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Found 4 results

  1. This idea bought up ProZacck(OD) Giving out some FG for highest paragon lvl by end of season16. Any OD member will get on this event all to do is post your OD Account ,B.net Tag ,D2jsp and your paragon lvl First Place. 1000Fg Second. 500Fg Third. 250Fg 50Fg for every one who post their paragon lvl and You will get +25Fg evey updated paragon lvl First place = @Mj3(OD) Mj3(OD) Mj3#1431 para-1622 Second Place = @MooMoo(OD) Para-1143 Third place = @Dagus(OD) Para-1058
  2. Hi all Im going to run this event with the help of @Prozacck(OD) and he gave few ideas. Any Active member of OD will participate but its only related to DIABLO 3 This event based on point system who get more points he/she win Member of Month Medal +2000FG How to get points There are too many ways to earn points 1. D3 Recruitment. 200 points 2. Voting on D3 trails. 100 points 3. Voting on D3 promos. 75 points 4. Host D3 event 100 points 5. Make any D3 topic on Forums 50 points 6. Reply any D3 topic on forums. 25 points 7. D3 paragon lvl 0 to 500. 20 points 8. D3 paragon lvl 501 to 1000. 35 points 9. D3 paragon lvl 1001 to 1200 60 points 10. D3 paragon lvl 1201 to 1500 100 points 11. D3 paragon lvl 1501+. 175 points 12. D3 streaming. 40 points(limit 1 per day) 13. Accepting D3 Elite squad. 125 points Duration period. Apr 19 to end of season 16(may 12?) Post all links and paragon lvls All the participants will get some FG depending on their points Good Luck all @Redvaine(OD) =200+200+50+50+25+25+25 =575 @Prozacck(OD) =100+50 =150 @MelodicRose(OD) =25+25+25 =75 @MooMoo(OD) =25+40+25+25+25+25+25 =190 @Purplez(OD) =25+25 =50 @Dmon(OD) =25+25+50+25+25+25 =175 @Hectic(OD) =25+25 =50 @Solaris(OD) =25 =25 @JC6(OD) =25 = 25 @Mj3(OD) =25+40+25+40+40+25 =155
  3. Supporting our OD Streamers All the streamers will receive 20FG per day per account when u stream Post your 1 Stream date and time 2 Clan OD account 3 D2jsp account you will get FG Thank you Streamers
  4. Hi, I'm looking for someone on USEast Ladder to help me out with trading on JSP - I've got some stuff to sell, however, I haaaate trading and Im in a pretty unfortunate timezone which means that most people are either asleep or drunk when I am active. If someone is looking to make a 10% commission on my trades, please do reach out.
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