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  1. I already own Outriders, so if you want to do another spin on the wheel so someone else can win. Thank you though!
  2. @PureSkoomaOD - Thank you for taking the time to clarify your questions a bit in discord voice. If I still understand your questions wrong please feel free to let me know and I'll try and answer better. With that said, I'm going to try and answer them with the assumption that I understood what you were trying to articulate on discord. Ultimately, the biggest thing I've learned over the years is when to step away and remove myself from something if I find myself getting heated. Now, this doesn't mean step away and give up, but it is perfectly acceptable to say I need some time
  3. @LightningWolves(OD) Appreciate the questions, and your restraint in only asking 4 questions. 🤣 1) I don't think my past actions or experiences hold me back from looking at how the clan is currently. Not at all. If they did, and I was stuck on or dwelled on the past I wouldn't be up for eval right now as a General. I think the biggest thing for anyone who may be able to relate to your question is to know our past helps form who we are, our present is where we figure out the direction we want to go, and the future is what we set our sights on to grow. 2) I don't think I feel judg
  4. Cindy, I've gone ahead and numbered your questions just to make it easier to sort my responses. 1) I mean, it really depends on what the topic is about. I've learned that there's more than one way to accomplish pretty much anything. It's all about flexibility. What I feel may be the right way to do something, doesn't mean it is the only way to do it. So I guess if I had to answer your question, I'd have to really first weigh whether or not it is worth fighting for or not and if it was, it's all about data, data, data. If after arguing my case and it is still decided to go another directio
  5. Thank you @Zakspeeeed(OD) and @RadarRick(OD) for your kind words and comments.
  6. Is McHenry or Kenosha closer for you?
  7. Blind(OD)'s 1* Brigadier General Evaluation I've been nominated to be set rank to 1* General this evaluation period. Brigadier Generals Expectations Who Am I? For those who don't know me, my name is David though I normally go by Blind. I have been in and out of Clan OD since 2004 and have pretty much done everything that OD has to offer. I have held every rank in this community and worked along side many different personalities over the years. Outside of OverDosed I am also a staff member on D2JSP. I have a wife, and currently 3 kids. I have been a web-d
  8. It is dirty but here. Ignore all the wires, I never got around to doing cable management after the new internet and modem install.
  9. I'll be cleaning my desk tonight and I'll get a picture submission sometime tonight afterwards. Nice looking setups so far. Makes me not want to post mine.
  10. Rank change to Senior Officer please and thank you.
  11. CompFreak, I haven't had much of an opportunity to get to know ya yet. I have quickly learned your love of data and spreadsheets as long as it is not one of @Purplez(OD) 'spreadsheets'. I find your dedication and time you invest to generating these reports to be admirable. It is not easy maintaining documentation and going through our logs to get that documentation so kudos to you. I am also very impressed with your decision to decline this evaluation for promotion as you recognized your real life was quite busy. That shows humility and deserves respect. I look forward to
  12. Rick, I've really enjoyed getting to know you. You're extremely active in D2 and whenever you're in the discord channel people seem to flock to it. This is both a weakness and a strength that I'm seeing, and unfortunately there isn't much you can control about it so it's nothing against you. My question for you though is how can we get the Diablo 2 division more involved in discord when you're not around? Or do you feel this isn't an issue at all? Either way I support your next star.
  13. JD, I can say since I've been back you've made this time around extremely enjoyable. Your willingness to listen, consult and collaborate is AH-mazing and it's always a pleasure to work with you. I have only a few questions for you and this is per our conversation yesterday. You mentioned how you really enjoy these eval processes, especially the first part, with all the back and forth and answer questions. You've been asked several so far, but what is something that you haven't been asked that you wish had been? In addition, do you feel there is any room for improvement on the eval process
  14. Welcome! Welcome to the OD WoW division. We're currently on Bleeding Hollow Horde and are 10/10 in Heroic Castle Nathria. We are a semi-casual guild with a core raid group who is focused on progressing through content. Division Leaders Blind(OD) - Division Leader Raged(OD) - Division Leader HDK(OD) - Classic Division Leader In-Game Guild <OverDosed> - Currently 10/10 Heroic Castle Nathria Server: Bleeding Hollow - Horde Raid Times: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 6pm till 8pm EST Current Raid Needs and Recruitment Thr
  15. Blind

    The Discord Team

    Glad to see the structure change.
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