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  1. Sweet, will keep an eye out Saturday and unless there is already a decided time this is happening at.
  2. Looks good Terra. Should make the grand siege something streamed on discord where others can come watch. Would be fun to watch.
  3. 4 More days to go guys! Good luck to everyone.
  4. Sign me up if this is the case @lilg(OD) I just had Pabst(OD) get thru trial and have 2 more in trial right now. JSP is Blindzf
  5. I think they're afraid of a little competition. 😛
  6. Pretty stoked! This week we will hopefully fly through the first 6 bosses today and get some good progression in on Council.
  7. Is this for Diablo 2 recruits only?
  8. Blind


    Welcome back Nico, look forward to seeing you in WoW
  9. Best advice is focus on one class when you find the playstyle you like. Alts can be enticing but ultimately you're never going to learn your class properly as a new player unless you stick with it. Other than that, there are tons of resources out there. Between using youtube and wowhead.com you can find out almost anything about any item or boss in the game.
  10. As promised, Sire Denathrius in normal was downed this week by OverDosed. We managed to clear Heroic Shriekwing up thru Stone Legion Generals on Tuesday in one go and today cleared Generals and had Sire down on the 3rd learning attempt. OverDosed will officially begin their Heroic Castle Nathria progression next week! Great job to all and awesome work by Salax(OD) and fresh out of trial Smug(OD) on leading the raid team through normal.
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  13. Last night Guild <OverDosed> wrapped our week of raiding and for the first time managed to get to the final boss of Castle Nathria, Sire Denathrius. It was a fantastic raid week with the guild defeating Heroic Shriekwing for the first time, and defeating 9 out of the 10 bosses on Normal. It was the first time that the guild has defeated Council of Blood, Sludgefist and Stone Legion Generals which transitions those bosses from progression status to farm status and allows us to turn our attention now to focusing on finishing Normal Castle Nathria next week and defeating Sire Denathriu
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