadian organizations as the dollar falls, plus our current Government is more concerned with pushing through policy to protect the upper class than stopping the financial decline of the middle class. So begins the society rag.
  10. Hey everyone! I'm not exactly sure how squads/teams work, but I am an avid LoL player. And to all you other LoL players that are a part of this clan, I was just wondering if you wanted to put together an unofficial ranked team? My IGN is Rufioboy. I can play any position really. Just add me in game or post on here, and lets play some ranked! I like 3v3 and 5v5 as well.
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