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Found 5 results

  1. Request God Builds/Setups in this thread please. If you are trying to learn a new God in Smite and need a build or general setup to help you get familiar with the God, just post which God you are trying to get help with and your Smite IGN. We will try to make a guide within a few days and post it here or contact you through TeamSpeak 3 or in-game and help you out more. Thanks for reading and have fun gaming! -Magik(OD)
  2. Anyone in the clan play RuneScape anymore? My brother just got me back into OSRS (old school runescape). It's basically the RuneScape version from back in 2007 I believe. If anyone plays they should add me! I'm kinda newb though, but I have good gear and money when I havet RuneScape Ingame Name: Malfunkshun (only OSRS not RuneScape 3) -Magik(OD)
  3. I've been recently getting asked by other members about my comment I left on forums status. "What has happened to this beloved clan, forums are like personal blogs, leaders that were trusted leave, low-ranking members try to step up but just get shot down." I would like share my thoughts, please do not attack me if you disagree with my views. We need to change our ways. Some of StarCraft 2 division leaders are gone, which mean fresh blood in the pool. I am not here to bash anyone, or make anyone feel like they’re not doing their duties. What I have noticed of the past months, is that this d
  4. Hi fellow members. The time has come to introduce you to our new leaders. They have put outstanding dedication to make this community work and I'm sure they will continue doing it in the future. I want to share with all of you their views about this clan and their roles as our new leaders. Let them be our new examples and role models to follow. I hope you all enjoy your time in OD! Congratulations to the three of you!
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