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  1. Very helpful! Thanks a lot.
  2. Hi! Welcome to OD. I hope you enjoy your stay and if you ever have any questions or problems, feel free to send us a message.
  3. Didn't failed promos used to have a log? Or did I imagine it? =/
  4. Discord does not have a backdoor, come on Xayj, read the article well before posting something alarmist like this. It is a malware that you need to download voluntarily and install it on your PC, and have an outdated antivirus for it to work. It's shared via chats as a third party cheat program for some games. So as usual, do not download third party software from unkown sources, keep your antivirus updated and you should be fine.
  5. Humbling it up is nice, but it's even better to push your shortcomings as also reasons to promote you. If you can manage that, with proper justifications, and with the right influence, your ideas will gain a lot more weight. You have been very dedicated, and I'm greatfull that we have members like you. I support your promotion, as you already know your way, and the next step is to give you the opportunity to develop your plans with more freedom and authority. Best of luck to your promotion, you have my positive vote.
  6. I don't think I have ever been disappointed on your role in OD, and this is not the exception. You are pretty well respected and have a great image between our members. You know whats needed for this community, and you do what you can as we all, so you have my positive vote.
  7. You actually should, perseverance is the only thing that makes stuff happen. I climbed up the ranks because I didn't wait for a change to happen, I made sure it did by my own means. There is a lot you can start with and actually accomplish without just waiting for others. You basically answered my question with another question, and stated that a balance is what you would prefer, but it looks that you still don't have an objective opinion on the matter. Again, you only stated that your demotion would be a missed opportunity, but you did not answer if you thought for yourself, that you deserve your rank, and that was my question, so you practically evaded it. I usually ask our members this same question, or if they think they should be promoted, and I vote based on that. I want our leaders to be able to concisely defend their status. So, given that you didn't answer my question and you don't have a clear stand about the kind of system that you would want, I will have to cast my vote negative. The next time please be more objective on what you want, on what you expect, and on what you can achieve by yourself. Also, try to respond your questions on the very first sentence, and only after that, you can justify or contextualize your answer. This is for the sake of being objective and clear. You now have the knowledge to better our system, now you need to practice your ability to pass on your ideas and for them to be accepted. As you gain knowledge on a topic, you tend to use more technical words and acronyms. And as you keep getting overall knowledge on administration, you will find yourself in the need to be very brief, and make sure your content is as easily understandable as it can be. Let people focus on your ideas instead of them trying to understand your stand and verdicts.
  8. Just as Terra said, I for one like to do the opposite, I love talking to people about how miserably I feel and how am doing in life, and I love to hear it from others, it's reassuring to know we aren't the only ones feeling like that. Sure, one can get on your own feet by your own doings, but really, what's the point of life if you aren't going to share it with anyone else. There's a lot of people that like to be lonely, and it works for them, there are other people that are super social, and works with them, but, the problem arises when it's not working for you anymore, so, don't close yourself, try new things. As we grow up, we tend to change our beliefs, and different things start working for us. It's always worth to try it out at least. That being said, and after listening to the meeting's recordings, I don't really see any issue with your development. You have learned to control yourself in any occasion, and even if it's a bit detrimental on your performance, you still contribute and deal with issues more than enough to have my vote.
  9. I am actually glad to see a lot of improvements on your character. You have made your writing readable now compared of a few years ago, you have learned a lot about business politics and overall administration. On the other hand, you have dramatically lowered your involvement in OD to basically participate only when you are called for. I'm not overly fond of holding our leaders to very high and strict standards. You have been in OD long enough to know that things used to be more relaxed in the past, and that said model worked too. Having said that, I would like to ask your opinion about this matter, in our current standards, you might have unfavorable votes on your evaluation that might lead to your demotion. So, which system do you think works best? And secondly, since you decided to share with us your new set of skills, which would lead me to believe you will say that our current standard is better, since it resembles more with a business, and its the area you have been offering to apply within the clan, do you think you should keep your rank based on your work since your last evaluation?
  10. R.agnarok(OD)


    Hi, welcome to OD, feel free to message us if you ever have any questions or issues. Hope you have a great time with us.
  11. Go to their website then and upload a ticket, I have had good experiences with them replying promptly. You will need to create an account to do so and register your product.
  12. That sounds like a connectivity issue on your end or your ISP, battle.net always gives an error message when you get temp/perm banned. Try to reset your modem/router so your IP changes, that usually fix most temp bans.
  13. Hi @t4wE, No where in Drewg's posts I could find a claiming that he is the author of the guides. Even the youtube videos he shared have the original owner when you access them. While copyright is automatic when you make it tangible, it needs to get registered in order to take any actions towards it. I do not see any kind of registration on the website you provided. If you are the author of said work, I suggest you register your work and specify the means to be able to share it. As of right now, sharing the content does not require Drewg to specify the original owner, and he isn't claiming to be his work, so no problems there. If you have any other concerns, feel free to send me a private message and we will sort it out. Hi @Drewg(OD), While yes, you can do what you want, I would suggest that you specify the credits to the original owner. This is not required, but it is within the boundaries of good taste, since someone else also took the time to do this guides. Thank you for your contribution never the less.
  14. All right, I sure will. Thanks for the recommendation.
  15. Make me a Beautiful mexican dinner I took eight grade spanish so Donde esta la biblioteca which translates to I dont bargain pumpkin fucker

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