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  1. FinalDecay(OD)

    @ Port

    oh no this fag is not talkin bad on the bay...bay shit is running things...831 hyphy for sure...THIZZ IZ WHAT IT IZ!!! WE SMOKE BACKWOOD BLUNTS CAUSE THERE THE MOST EXPENSIVE!! YEE
  2. you got owned...nothing you can do...you shoulda transfered them to a friends hard drive....sorry sucks but thats the way it works...
  3. there not even scary movies...there like thriller mind puzzler movies....and i didnt even know but i just learned that they are extemely low budget for how popular they are.....saw 2 used a 4 million dollar budget saw 1 was a 1 million dollar budget.....Final Destination 3 was a 49 million dollar budget and Final Destination 1 was 45 million....FD 2 was like 47 or something liket hat
  4. ya mosley pretty much cleaned house in that fite...it was ok but i expected better...they did make it to the 10th round tho....
  5. lol titans arnt getting reggie bush so i dont give a ######...part of me wants him to stay just to spite the texans and not give them a weapon against my favorite team....but another part of me wants to see him in the pros
  6. atleast i had seattle defense in one of my fantasy leagues.....im ranked number 1 in 1 out of 2 of the OD leauges go me
  7. This sucks that everythings dead but WOW cause WoW is like the gayest game ever....ultimate nerd game.....
  8. MY friend payed 200 Dollars for 4 Damian Marley Tickets lol...thats about the exent of my ticket scalping experiance
  9. metcalf is right bb isnt necissarily going to iraq my friend just got sent to korea and another one just into texas....no necissarily iraq....just gl in watever u do.....
  10. We never really got along well sometimes but u know what i mean....sorry to see u go bro even tho im not even in the clan anymore....btw metcalf is a sav for being in the military.
  11. FinalDecay(OD)


    Payton mannings way better....check the record books..... gotta love air mcnair tho
  12. titans are gonna beat hte colts next week........SUPRISE!!!
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