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Found 13 results

  1. Iso reset team for ehcl I'm running druid or zon preferably druid. Need full team or close to it for reset
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  3. Hey folks! Thanks for the hospitality and to Ray for the invite. Played d2 for years and just downloaded again recently. Had all the works when i initially retired, but happy to see the bots seem to be gone to bring a little challenge back. I play dota 2 as well primarily, and have diablo 3 but that just didn’t take for me the same way d2 seems to do. Happy to be here - and if you read this ray, i must have mistaken the channel name we were in (od sassy?) so that’s why i never got back there. New hero name is OD-SEChammers. Thanks and i look forward to th
  4. Any clan mates selling cheap low annis? Seasons almost over wouldn't mind grabbing a low one if anybody is selling, would rather spread my FG amongst my clan than some random on JSP. Reply here or in clan chat. Im off tomorrow (Saturday) and its supposed to rain so Ill be available all dayish
  5. As I mentioned in my little welcome snippet I am a first responder and a member of my local fire dept. Yesterday at about 4pm we had severe T-Storms and most likely tornadoes rip through my area and surrounding communities. We normally dont get this kind of crap in NY so its a little bit of mayhem here. Its 4 am my time, Ive just gotten home from a plethora of calls for wires and trees down and am headed to work. My immediate area was mostly spared, we still have power, internet and TV, but directly to our south (Newburgh NY area) was not so lucky. After my shift at work today I will be heade
  6. Really dont know where to begin. Ive been gaming since before there was high speed internet, used to play D1 and D2 lan games with my wife, then Cablevision provided us with a cable modem and we finally experienced D2 on Battlenet. From there I became involved with the GamersVault gaming website and IRC and eventually worked my way up to Owner of USEast. Spent many fine years walking servers and helping our members until like all good things that came to a disastrous end. About 2012 or so I hung up my HOTO and got involved in LOTRO and eventually that mess called D3 and even regularly made h
  7. Ray(OD)

    The Master

    *Note yeah I know it's supposed to be mistress but I've decided to stay true to the source material. The Master was once the Lieutenant General of United Britain (???) She once recruited someone into her ranks who was so smitten (only said that for the rhyme) That he referred to Sassy as "Master Sassy" And then someone farted, because they were gassy (farts are natural!) "Master Sassy! Master Sassy!", her soldiers chanted The chant proved magical; their blades became enchanted Lieutenant General and her men would quickly slay whoever crossed their pa
  8. Zava(OD)

    Heya :D

    Hello new found family, I'm a new trial member to the clan OD. Little bit of info of who I am and my background so I'm not such a stranger. I'm 22 years old living in Australia, ive played computer games for as long as I can remember. - Ive played diablo2 on and off for years. - I've played WoW since early days of BC - Play a large list of steam games although mainly just WoW and D2 Don't really know what else to add into here, but I'm looking forward to messing around playing some games and relaxing with you all. Cheers :)
  9. Hi Gents and Ladies, I've recently joined OD and felt I should introduce myself - I'm a 29-year-old Dane currently residing in Copenhagen, Denmark. My day job is in IT where I work as a technical team lead doing project in a maritime company. I'm into anything with a good story and emphasize enjoying myself above anything else. Mostly that means litterature, tv shows, films or games accompanied by lots of coffee, red wine and cigarettes :) I've been playing D2LOD for about 2 weeks now, not counting the years spent in my younger days when the game was still new. Other tha
  10. Hello everyone, I just want to address something- Whenever you see someone interested in joining the clan, either recruit them (if you have recruiting power) or have them talk to a recruiter. Please do not tell them to just create an OD-tagged account/character(s) because it may put your clan members at risk. They have to go through the recruitment process. Sincerely, Ray(OD)
  11. Hello Everyone! My History: I'm 28 now but I'm a longtime Diablo 2 fan, basically for as long as I can remember I have had always come back to this game in some form over the years. I first started in the once 'baby' clan of Warrior Nation (WNx) (link). But then again I was a baby myself being only 14-15 years old. I was there for the birth of their Diablo 2 USEast section where I ended up holding a minor 'forum authority' role when it came to the HC division that was pretty popular back then. We had a good group of about 20 people who wanted to run things our way and ended up
  12. Hey everyone! I recently started playing Diablo3 again and am loving it! I play OW as well got to rank 62 season 1 and currently 2980 (Plat, 20 points from next rank haha). But I am mostly playing Diablo HC right now. We have a steady group goin it's been fun, come join if you are waiting for next season to start up! I have mic if people wanna join TS, Vent, Etc. Acct: dreadknock(OD) 25 Male Colorado
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