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  1. And that's why I said I'm going to be newbie for years. =p
  2. Oh my, I'm going to be a newbie for years lol.
  3. Hey @Hari(OD) Just finished watching this PK movie. I can only say one thing. People definitely have God's wrong number haha. Thank you for recommending me this little gem. Outstanding performance from Aamir Khan again, and the dialogues are presented in such a nice way to create a dilema over the most debated topic of all times. I honestly never expected to see an hindu movie express such strong ideals against religions in general. I'm not very religious myself, neither deny the possibility of the existence of a god, but one thing is for sure, none of the gods created by humans is the real one. They all have logical fallacies through their story telling. So, in short, be humble, be human, be honest, love and care. We are in a time where humanity really needs to restore their faith in values, rather than in a savior.
  4. I actually remember the day I recruited you and also remember the day I joined. I was hopping to clan after clan looking for a place to stay for good. I remember doing tryouts for a clan where they played money maps and I beat their best players, and they proceeded to call me a "hacker" because they couldn't take a loss and got banned afterwards. I was pretty mad at the time and left me with a bad taste of communities afterwards. A few days later, I remember joining the OD channel and proceeded with the recruitment process, I beat the recruiter and played about 10 games with OD players, but they all were terribly bad, yet not a single soul had a single complaint about losing, they were actually excited to recruit me. That did it for me, I remember saying, ok, this is the clan where I will stay for good. I never really tried to be a leader here. I joined to have fun and game, and I absolutely loved recruiting new members. That got me to climb up ranks and to reach the General ranks, once I was there, I still didn't want to be a leader, I only wanted to help organize stuff, help with the website, and make this community enjoyable as my previous peers did that for me. I remember that the first day that I actually wanted to be a leader was the day I got the Commander rank. This all has been a quite meaningful experience ever since I joined. It gave me the chance to meet a lot of great people here, and enjoy a lot of gaming. Joining OD was the best decision I ever made regarding online stuff. We were very young back then, and having the privilege of seeing us both grow and continue to have people like you who I can talk to and have fun is very gratifying. I'm very glad I recruited you and that you are enjoying this place. I don't even see 17 years as a long time, it's just a part of my life now, a life project where I got no plans on leaving neither letting it die. As long as I'm around, rest assured that OD will still live. I hope that you and everyone reading this can also call this place home and make it part of your lives, enjoy it, and see it live through the years. The older you get, the more you appreciate little details of life, and OD has been one of the most rewarding. You will always have a friend here for anything you need. I thank you truly for the recognition. πŸ˜ƒ
  5. So, apparently both themes needed a fresh install. I have deleted the old themes and uploaded their respective new versions, please check them to see if the problems got fixed.
  6. It's usually easier said than done, but one has to choose the quality of life for ourselves, having that extra fun is nice, but when it comes in hand with shortening your own life, then it's not always worth it. Anyways, I'm glad you could share that with us, and looking forward to see you with better habits so we can enjoy your weird personality far much longer =).
  7. Can't wait for this game to come out, I'll be definitely getting it. πŸ˜ƒ
  8. All done, congratulations and good job.
  9. Both errors should be fixed now. In resume, the bonus days weren't correctly calculated on the single member promotion screen and there was a bug where if you had the screen to vote opened and the promotion expired/went through, you could still vote and it would leave an orphaned record, hence giving it an error when trying to check the promotion link. I have added an extra check to avoid this situation. It was a big change scripting wise, so lets continue to monitor the current promotions, as there is the possibility of new bugs with this last change. @Terra Thanks for reporting. @Chanter(OD)
  10. Happy Birthday R.ag! Hope it's a great one!

    1. R.agnarok(OD)


      Thanks CompFreak =)

    2. Aerineth(OD)


      Happy Belated Birthday buddy!

    3. R.agnarok(OD)


      Thanks Aerineth, come back already =p

  11. I hope you get well soon πŸ™, please keep us updated!
  12. The question is, when are you gonna try some modern games and come play with us? Lol Glad to see you back πŸ˜ƒ
  13. Yeah it won't be deleted, just not loaded.
  14. I play on Steam, but my xbox gamer tag should be RagnarokOD .
  15. Yeah, truth to be told, the swap usage is hard to determine. Systems with enough RAM, shouldn't use SWAP, still, they do. While it's safe to move the file, you will get a bit of a performance hit, since programs tend to store complex operation results in there when data isn't accessed as frequently. This most likely depends on the program, for linux servers for example, both the code interpreter and our database software for our website, tends to be swap hungry and will discharge stuff to the swap file even if you have free ram. If you kill the swap, you will most likely get an instant system crash since it will fail to allocate back all that data into RAM. While as you said, it's safe to move the file to a HDD, I would only recommend it if you have low health on your SSD, but really, any half decent SSD will lose about 1% health each year under heavy usage (for an average user, your SDD will most likely outlive you), so for a normal user, it's not even worth to move it, unless you don't mind a bit of a performance hit and your SSD is already at a very low health.
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