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  1. Congrats on making 60, we should have a raid on the horde as a celebration party.
  2. Should I just stop trying to sway this topic back in the right direction? I like to hear what others think about this new search box... could be useful to some people later on in life you know.
  3. Umm yeah, can this be taken elsewhere like AIM? Back on topic... I messed around with the search box for a while getting a feel of it better. I've notice that it seems to be exactly as if your using google to search for things on the site O.o I think the search could be a bit better like instead of a google searched frame, adding a different frame other than white will make it seem like we're still in the overdosed site. Also the option to search for overdosed related items should search the whole entire website (main wensite, forums, and subforums) and pile them up on a page with the results, other than just a general layout of main page or front of the forum.
  4. Uh, so hey what does everyone think about the new search box? I think it's pretty good so far, people have to use it in order for it to be very effective.
  5. Because people get mad when I type too much I'll make this short... ...let people be themselves and try to at least understand what they're saying, or wait until someone else posts so you have an understanding of the topic or post previous of it or the one you have your attention set on. The fact that people are not all the same and that everyone individual has a different personality, differs between how people react on the forum and affects the way they type. Because of this some people have developed ways or even "skills" to help them type things our or to communicate with others. Everyone has their own seperate way of doing things or they were taught a certain way and now do it as so. Sometimes understanding what other say on a forum can be difficult, but some of us learn to deal with it. I believe in my opinion that people should be allowed to express the way they want to on the forums with a few exceptions of blocking profaned words.
  6. Wow, I feel loved. Hope to see all of you on WoW, we should have a drinking party
  7. Ok, thanks to the help of Hammertime, I'm now recruited under my new name Esaru(OD). My forum name will stay the same, so if you play WoW list your name here and I'll try and find you on Akama server (if correct), is what everyone in the clan plays on.
  8. I'll get on WarCraft III and see if anyone cal help me in the channel.
  9. I need someone who can help me out at the moment with recruiting me for WoW.
  10. Flowergirl! Your one of the few I still remember, now if only I could get someone like a officer or higher to recruit me, that would be great.
  11. Hey everybody! I've been gone for something plus years and I'd like to come back to the clan. Sense I completely forgot who most of you people are I'll just make this plain and simple: I want to come back into the clan and play on WoW (World of WarCraft), with a new account instead of Abysslord(OD); I'm starting fresh.
  12. It's true! The moon is made out of cheese!!!
  13. As far as I know she isn't, she just lives here; military, like my dad I guess.
  14. I read in the paper that most the women in that sued the people, others didn't want to be followed by reporters, some never reported about the harassment, and some wern't found or could not be contacted. Ask FireBabe for more details, she lives closer to Yokohama then me, she might know more.
  15. Google earth shows japan with some exception of the area I live is a bit blury, but the rest is very clear.
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