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Found 6 results

  1. Once again its time for another community meeting for clan OD for the date of September 19th 2020 at 6pm CST. I encourage as many of you @Enlisted, @Warrant Officers, @Officers, @Senior Officers, @Generals 1* - 3*, @General, @Commanders to come join if at all possible to have your voices, announcements, and proposals heard. This time around I got a couple of topics I will bring up to the community. As a reminder when you want to speak use the ~ to secure a spot to speak, ~(name) to reply directly to that person and has priority, and @(host) to ask a question through text (with me as the host). Community Meeting Topics 1. A in meeting survey of forum activity, and interest among the ranks attending. I will be done by a vote. -LightingWolves(OD) 2. I have proposal for a clan wide prized chess championship, and want to hear out other proposals for clan wide activities and games. -LightningWolves(OD) More topics can be proposed by any of you and added to the list. @Division Leaders please help spread the word, and @Purplez(OD) its time to send the word.
  2. Its about time again with another community meeting again at 7/29/2017 at 9pm Central Time zone....yay! Get rampped up to use your voices as once again enlisted and warrant officers have the power, so all are welcome and any non OD member can be requested to join by a member. As always post topics on here or message them to me @LightningWolves(OD) so I can record them for the meeting. I hope to see all you guys there, Terra may bring ice cream...hopefully.
  3. After the delay of the last community meeting here is this one for 5/20/2017, at the time of 8:30pm central this time around to have a bit more time to set up and get others in the channel. Everyone is welcome and if anyone has any topics, announcments, or brainstorming please feel free to message me or post it on this forum post. Also if you have a last minute piece you want added before the meetinh starts on the day of then thats ok too. Please pass the word around and encourage others to join, as always thank you all for making OD gaming great.
  4. Hello everyone the next community meeting will be hosted on 4/15/17. I understand I pushed it a little late this time around, but I been very busy. As ussual post topics that you want to discuss on here or message me on the forums/teamspeak if you rather have someone else bring it up. As always thank you for making OD gaming great.
  5. We will soon be rolling up on 2017 first community meeting on Febuary 18th starting at 8pm central time zone. Remember you can subject topic on here and trail members and up are welcome to join us, and we like to see you guys there. Thank you guys as always keep great.
  6. Once again it's coming to that time again for the community meeting being held December 10th 2016. I really loved the turn out last meeting and hoping for a big turn out once again. As usual if you want to bring up any topics or community ideas please post them here if you want to have them saved ahead of time. As usual all members of all ranks are more than welcome to join in and participate. Edited as per request: Starting time will be 8pm Central.
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