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  1. Vangrim came up with a great idea with the weekly challenge post your screenshots of your challenge here This week: 100+ creep kills in 20 minutes cho is such a great farmer... well especially with 3 stealth dumb ass enemies who feed intentionally >_<
  2. hell yea man welcome to our division add me nd we can play some time ki11a42069
  3. who the fuck lives in Egypt? just sayin
  4. add me ki11a42069 happy gaming
  5. my mic is broke at the moment and i spend all my money on weed so i will get one when im un-lazy enough but i will be idling the channel now and ready to make our division more active
  6. i would play in this if needed but my mic is broke =-/
  7. I already explained myself. My parents made me take the dog out. I'm not going to tell them "Hold on for 20 minutes, i have to finish my game of League of Legends". This dog walking was not forseeable. If it was, i would not have joined the game. I'm sorry, but shit happens sometimes. Coty stop raging <3 Im sure the other time you afk'd for 10 minutes to "go get the mail" was justified as well? Don't kid yourself. From the scores I've seen people post I wouldn't want to play with you anyway, afker or not. Troll fail
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