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  1. Foxxy! long time no see

  2. lmao, it's so funny how old members always come back. This clan truely is a drug. :D Hi Adam.
  3. I'll pwn you even with highping anyday. =p Hi Killa!
  4. To clarify: I am in Germany, so a ping of 130 is perfectly fine for me. Thanks for managing the server.
  5. So Luke, are did you make it into the army? And what do you do, now that you can't post on the imdb forums now? =p
  6. Hey Dark! :) I am indeed. So you finally picked up CSGO? How are you liking it? I'm also more interested in scrims than public/casual. The matchmaking system makes it pretty easy to play competitive and I think it's way more fun using tactics. I am currently Legendary Eagle. I just hopped on outlaw85's server and got a stable ping of 130, which isn't great but it could be worse. So if you don't mind playing with a high-pinger, hit me up.
  7. I'll pwn some newbs with you guys if the lag isn't too bad. =p
  8. Best of luck with the ODNL Mike! Here's what it looked like back then: http://s692.photobucket.com/user/finish_him/slideshow/ODNL Hi SW, Rob, SK and & Raged!
  9. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=manatee+gif
  10. Welcome to the forums. I'm curious, you stated in the "how did you find OD" thread that you found OD by googling. What did you google to end up at OD?
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