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  1. Rebel

    Diablo III

    I just pre-ordered the Diablo III Collector's Edition for a total price of... $99.99! Anyway, I might be stopping by... in the near future.
  2. Rebel

    Poop Burgers?

    Would you like a Drink and Fries with your Poop Burger? It is so wrong... Imagine if those become popular and they divide flavors based on race. And when you visit Japan, someone tells you, the "white American" poop burger is the best! or whatever. PooDonald's!
  3. Rebel

    Poop Burgers?

    Japan... really? http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2011/06/17/japanese-scientists-create-meat-from-poop/?test=faces There go the attractions that nerdy white guys had for Japanese girls.
  4. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/02/08/armed-bird-cockfight-kills-man-calif/?test=latestnews It really makes you think...
  5. Rebel

    Super Bowl XLV?

    I agree. Brian Urlacher needs a SB ring to secure a "good" place in history --> Ray Lewis already got his. Tedy Bruschi got a couple as well. Anyway, I am not a Bears fan, but yeah, Brian Urlacher is one of my favorite players for the Linebacker position. Bears - please TEAR THEM UP on defense! This time around, you have a decent QB too!
  6. Rebel

    Super Bowl XLV?

    I can't believe the Patriots lost. Wow, just wow. But it does not matter. The Steelers will cream the Jets. And now, I hope the Bears win the SB...
  7. Rebel

    Super Bowl XLV?

    The Packers can be a "high-scoring" team without him... proven when they used the backup QB. Think you are giving him a little too much credit.
  8. Rebel

    Super Bowl XLV?

    My picks are: Patriots > Jets Ravens > Steelers Falcons > Packers Bears > Seahawks
  9. Rebel

    Super Bowl XLV?

    Ok... I know its not Manning's fault that his team lost the game. That's not my statement. The Colts had many starters missing due to injuries - if those players had not been injured - the Colts would be like 95% unbeatable. But like I have said a million times before: I do not like the Colts & Manning. And that's that.
  10. Rebel

    Super Bowl XLV?

    F*ck Manning! hahaha
  11. Rebel

    Super Bowl XLV?

    For now... Looks like the Saints went from the Aint's to one hit wonder. Really hope the Jets beat the Colts tonight.
  12. http://www.cnn.com/2011/WORLD/europe/01/05/sweden.bird.deaths/index.html?hpt=T2 First it was reported in Arkansas... and now in Sweden. The government is saying that fireworks are responsible... really? Last time I checked, almost all birds nest at night.
  13. Rebel

    Super Bowl XLV?

    You know, the Patriots can't lose in the first round... the Patriots have a week off.
  14. Rebel

    Super Bowl XLV?

    Yeah, Colts and Ravens are the "realistic" picks to win their games. But I simply CAN'T support Peyton Manning. The reason I picked the Chiefs... It would be interesting to see the Chiefs vs. Patriots because: 1. Chiefs' QB Matt Cassel was a Patriot not too long ago. 2. Charlie Weis (Chiefs' offensive coordinator) was a Patriot as well. It would be like student vs. teacher, if Matt Cassel went vs. Tom Brady. But we shall see...
  15. Rebel

    Super Bowl XLV?

    WILD CARD PREDICTIONS! AFC Jets > Colts Chiefs > Ravens NFC Eagles > Packers Saints > Seahawks A lot of close games.
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