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Found 5 results

  1. Y'all know the drill. Too ez. WHO: Any active member (or glorified BFF) of OD (ESCL) WHAT: An item set Give-Away! WHEN: Starting>NOW :: Ends Saturday, FEB 9th, 2359(11:59pm for you weirdos) EST. WHERE: Here on teh Forums. Items given in-game of course WHY: BECAUSE I DO WHAT I WANT In honor of the remarks of "oh it's just a fort" from last time, the game has been stepped up: Below, you will find the pack for YOUR MERC Eth Infinity Thresher (-46) ebug Fort AP (3282//26) Andys head (sorry, not eth, get mad) (8ll, +25) THE RULES ARE SIMPLE: PICK A NUMBER, 1-50. That's it. Note: No two people get the same number, first pick, first locked. Just like last time, Googles RNG will be used, clicked a bunch of times, and winner will be chosen. *Reserved*
  2. Who: Anyone in OD What: I'm giving you free stuff. When: Ends Tuesday, 29JAN, 2359PM EST (11:59pm) Where: on the forums of course Why: ...because I can? Alright alright. Up for grabs is Fortitude (See below) Winner gets to choose which they'd like. Rules are simple. Each person gets to pick a number, 1-50. Whole numbers only, and only one person per number. At midnight on the 29th (going into the 30th) I'll use a RNG and what ever it picks, is the winner. If no one picked the number, closest one wins. Easy right?
  3. Play Together & Enjoy Exclusive Benefits New players can play free up to Level 50 with no time limit and also receive the Jumpstart Bundle with boosts and items for faster leveling. Jumpstart Bundle includes: 1x Quick Travel Pass 5x Minor XP Boost 1x Inventory Module Previous Subscribers enjoy seven days of subscription level access with unlimited access to missions and features up to Level 50 plus the following: Required that your account is in good standing and has been inactive for at least 90 days. Preferred Friends Bundle includes: Unlock: Inventory Module Unlock: Crew Skill Slot Customization Control: Display Titles Customization Control: Unify Colors One Complimentary Character Transfer for the lifetime of the account. For a full list of Subscriber benefits, visitwww.swtor.com/free/features
  4. For the month of June/July; First person to 5 recruits, that are level 110 and raid ready will receive a free WoW token from me (I will provide the gold for you to purchase one from the auction house) Second person will receive 50k in game gold. Third will receive 25k in game gold. For each recruit that is 110 and raid ready that anyone gets i will allow you to choose a pet you do not know from our stash in the guild bank, or a gem/enchantment/5 flasks of your choosing. (for the token the person recruited must complete at least ONE raid with us, both the main raid and alt group will count toward this)
  5. For all those who don't know if they should buy this game or not, now they have a chance to try it out, it is free to play in Steam for few days this weekend, I hope you guys like it, we are growing and we can always use more people to have fun with. If you need help with installation or something similar find me in TS.
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