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  1. Hey thanks for the experience in gaming with you guys. I've been inactive for the past to months and I just have so much work that I just can't go on to game any more. It was a great time playin b.net wit yall. Shout outs to HelloWorld(OD) - U finnally passed me haha! Nice job man keep up the amazin work bro. Darkness(OD) - Thanks for the support durin my bnet days. hands down nicest gen on OD. wish i had time to game >.<. gl wit OD! SkiTTaLZ(OD) Signing Out PS I would like darkness to disable me. Thanks!
  2. i find it good to reformat perferably once a year n get rid of all the shit i dont need or use xD. clean slate
  3. Skittalz 125 dont know you to well but hey why not xD mostly halo 3 till i get cod4
  4. shared, havent seen u in a while but i havent been on much lately. but when i used to be real active u was one of the best OD players I saw on USEAST. I mean you was always recruiting, voting for trial members, and helpin out around the channel. you did great. nice job in OD, u sure as hell gave them a run for their money . Take care, and best of luck in life. ODBW lost one of their finest
  5. You obviously dont know what your talking about. Jeez so harsh. Well everytime I got a blue screen a reformat worked for me. In the words of Bob Marley "Don't worry, Be Happy" my comp is 7 years old, and thats happened to me 3 times. each time i reformatted n its been fine for atleast 2 years. call me crazy but it worked for me
  6. sorry to see u go advocate =S. u were a good gamer haha. it wont b the same w/o gettin my bot kicked out every few min... haha jk. now dont b givin away no keys! haha take care man and gl in w/e u end up doing. Pce bro
  7. I beg to differ, I used to use myspace and think ya myspace is better than facebook. but once i started using facebook i realized u can do a shit load more. myspace is so much less organized than facebook which is why i like facebook more facebook ftw~!
  8. sayin the pats sucks is like sayin the colts are good! xD
  9. .... did u read my post? read it again
  10. SkittalZ(OD)


    i hate to break it to you but almost all the nfl teams were doing the same thing, that patriots was the only one that got caught. And before y'all get so high and mighty, isn't it the colt stadium that had the 'crowd noise' tape playin in the stadium? ah huh
  11. SkittalZ(OD)


    if that made sense id probably be offended
  12. I think he knew about it being there, but he just thought even the people there died Yeah most likely. "He thought he was the last man on earth." He did know that it was there, but he believed it was a failure as soon as the diease got out of NY and that everyone else died including the people that were supposed to be at the safe zone
  13. Rudeboi http://www.scripts.overdosed.net/ these of course aren't are latest scripts, and they have a ton of errors in them. last time I checked the login and logout scripts were bugged. easy to fix though if you know what your doing. I can set you up with some free webspace if you want. I got everything that supports them and I am designing my own scripts, (Not for battle.net) but I could do some fixing up wit the scripts if it was needed. To answer your questions, once you get a webhoster, get on the cPanel, find the database manager. once your in there go to import, it should be someone on a nav bar. find the file that ends in '.sql' and upload that. That is uploading the database. upload all the files to the ftp, which you should have access to. edit the config.php file (i think thats the right one) it should have some things like $user and $pass. edit those with your correct user and pass for the database. localhost remains the same, just change ur database location. that should pretty much cover it, you can log in with , I think its shraps/admin ? or something like that, it should of said it when u dl'ed the scripts. Good luck n let me kno if you need nehelp wit webhostin or somethin of the sort Check my OD profile for contact info http://www.overdosed.net
  14. santa f'ed me over this year I got: a pillow a blanket new bed sheets for one of my twin beds =S and for the grand finally a xbox 360 wireless connector (to bad i dont got xbox 360 or the money to buy one!) damn
  15. SkittalZ(OD)


    pats > colts ez
  16. i know seriously haha. such a good movie ^^ go out n see it if u havent O.O
  17. lmao agreed dan brown is my favorite author. both of those were amazing books. my all time favorite XD. might i also suggest deception point and digital fortress by Dan Brown as well?
  18. haha yeah, i did to haha omg when the manikan was just chillin by himself n he didnt kno how he got there i thought the manikan was alive or somethin. i was confused for the begining part of the movie haha
  19. amazing movie. i have a german shepard at home so it really hit home watching that dog die. made me give my dog a hug when i got home haha. didnt expect it to end so abruptly though. The death of the dog was real sad but i thought the most emotional part of the movie was when will smith said to the manikan 'Please say hello....' that would suck
  20. SkittalZ(OD)

    Dolphins > Pats

    if the dolphins win, i will never watch football again...
  21. plannin on goin to suffolk for dual major in electrial n computer enigneerin. should b fun XD
  22. welcome to the clan bro ^^ see on ODD2
  23. this isnt the perfect plan, but PwNeD(OD) is on the right track. the concept of it isnt really that bad if you think about it. I think at this point it is alittle to complex though. Maybe something simplier?
  24. I am righty, but my left eye is dominant =S. I found that out shooting haha. righty w/ left eye dominate is actually quite common. wouldnt b suprised if there was a few ppl from OD with this phenomina
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