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Found 2 results

  1. Hey Everyone! So I've come to the realization that the PoE division was lacking some crazy race content with clan camaraderie! Starting on Good Friday at 7pm EST ( Friday April 19 ), we will be running a Private league for OD members with a set of challenges with FG as prizes. ( Can also choose in game currency over FG if you do not use D2JSP ). The League will run for 10 days and prizes will be awarded throughout the league as well as at the end for some of the final challenges. All are welcome to the challenge and it even serves as a good opportunity for some D2 players with some downtime to win some FG for the Season reset coming up! You are welcome to Stream or Document any progress throughout the private league. Rules: #1: Character must be tagged with ODC_ODNAMEHERE #2: All OD clan rules are still in effect. This one is self explanatory. #3: League will have 10% increased monster life and a slight increase to elemental damage for extra challenge. #4: Must provide Screen Shot evidence of any "First's" challenges. This includes your party if you all achieved the challenge together. Challenges completed as a group will split the prize evenly between the members of that group. #5: Remember not to mention JSP or forum gold in the in-game chat. You may be banned from PoE for RWT. 2500fg Prize Pool: Prize pool donated by Triny, Hari, and Oot! CHALLENGES / PRIZES Highest level at the end = 500fg (750c) First to complete A5 = 100fg (150c) First to complete A10 = 200fg (300c) First to farm Oni-Goroshi = 300fg (450c) First to 80 = 400fg (600c) Most map completion = 300fg (450c) Deepest depth in mines = 300fg (450c) First to 6L a Unique ( not a tabula ) = 200fg (300c) First to farm 9 humility = 200fg (300c) For any questions or interest in helping crowdfund the private league PM me or respond on this thread! Congrats to our winners! Highest level at the end = 500fg (750c) Catchyy First to complete A5 = 100fg (150c) collin & Catchyy First to complete A10 = 200fg (300c) Catchyy & collin First to farm Oni-Goroshi = 300fg (450c) triny First to 80 = 400fg (600c) criaric Most map completion = 300fg (450c) Catchyy Deepest depth in mines = 300fg (450c) Beer First to 6L a Unique ( not a tabula ) = 200fg (300c) catchyy First to farm 9 humility = 200fg (300c) criaric Please let me know JSP's to send prizes, or if you prefer chaos orbs please also let me know.
  2. Hear ye, Hear ye ... come one and all! It's purple coupon day on D2. Thanks to the generosity of Moist, dmon, and merica, YOU have the chance to use a video and use it as a coupon to redeem a prize. In order to redeem a prize, your coupon redemption will involve posting a short video of YOU playing a game, other than D2, with a short critique of why you liked or did not like the game and of course, the name of the game. If you do not play any games other than D2, you may post a D2 video of you grushing or rushing somebody for ONE redemption only. @MelodicRose(OD) is in charge of Clan OD's social media and needs material for the Clan's various media sites. Rules: 1. You may redeem up to 2 prizes with 2 entries allowed per person. Each entry must be one video and different games. 2. First come, first serve, in other words, whoever posts first, gets to pick the prize. I will remove a prize as it is chosen by a member. 3. I absolutely will not tell you stats before giving you the prize, it's free after all. 4. Coupon redemption starts today. 5. Each line in the prize list constitutes "one prize" Prizes: Moist: 4 fire gc, bk ring, tgod belt 1 enigma - MooMoo chose 1 fortitude anni - Shade chose pally torch hoto HOZ with um, crown of ages corona, mara 11 20 to life sc mara, hellmouth gloves, andy's, shako, tgod belt, sandstorm trek boots, SOJ, Phizzle: 20/19 barb torch griffon's eye, arkaine's valor armour, maras full tals, spirit monarch 1 fortitude 1 fortitude 1 chains of honor 1 enigma hoto brand grand matron bow infinity anni Ray's donation to the video contest: (Thanks @Ray(OD)) beastz griefz enigma trang glove arach dwarf angelic ring angelic ammy arreat gore rider barb torch anni 16-20 life scs 3 bo stick hoto um'd arreats stormshield verdungo 5 bo helm ias jewel
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