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  1. Suh! i am Management(OD). My name's Steven you can call me Stev or Management, i used to be a mostly Solo Veteran SCL known as DonDiablo "Back when" left in 2010ish and just recently came back for a nostalgia trip, and because D2 is D2 no matter what we say, its been told 😆. i am A Daily active D2 hardcore Ladder player, hours played varies on the day (Life Schedule🤑) TimeZone :EST, Usually play around 11am to 5PM. As of now i can provide Slow help (No cookie cutter build) i like to try weird stuff! If you wanna Walk a char hit me up, im always down, or run some Cbaals Exp always matter.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  3. Figured since we are close to ladder reset I'd see if anyone know who has this character name
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. Got a D2 acrylic piece cut finally, need some help from @Purplez(OD) and/or other Generals to make a contest up, I can make a few of these, but need help from the Officers with contest rules and give aways. Unfortunately I will only be able to ship in the US and I will need your name and address too if you win. Steve
  6. Just had a Barb Crushed (thanks @MineNotYour(OD)) and trying to decide what to do with him. Mostly a BO Barb I guess, I was smart enough to make this one on a different accout from my main, so looking for some other usefulness as he tags along on my other runs. Not looking for anything too expensive, I will probably hit up @Mr_kon(od) for a torch and try my luck at an anni on JSP. Any suggestions welcomed as Ive made exactly one Barb in my D2 career and it was about 10 years ago and he too was just a singer. ~Cheers, Steve
  7. Hello everyone!! I just started my trial membership and so far i like OD, everyone is helpful thus far and kind, my name is Otonashi and i enjoy playing D2. Just recently i got back into it and a friend told me about a this group called OD so yesterday i think i came by to check it out and that is when i joined. I hope i posted this in the right place, so sorry if i did not. Anyways i am glad to be here on D2 with everyone, would like to meet more of you guys, i know Ray(OD) a little now, i think he recruited me but i don't know to many other people. Also i really like to talk w
  8. Ive recently joined the OD D2 clan after a long D2 layoff, but have been playing D3 for a while previous. Depending on ladder/season resets I may play some D3 this season. I primarily play hardcore D3 and was on the HC leaderboards up until the day I stopped (GR 77-79ish if I recall correctly) this current season. Let me know of any requirements to join the D3 team and Ill give it a go as my time permits Steve Altreg01#1263 is my battletag
  9. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20765057401?page=1#post-2 See above. Thank you.
  10. Im pretty active in D2JSP, a few days ago I asked for an invite to be added to the clan there. Im wondering if any officer type checks on that or if there are restrictions I have not met to be added to that clan. Steve
  11. Sooooo I've been thinking about creating a classic rusher sorceress when the ladder resets... I've been looking up builds and guides but a lot of 'em are like "oh you can do x and y, or do x and a, or y and b, or b and a or idk really tired right now should go to bed so yeah what should I max and what kinda gear should I be lookin out for *yawn*?
  12. Lieutenant General Sassy wasn't a goose but she acted silly I held her ear hostage and she started to go crazy So, let me tell you about this story OD-Sassy was slain by OD-Kalitor Julie died quickly, her gold dropped to the floor It was a given that her ear would drop as well But it is only Sassy's fault that her sorceress fell Kalitor was holding on to her ear for quite a bit Julie was freaking out, I thought she was gonna throw a fit Eventually Kalitor leaves Sassy's ear in the Blood Moor I go and pick it up, wondering if I could push her so
  13. Hey guys, my name is Saulo, for y'all Taylon is just fine. In the moment playing D2 and Im verry happy to be part of Clan OD. Playing any kind of game with mates is way more fun; I'm going to pretty up my proflle latter, I'm about to hit the road. By the way I am from Brazil... See ya
  14. Hey guys! It's me,ItsThyUncle! Hey everyone! Just a small post about.. me! this post is going to be all about me..... (and a little you). I've been playing Diablo 2 Lod since around 2004 and WoW since 07. legit player. last third party used was stings mh back in v1.11. long time ago..anyways My account (s) are: 1. ItsThyUncle(OD) 2.Derickt90 3. Darksnake for my other battletags and usernames see my profile! About me. 27 years old male and pretty awesome, im generally the nicest person you'll meet..thats if you ignore the sarcast
  15. Xee(OD)

    Xee here

    hey everyone. for as long as i've been playing d2 (since its release date), i have never been part of a community. it's good to say that has changed. call me xee (pronounced like the letter "z"). i only play hardcore and basically only play d2 as i have a family and fulltime job to deal with. real life, you know, that stuff. anyway, thanks for letting me in!
  16. Hello everyone, my name is Lank and i just want to start off my thanking you all for the chance to be apart of an awesome set of people. Im 16 years old and fairly new to Diablo but i home to play along side of all of you and learn the game as i play, I hope to meet all of you and have fun playing games with all of you.
  17. Hi, I'm looking for someone on USEast Ladder to help me out with trading on JSP - I've got some stuff to sell, however, I haaaate trading and Im in a pretty unfortunate timezone which means that most people are either asleep or drunk when I am active. If someone is looking to make a 10% commission on my trades, please do reach out.
  18. Hello OD, first off would like to say i'm glad to be here, also if anyone needs any help feel free to ask. I can help both ladder and non-ladder (more so non-ladder at the moment sadly). Also contact me about screenshots taken in channel / games if you need them for review, ask around. Sorry i have not been on team speak lately, still trying to get better, for me joining OD has been a great pleasure even more so then all the past years of playing d2 with other people which is amazing. So thanks to Overdosed and friends. xD - Ocelot -
  19. Mercury Public Event: Vex Crossroads While at first intimidating due to its size, the three steps required to completed a reasonably simple and quick, and obviously goes much faster with a compliment of other players joining you. Phase one: Seize keys from Gatekeepers to shut down the warp gates The sole public event on Mercury looks like it is two events occurring at the same time, but it's actually showing the first phase takes place across two areas at once.This first phase has you shut down four warp gates, two at either end of the patrol space. Start at one end, and find th
  20. Selling a bunch of stuff on jsp. Here's link to the thread: https://forums.d2jsp.org/topic.php?t=77505757&f=169&o=20
  21. hay guys. ill be posting patch notes in here so you can all look over them and see what past changes have been made
  22. Might as well get a list together of who plans on playing. I have yet to play beta but I have pre ordered on two ps4s for myself and step son. Bean_der (primary) Bean_insider (secondary) In order for this division to succeed I would highly suggest we do not enforce players to sign into the website; however, encourage them to check it out. Most gamers don't play one specific game, so for those who participate in other games, they can take advantage of OD's website.
  23. Data(od) has been supporting us with some of the best runs I've ever participated in. He has leveled several of my characters, other OD members, and several non-guildmembers in the diablo community. Better than bots. The only reason I joined was because I followed this guys runs for about a week straight. Kudos to you Data. Show this man some love.
  24. Soooooooo im new.. Bio recruited me via d2. More than helpful so far... looking forward to some GM PVP/ Tourneys. Been out of d2 about 7 years and figured what better time than now for a come back!
  25. Snax(OD)


    Hello everyone.. im Júnior (SNAX), im 30 yo.. from São Paulo/Brazil.. Playing Diablo series since Diablo1 in 1997-98... moved to diablo2 in 2002.. And since that just making some months breaks... never stopped playing Diablo2.. I tried to play Diablo3 too... but i didnt like it... I would try again if someone call me... Besides Diablo, im a CSGO player.. Well.. Im not good at words.. and in english.. (if i say/write something wrong, feel free for correct me..) If someone wants to ask anything about me.. thats the time.. :P
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