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    You know those pornos you can get for 2.99 and there half adds, ya those and mighty morphin power rangers the movie...THE ORIGIONAL NINJAS

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    your interests just became my background. I was born in Utrecht, Nederland. I started playing starcraft in 2000 on europe as S.Top)STop_theM then when I was 15 in 2004, we had to move to united states for my moms schooling they liked and we stayed so now I'm USeast


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  1. I see your point nvm and gj, P.S someone post the rep
  2. Ill see what I can do tonight
  3. Im still trying to get EwR to agree to cw, there just so bm all they say is OD is nub, k background for you DeRFuHReR(OD)<--------pawned EwRs entire roster to win a 20$ bet with ~mox~{moh}, and I suck soo It would be a funny cw. Also gj, also if someone could link a replay with badsmurf and heaven Id like it, thx
  4. Well then I guess it will dirty jokes are fun they shud be aloud (damn 11yos we gotta watch what we say for the kids -.-) NO inappropriate joke topics/posts: that includes any type of racial slurs, racial comments meant to sound like jokes, jokes with extreme sexual/pornographic contents that could be inappropriate to viewers, and bad mannered jokes. hehe i see now oopsy daisy lock plx my bad
  5. Allow me to un-fun for you ^^ ff7-sepiroth last fight you finish with cinimaticish omnislash ff8-GEI ff9-last boss patheticly easy ff10-this is a rpg not fifa 07 -.- ff10 II-did it really need a sequal -.- ff11-eh Really you think there fun but its gunna get gei for yeh real quick go make me some new friends XD
  6. Always nice to see GM in cws, I just EwR would grow a pair and quit talking and start walking ;.;
  7. Why is it everytime I get on war3 almost the OD sector of it is dead as hell, that channel is like an asthmatic in a dust storm, its about to die it seems, now yes I'm going to recruit my ass off when I become staff sarg but still, If you can recruit on war3 and your not, start ITS FREEKIN LONELY.
  8. I have 14 Starcraft, 1 d2, 1d2x, 1 war3. Not first come, first serve, if you need a key tell in a pm why, also these keys are for fellow OD only sry forum members
  9. I'm really bored and I demand entertainment!!! Post your naughty jokes below, winner gets a special mystery prize.
  10. Yet noone asked about me It wasnt hard to get legend they are like community of 210-220 lol and I was only one nerd enough to REALLY try at it XD
  11. Well for several years I dominated a growing game community, it started out as aspereta, then went to illutia basicly same just graphics, units, stuff. But anyway my friends and Guild:Druids of nara'kei were sadened by my anouncement of retirement, and my guild disband ;.;, I dont care what anyone says on that game i was a fucking legend, ask about sinjin, But now I can focus on battle.net games more, but let us look back on memories: Aspereta:Naga King soon fell to the "warrior king" http://i118.photobucket.com/albums/o98/Jas...ll/aspprime.jpg Illutia:Knave, first to reach vito guerero and pimp myself out http://i118.photobucket.com/albums/o98/Jasontindell/Me.jpg Yes we totaly killed a vendor(like a bagggilion fkin hp and dmg XD) http://i118.photobucket.com/albums/o98/Jas...dell/pawned.jpg Also if you play this and you wanna be paid im dishing out my items on saturday 5:00PM Eastern time
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