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  1. I just created this steam group for PUBG http://steamcommunity.com/groups/OverdosedPUBG feel free to join so we can get a community started!
  2. He's just getting his feet wet with streaming and I'm trying to help him get some followers. He is giving away a free copy to PUBG to a follower once he hits 100 followers. So make sure you follow! https://www.twitch.tv/thebigolduse EDIT: He's willing to trade follow for follow. Leave your twitch here and I'll pass it on to him.
  3. lol i never see you on. the one day you were online you were hiding from me :P you gonna be on tonight?
  4. Post you ranks to be added to the list. Where do you stand? Buckeyes47(OD) - Silver III Aries(OD) - Distinguised Master Guardian Baba_Ganoosh(OD) - Pacino(OD) - Spuffnduff(OD) - Gold Nova I b00m(OD) - Bliss(OD) - Master Guardian II Bob(OD) - ChrisH811(OD) - Legendary Eagle Flamingunicon(OD) - Gold Nova III foogy(OD) - Glitterlovex3(OD) - Gold Nova I Gringo(OD) - Gold Nova I GsNp(OD) - Distinguised Master Guardian GuysoShy(OD) - Highnoon(OD) - hoboreturns(OD) - Gold Nova II Its.Just.Aaron(OD) - Killamyster(OD) - Maverick!(OD) - NinjaGummies(OD) - Gold Nova II NrGY(OD) - Outlaw85(OD) - RMonga(OD) - Rocker(OD) - Distinguished Master Guardian SIlver1(OD) - ucandoit(OD) - zebracakes(OD) - Zizzitz(OD) - Gold Nova Master [REM](OD) - Silver II SpikeSpiegel(OD) - Master Guardian I
  5. Welcome back to OD. We've enjoyed having you so far. Continue to do what you do and get some recruits in here! ~Buckeyes47(OD)
  6. The herd of zombies are coming for the lone living soul left on the map. The zombies (knife only) must take down the only man alive. The lone survivor will be able to buy a scout, armor, and any grenade he/she chooses. The round will start and the herd will charge. OBJECTIVE: Kill as many zombies as you can. Every participant gets to go thru 5 waves of zombies. The most zombie kills at the end wins the tournament. Let me know if your interested in participating by posting below. Please feel free to share and ideas, comments, or concerns. Date and time to be determined at a later date. ~Buckeyes47(OD)
  7. Well I was hoping for more feedback than this lol. Maybe day 2 will be better. :P
  8. Badboi? Going to update 2016? I'll try to go back to 07 when I first ran a league for OD and see if I can find any info.
  9. For many years I have been very passionate about fantasy football. This year I have really gotten into Twitch and it has amazed me how many people watch other people play games. So recently I got an idea for a fantasy football show/stream. I assume most members in OD have watched Twitch, use Twitch, or generally have an idea how things work. So my question for you guys, do you think it is something I could obtain alot of viewers and potential subscribers? Here are some ideas I've kinda of thought of to incorporate to the stream. Marketing Twitch Facebook/ Facebook Live Twitter Website - If it ever got big enough I could put together a draft kit yearly where viewers could purchase. Stream Content Daily subjects (Waiver wire pickups, sit/start, etc.) Q&A Fantasy League with viewers Live Fantasy Drafts/ Mock Drafts Daily Fantasy I've searched fantasy football on Twitch and only 3 channels show up. The most viewers for a channel is 49 viewers and doesn't have any past content or uploads. Please let me know what you think about it and if its something you would personally tune into. I know this particular market is controlled by the big wigs at ESPN and Yahoo with personalities like Matthew Berry and Andy Behren. Just let me know what you think. Thanks, ~Buckeyes47(OD)
  10. No CS:GO? If you didn't know, we have a CSGO division. If you ever get it let me know and we will get you playin! ~Buckeyes47(OD)
  11. Welcome to Clan Overdosed! Do you play any other games regularly? ~Buckeyes47(OD)
  12. So I was hoping someone was interested in remaking and updated version? ;D I think it is a great tool for new recruits.
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