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  1. Seems to me a lot of crazy ppl are attracted to Colorado... I think back in the early 90's when I was living there, I remember watching them electricute Ted Bundy. I lived like 30 miles away from that jail, when it was done they turned on and off the lights to the whole outside of the jail so everyone would know it was done Then of-course the school shooting and when my boy williams from the Broncos was shot in downtown......
  2. lol thx for clearing that up.... wouldn't expect anything less from you pimp.... I don't even remember that post...
  3. the higher the number the more of a PIMP u are considered. :yes: EXACTELY!
  4. gl on your character and welcome to clan..... Diablo < SC :wink:
  5. Just wanted to thank the person who put my reputation up to 8 it's been 0 for like 10 years... so thx! :thumbsup: :biggrin:
  6. It was a bad ass movie but you 2 r both wrong about bane being better than the joker.... Joker > all.... still an awesome ending to the triligy though..... anyways can't say much else about it b/c of the shit that happened on the midnight showing....wtf is wrong w/ ppl.....
  7. SAME HERE!!! thought I was the only one who did that.... i got a "W" on each cheek!!! so when I moon ppl it says wow..... and when i turn the other way it says mom....... :biggrin: j/k I only got my ear and nipple pierced..... but now just my ear b/c playing basketball all the time I got tired of my nipple one getting ripped out!!! serious!!!
  8. awwwww the little man is growing up!!! lol j/k pimp.... good to see our future generations focusing on the right things.... back in my day I didn't get started playing SC until my first yr of college..... :whistling: don't know what that says about me lol but anyways... good luck in the future!!! :ninja:
  9. i c i c I'm not into gaming anymore family takes all my time these days...... I do drop on to forums quite a bit though..... have fun gaming pimp.... DO SOME FOR ME!!! :biggrin:
  10. welcome to clan.... wish there was more sc players joining!!!!
  11. you sound familiar... you were a diablo player?
  12. I love how nothing gets past you guys.... I've always wanted to put a suicide not on here and then read the comments.... but u anything this would be one of the first ones.... lol............ peace to you who is leaving i'm done. :pinch:
  13. to heck w/ doing it the hard way... get you a fat bag of meth and geek for a week or two you'll loose way more weight and in a faster amount of time.... take it from someone who did it..... LOL .... yeah it's not the healthiest way to do it but the results are mind-blowing and if you just do it for a little bit.... it wont do that much dammage to your health... and if you actually believe any of this I also have some swamp land in Florida I can sale ya for a great price!!!! way to go man, you should not only be seeing the results now but also feeling them as well.. keep up the good work!!
  14. Just call him SLASH # 2 lol, It worked for Pittsburgh for a while...
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