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  1. Happy birthday fcjcoms! Miss ya man.

  2. fcjcoms(OD)


    If anyone wants a Lockerz invite send me a PM with your email. If you don't know what it is Google it. It's pretty cool, and it is legit.
  3. Hey Darkness, Naw I haven't played TFT in prob over a year. Haven't had the time. I'm graduating in May though and I'm putting together a new rig so you may see me on B.net soon enough.
  4. Hey guys, Just dropping in to see how OD is doing. former General Fcjcoms(OD)
  5. fcjcoms(OD)


    Grr... nub cake... oh those days of solo war3
  6. Hey Un)Holy... sounds like your doing good... I havent seen you in a few month where you been
  7. never got to dota with you... man didnt see this coming at all... bye
  8. I will prob get it.. once i get bored with it give it to the gf.
  9. OH SNAP!! You better be playing some ladder you nub.. See you soon hopefully will have some good shit rolling by then
  10. Kol is pretty fun... I play with some of my sisters friends. currently on my second accesion
  11. ODWC has picked up I have even started playing again.. I am thinking of re starting up the old ODWC ladder system. Gonna need to talk to some people on that one. Hopefully with summer activity we can hit about 65 war 3 members
  12. fcjcoms(OD)

    Im done

    Cya.. Ghostd... i think its a dumb reason you are leaving but I understand... .
  13. LOL I did too actually it just seemed like something crono would do
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