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  1. Waiting to hear from the following people: @_@Ghost(OD) oVeRi(-.-)!dOsEd(OD) WillisRae(OD) Spike3198(OD)
  2. This squad meeting is long over due. We need to discuss a few things concerning the tribe in regards to rules and regulations. Please vote in the poll what works best for you with your normal schedule, and in the topic post some potential days that will work for you. Some topics that will be discussed: Dino Usage The whole "my dino" situation Screening Process for potential new members Borrowing items General overview of prioritizing Daily "responsibilities" pin codded storages - Saffron If you have suggestions for topics to cover, please feel free to post them as well, but this topic is not going to be where we actually discuss it fyi. Keep it simply to a topic you'd like to discuss at the meeting. Thanks.
  3. Glad to hear. Did we get the other trex? And do we need rex saddles?
  4. Appreciate the work Terra. It's been busy this weekend to say the least. Keep in mind that "drawing" was merely to show a concept. I was thinking we could easily make some of the "rooms" 2x2 in foundation size while some of the hallways would be 1x1. This would allow us a little building room on the first floor in regards to placing storage and what not. I may be on later today depending on the time after the wedding I am attending is over. The ceremony starts here in 20 mins.
  5. What did he have to gain to tell you the truth vs lying to you? My gut still says it was him.
  6. Base was attacked again last night, by the same user. They blew off one of our gates and two doors. They stole / dropped our stuff and killed the few dinos we had. Spent this morning getting everybody full hide armor, metal tools, crossbows, and pikes as well as taming a trike so we're pretty much back to where we left off last night. I'm not worried about this one rogue guy so I'm sticking to the fact that we shouldn't move. Lets focus on getting that metal room done, as well as getting more rooms built around it. Huge thanks to Saffron, Scott, and Winged for hopping on and helping this morning.
  7. Well, since we are rebuilding our base, we might as well take some time to decide HOW we're going to do it. That way it doesn't turn out to be a mess like the last one. Here is the design I was thinking: http://i.imgur.com/vXHVsRc.jpg We wouldn't have near the amount of rooms in this picture, it was a very rough and fast cut and paste job,but the basics of it are there are only a few main entrances into the base. In those main entrances, there's a single path of doors, that eventually opens up in to more rooms. We have the opportunity to create a few larger rooms if we want, but the admin room should be in the center, and only have one entrance. That entrance should be after quite a few walls / doors to get there. The Pros and cons are pretty much the same with this design, and that is simply the number of doors. This makes it more difficult for us to maneuver inside the base but will also make it a living hell for anybody who is attempting to raid us. Turrets would ofc be on the very top of the base (we can do a few floors), and the entire house will be surrounded by behemoth gateways ofc. As for dino pens, haven't put much thought into that yet, we could put it on the top floor, or build it as a separate building, it doesn't really matter. Saffron made these mockups, and I told her I'd keep them in consideration so I'm posting it here so others can see: http://i.imgur.com/aDoyhDd.png http://i.imgur.com/MLUs6sU.png Please post thoughts, ideas, comments and questions.
  8. Before you start accusing people, maybe it is best to wait on developers to hear what will they say and they will provide us with some sort of compensation (they should) also accusing with out proof won't get you anywhere. We have already lost base once, and we re-builded, I don't see reason why we can't do that now, even faster since we are higher in numbers also it will take us much less time to do that (also our new members might level up faster now, so it is not all that dark, unless you are person who is like crying because they lost virtual stuff). As for Dodo Corps, their base was also hacked (it is probably because our tribes have merged) I was at White Spears base and their base is intact, to be honest Gamgamgam are so rare seen that they are almost no treat to us. What is done is done, I say focus on rebuilding... And let Devs do their job. We already know who it was. I'll explain on TS later.
  9. So everyone is clear, as it stands right now, we have not decided to build in a different location as we are trying to figure out what happened. From the looks of it there are only two possible options. 1) One of the Admins in the tribe did this since we have Admin Only set for demolishing or 2) We were targeted by a hacker. My guess is it was probably a hacker. Both are possible simply because there was no damage to surrounding building structures, which we would see in the case that we were raided with C4 or Grenades or any explosive device which would've been needed to destroy a base of our size. For now, you can use the Rafts to spawn near our base and if you wish to start rebuilding, feel free to do so, though I'd stay away from taming dinos for now until we figure out what we're doing.
  10. I'll possibly be on later tonight to help get things restarted. In the mean time, did you see any death messages or anything of the sorts when you logged in that would suggest as to who it was?
  11. Josh has been working on his flexibility a bit it seems.
  12. Didn't I say something about calling dinos 'ours' way at the beginning of all this ?
  13. Sounds like we're going to need some parachutes made up for us for tonight.
  14. Did you manage to get the artifact or are we going to need to do that tonight?
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