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  1. Hey @Hari(OD) Just finished watching this PK movie. I can only say one thing. People definitely have God's wrong number haha. Thank you for recommending me this little gem. Outstanding performance from Aamir Khan again, and the dialogues are presented in such a nice way to create a dilema over the most debated topic of all times. I honestly never expected to see an hindu movie express such strong ideals against religions in general. I'm not very religious myself, neither deny the possibility of the existence of a god, but one thing is for sure, none of the gods created by
  2. In my own personal book of expectations, recruiting and organizing events are the two I value the most, since it's the core to keep this community alive and growing. So, your promotion is more than deserved. Keeping the community entertained and together is something you do very well. You have shown the necessary qualities of being a leader, so I expect you to have a swift climb to the upper ranks,if that's what you wish on the long run. You have my support and I'll be looking forward to working with you.
  3. You have been in OD long enough and you also have been a Commander before. In my eyes you are still one, I have always considered you a very capable person. It has been interesting to see you climb again through the ranks and with new motives and things to work on while also recognizing your flaws. I look forward to continue working with you and my vote is to support your promotion.
  4. Well, your question was a yes or no answer, and you posted it on Badbois eval, I'm more surprised you expected something different lol. Anyways, Badboi, you have been a pilar of this community and I hope you keep doing so. My vote is of course for you to remain commander.
  5. I have always seen the ranks as a reward system, more than administrative privileges or duties. After reading your evaluation and the replies, I can see that you are starting to become a figure of respect. I value that and I value the work you have put for OD, so I fully support your promotion.
  6. Taking a real life job for example, whenever people want to get a promotion, they need to be completely sure that they are deserving of a promotion, justify their actions are enough and that they should have more worth and value in the company. In order for me to support a promotion here, I need to see that confidence and willingness. So, I have two questions: 1.- I'll ask so you can reformulate if you wish, do you feel you deserve a promotion? 2.- Do you want to get promoted?
  7. Humility and honesty sure give you props in my book. I usually expect nominations for Commander to be 100% clean, this means with the full support of their peers, and with full confidence from the nominee. Looking forward to when that time comes.
  8. Well, after reading this thread and your responses, it gives me joy to see that you have successfully learned how to play the OD game.What I mean by this is that I have seen some real improvement in the way you handle things, how you conduct yourself towards others, your overall image to the community, and the amount of work you put in for us. I won't waste any of your time with more questions as I have seen that you are ready for the next rank, so I fully support your promotion. I wish you luck and success.
  9. Thanks for your input, your opinions and support is always appreciated. I recently coded a bot for Discord to automate the recruiting process, we believe it's going to be a good addition and will help track DSL from Discord automatically for new recruits. They won't even need to link their accounts with the website. It will be released to the public very soon.
  10. 1.- Oh yeah plenty of times, but it is always entertaining to have good and clever discussions with those that are willing to. And if the drama is for the worse, well, then they will experience whatever consequences their ordeal arose. 2.- Yeah, unresolved drama can have a negative effect if it's not dealt with promptly, it makes people get frustrated and it also give a bad image to leadership as they are unable to resolve the situation at hand.
  11. 1.- Yes of course, we should always be striving for higher activity and our members to take part of the diverse activities. This has always been very challenging and we are always open to new ideas about how to incentive activity. 2.- A bigger member base has always worked better for us. There's more participation overall and a wider spread of games that our members can choose from. Now, being completely frank with you, drama has always worked in our favor, the biggest changes and the highest activity has always presented when we have had the most drama. It keeps people intere
  12. Thanks for your support Triny. I look forward to working with you, and this time completing some projects. That will surely will be my goal this year, you all will have to cope with my bad English, but I will definitely be present on some of those meetings. This year looks promising and we have got now some amazing extra hand from Blind(OD), hopefully we will be able to finish or at least take a huge step on modernizing the website. I been focusing my time on working with the discord bot, but he's been doing some good progress and if everythin
  13. Hi CompFreak Your evaluation sure will be a big deal this time. You are evaluated to get promoted to Commander and that is a big decision that will impact everyone in OD. Your work and dedication is unquestioned and surely deserving of the rank. In the other hand, there are other aspects that worry me. It was addressed on your last evaluation and I would have expected that our current Commanders would have approved you by now, as they will be your equal and are the ones who you will be working directly with. I expect a promotion to Commander to be clean, tha
  14. Hi Triny. I been thinking a lot during this days of your evaluation. My initial thought before reading all of the assessments was to vote for your demotion. The reasons are because of the outburst you had on the conversation over the developing team and how you coped with the situation. Getting into a heated argument, is understandable, so long as you continue your duties and express some level of respect. But the way you took on that moment, and also how you stopped all communication with the team and the way you expressed it, left a very bad taste of your leadership abilities.
  15. Hi PoPs I'm glad to see your evaluation went exactly as I told you it would go. You received positive feedback from the community overall and you managed to expose and explain your situation to everyone involved. As far as I'm concerned, your involvement in OD is sufficient, and it is indispensable due to the current situation. This is enough to cast my vote on you to remain at your rank. Thank you for your work and I'm looking forward that your next evaluation is for a promotion and you manage to complete it successfully.
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