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  1. Thanks for your input, your opinions and support is always appreciated. I recently coded a bot for Discord to automate the recruiting process, we believe it's going to be a good addition and will help track DSL from Discord automatically for new recruits. They won't even need to link their accounts with the website. It will be released to the public very soon.
  2. 1.- Oh yeah plenty of times, but it is always entertaining to have good and clever discussions with those that are willing to. And if the drama is for the worse, well, then they will experience whatever consequences their ordeal arose. 2.- Yeah, unresolved drama can have a negative effect if it's not dealt with promptly, it makes people get frustrated and it also give a bad image to leadership as they are unable to resolve the situation at hand.
  3. 1.- Yes of course, we should always be striving for higher activity and our members to take part of the diverse activities. This has always been very challenging and we are always open to new ideas about how to incentive activity. 2.- A bigger member base has always worked better for us. There's more participation overall and a wider spread of games that our members can choose from. Now, being completely frank with you, drama has always worked in our favor, the biggest changes and the highest activity has always presented when we have had the most drama. It keeps people intere
  4. Thanks for your support Triny. I look forward to working with you, and this time completing some projects. That will surely will be my goal this year, you all will have to cope with my bad English, but I will definitely be present on some of those meetings. This year looks promising and we have got now some amazing extra hand from Blind(OD), hopefully we will be able to finish or at least take a huge step on modernizing the website. I been focusing my time on working with the discord bot, but he's been doing some good progress and if everythin
  5. Hi CompFreak Your evaluation sure will be a big deal this time. You are evaluated to get promoted to Commander and that is a big decision that will impact everyone in OD. Your work and dedication is unquestioned and surely deserving of the rank. In the other hand, there are other aspects that worry me. It was addressed on your last evaluation and I would have expected that our current Commanders would have approved you by now, as they will be your equal and are the ones who you will be working directly with. I expect a promotion to Commander to be clean, tha
  6. Hi Triny. I been thinking a lot during this days of your evaluation. My initial thought before reading all of the assessments was to vote for your demotion. The reasons are because of the outburst you had on the conversation over the developing team and how you coped with the situation. Getting into a heated argument, is understandable, so long as you continue your duties and express some level of respect. But the way you took on that moment, and also how you stopped all communication with the team and the way you expressed it, left a very bad taste of your leadership abilities.
  7. Hi PoPs I'm glad to see your evaluation went exactly as I told you it would go. You received positive feedback from the community overall and you managed to expose and explain your situation to everyone involved. As far as I'm concerned, your involvement in OD is sufficient, and it is indispensable due to the current situation. This is enough to cast my vote on you to remain at your rank. Thank you for your work and I'm looking forward that your next evaluation is for a promotion and you manage to complete it successfully.
  8. Thanks for your support Hari, I actually downloaded it a few weeks ago, just haven't had the time to watch it yet, but I will surely watch in in the next days. I will post on the original topic when I do. Thanks for the support Badboi, I usually prioritize what I can complete on a short period of time, so at least some work can be done, but let's hope this years is better in terms of completing the bigger projects. Are you actually good at SC? I might consider buying it if you can promise me a good game =p. Are there any other members still pl
  9. Hi Raged You evaluations have always been a pleasure to read since there's nothing but great things said about yourself. I feel most proud of your development in OD and I'm very glad I had the opportunity to recruit you personally. This last years, we have had the pleasure to interact a lot more and you have proven to be someone who can be completely trusted. I usually don't trust people with sensitive stuff and you have proven to be reliable. I thank you for your hard work and as usually, I can only hope you stay with us for a long time. You have my full su
  10. I have always enjoyed the lengthy chats we usually have and the diverse opinions. It sure has been a nice combo since we usually come up with better and more refined ideas. I do think tho, that you have become an indispensable asset to this community. The level of dedication you have shown has been hardly achieved by anyone in OD. I thank you for your support! Hi, thank you for your questions and kind words. 1.- I'm usually available to anyone that reach outs to me. A lot of members message me time to time privately, and I'm very glad to be of any help
  11. I'm glad you found it a nice experience, I really enjoyed playing with you all. I have always believed that harsh honesty is way better than talking behind anyone's back. A toxic environment presents itself when members aren't sure of someone else's stand, or start seeing double faced attitudes. That's why I prefer to put differences up front so everything is clear beforehand. I also appreciate your efforts to cope with it, that sure earned you plus points in my book and made me have a different and improved picture that I had about you. Starting a d
  12. 1.- That would definitely have to be BigBaller(OD), despite his radical punishments, he was always a fair leader and was the one you would go if you wanted someone that would give a fair judgement while avoiding favoritism. I have seen countless communities die because their leadership would go against majorities and take preference of their favorite members. This community has survived because of the diversity of our leaders and their efforts to maintain fair judgement. 2.- I haven't played BW in years, but we used to be on the same level, we played a lot of 1v1s and we usually we
  13. 1.- While I usually complain that lately the time taken to discuss and approve a change has been increasing exponentially, the time to implement something scripting wise takes a lot of more time. Sometimes changes that on the underlying are seen as simple, take a lot of time to develop due to other systems depending on it, or it needing to be restructured for the change. 2.- There's always a ton of ideas to implement, but we need to focus on the strongest ones, which are recruitment and retention. Our members have been doing a great work by recruiting and creating events, so mainly
  14. Hi fellow members of OD. It's about time for me to post an eval. I will keep this short and give way to questions anyone would like to ask. For those that I haven't had the pleasure yet of knowing, I been in this clan for 17 years, and 14 as Commander. My main role where I'm most active is overseeing that everything works fine. I administrate OD finances and the server/website forums/bots technical aspects. I usually maintain myself informed of everything that happens in OD, I read our forums daily and most of the posted topics, and participate in discussions on the Generals/Comman
  15. I actually remember the day I recruited you and also remember the day I joined. I was hopping to clan after clan looking for a place to stay for good. I remember doing tryouts for a clan where they played money maps and I beat their best players, and they proceeded to call me a "hacker" because they couldn't take a loss and got banned afterwards. I was pretty mad at the time and left me with a bad taste of communities afterwards. A few days later, I remember joining the OD channel and proceeded with the recruitment process, I beat the recruiter and played about 10 games with OD players, but th
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