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  1. Hey do you like spiders I mean they're pretty good at web development

  2. If you think the tyranny of the majority is a real issue here, then you are infering that the majority of the community is set to prive the minority of their rights, to impose themselves over them for their own benefit. We would be talking about a majority of toxic individuals that compose our community. All of which couldn't be further from the reality. So, in short, it's not an issue at all here. Right or wrong is decided by our same members, with a consensus to determime the best course of action. It is not a dictatorship where the fewer impose their will to the rest, as you are proposing by your comment.
  3. I have tried to push this change over the years to my peers, both as a General and as a Commander myself. I also tried at some point to develop an history record on the main site, with all your vote comments, including failed promotions and negative votes. Both of them were not accepted by the majority, for the exact same reason that Ray(OD) was fearing. One incident may be held against you for a lot of time and will be detrimental for your advancement. While I believe, it should, because you did it, and it should be public for everyone to see, the majority is still not at a state to accept this change, and we look for the benefit of the most. Same thing happens with the private forums, we get a lot of incidents, false accusations, and we deal with private information that was not allowed to be shared by the parties in question to anyone but the administration. And for the contrary, by keeping all this incidents public, you end up publicly exposing innocent members when the accusation is deemed to be false. If someone made a false accusation privately to us, there's no need to publicly shame both parties until the matter is resolved. Sure, doing things privately may cause discomfort and paranoia to some of the parties, but this alone does not weight more that the pros that it presents.
  4. The dark part was so annoying, I watched it on HBO in HD and the quality was just ridiculous, then I went and downloaded the Amazon copy, and it was a thousands times better. I was kinda hoping they would all survive, just to wait for Cersei to come and wipe them all.
  5. You would have to script it. The core function only allows for one.
  6. Happy birthday ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. R.agnarok(OD)


      Thanks Sassy!

  7. Happy birthday R.ag!ย 

  8. Thanks for reporting, I just fixed it, see if you still get the issue please.
  9. You're offline in Trillian again.

  10. Sign back into Trillian, loser. Got things I need to ask you about.

    1. R.agnarok(OD)


      I been on the whole time.

    2. Terra


      R.agnarok(OD) signed on at 7:53 PM

  11. I can 100% assure you, that not a single General or Commander for that matter, had been exempt of "losing face" as you describe it. It is common, and it's almost an untold requirement to climb up ranks. The only difference in what makes a good leader and what doesn't, is the way you handle such key moments. You have the ability to turn something bad, into something helpful for you, something admiring, and turn the public spotlight to let everyone know you have an admirable way of handling any type of situation, and only then, you will gain the trust from even those that you were expecting to do the opposite. Always remember, possibilities are always in your hands, and you came to a place where you have exceptionally understanding leaders, so, my advice is for you to take good advantage from it, and turn a moment of shame, into a moment of respect.
  12. It was very nice having you around, thanks for all the work you put in OD, best of luck with your new endeavors, and I hope we can have you back sometime soon. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  13. WHERES my SHIPMENT you promised it here TODAY !!! last time I use the god damn cartel ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. If you feel that's going to be more helpful than do harm and cause more misunderstandings like the one on this topic, then we will respect your decision abide by it. =)
  15. Agreed, if the channel can now hold 200 members, no need to kick or ban afk members, whether on a bot or on client. As long as they only have 1 account per member in channel, it should be fine.
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