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  1. Can't wait for this game to come out, I'll be definitely getting it. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  2. While I was reading your evaluation, this caught my eye. I can vouch for this entirely since I have seen you discuss issues with Terra, I personally very much like the way you can debate and hold your ground, and I honestly took your side on some resolutions on the backstage of things, but for a specific reason, I decided to publicly go along with the other side. This reason is, firstly, I have experienced personally, the situation where you have left a discussion in the middle of it, because you were discontent with the outcome of it. This will be a luxury that you will no longer have when you reach this next rank. All our Generals are expected to be level headed without exceptions. And secondly, there was an incident with you and one of our Generals a year ago that didn't really have a satisfying resolution, so I will ask my two questions. Are you prepared to bare when things go a way that you do not like, while continuing to express professionalism? And secondly, do you have any plans to alleviate the incident that was put on hold the past year?
  3. There's a constant problem that I have seen on your trajectory through the ranks, and that is not enough people are noticing your development and taking actions towards pushing it forward. You have been doing a lot more than expected, and the time between your promotions has been higher than others that have done way less. You are one step away from reaching a rank that will allow you to have a much higher reach and weight when it comes to decision making, and I'm sure your case, in regards to what I just mentioned, is not alone out there. So my question to you is, once you reach said higher rank, will you do anything to alleviate this problem? Or do you think it's not a problem at all?
  4. You have proven at least to me that you are capable of staying level headed on a heated discussion, and that by itself is enough reason for me to support your promotion. Yet, I still see some issues when it comes to modesty when you express yourself. You tend to express ownership of divisions and work done in general. While I don't think you do it purposely and with bad intentions, it still looks bad for others that helped you and they will feel that you are taking credit out of them. It's not so bad since I also have seen you give the proper credits to others, but you still have to remember that the higher you climb, the less you need to account things for yourself and start inspiring people by focusing on their work, and not yours, even when you did the vast majority of the work. You are a higher rank and a respected member, our members will hardly admit it to you or express discontent to you directly. This is something you have to be aware by yourself. Other than that, I think you are and will continue to be an exceptional leader. Since I already gave you a hard time on the private forums, I wont be wasting your time by asking any questions. You have my full support for your upcoming promotion.I wish you a satisfying outcome.
  5. All done, congratulations and good job.
  6. Both errors should be fixed now. In resume, the bonus days weren't correctly calculated on the single member promotion screen and there was a bug where if you had the screen to vote opened and the promotion expired/went through, you could still vote and it would leave an orphaned record, hence giving it an error when trying to check the promotion link. I have added an extra check to avoid this situation. It was a big change scripting wise, so lets continue to monitor the current promotions, as there is the possibility of new bugs with this last change. @Terra Thanks for reporting. @Chanter(OD)
  7. Happy Birthday R.ag! Hope it's a great one!

    1. R.agnarok(OD)


      Thanks CompFreak =)

    2. Aerineth(OD)


      Happy Belated Birthday buddy!

    3. R.agnarok(OD)


      Thanks Aerineth, come back already =p

  8. I hope you get well soon ๐Ÿ™, please keep us updated!
  9. The question is, when are you gonna try some modern games and come play with us? Lol Glad to see you back ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  10. Yeah it won't be deleted, just not loaded.
  11. I play on Steam, but my xbox gamer tag should be RagnarokOD .
  12. Yeah, truth to be told, the swap usage is hard to determine. Systems with enough RAM, shouldn't use SWAP, still, they do. While it's safe to move the file, you will get a bit of a performance hit, since programs tend to store complex operation results in there when data isn't accessed as frequently. This most likely depends on the program, for linux servers for example, both the code interpreter and our database software for our website, tends to be swap hungry and will discharge stuff to the swap file even if you have free ram. If you kill the swap, you will most likely get an instant system crash since it will fail to allocate back all that data into RAM. While as you said, it's safe to move the file to a HDD, I would only recommend it if you have low health on your SSD, but really, any half decent SSD will lose about 1% health each year under heavy usage (for an average user, your SDD will most likely outlive you), so for a normal user, it's not even worth to move it, unless you don't mind a bit of a performance hit and your SSD is already at a very low health.
  13. Memory leak is something entirely different, as it's a problem when trying to dispose memory that is already loaded, and secondly, marked for discard. This is a bug in the program itself and that's why most software companies work on fixing it. On the other hand, failing to allocate memory should never happen (that's why there's a fail-safe called swap/page file). So, for this reason software isn't programmed to do something about it since it shouldn't happen. Also, even if your programs do not attempt to allocate memory, the OS itself will, so this causes system crashes. Swap file should never be disabled, if you have enough ram, then your SSD's health will be within normal usage boundaries since the swap isn't used as much, and if you don't have enough ram, then you should have a swap file.
  14. That's probably not a smart idea. If you disable the swap file and you run out of memory, you will experience system crashes, application crashing and most likely corrupt files and information. SDD can be replaced, but unexpected lost of work and data is often more expensive.
  15. I got no idea who that guy is, what made you think that I would? Edit: Nevermind, I just read the screenshots, I'm clearly the perfect candidate to be golfing with.
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