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  1. Dice is making the online part and EA LA is working on the single player part. CLICK FOR TRAILER I don't know about some of you but it looks pretty bad ass though. Might not be a big hit as MW2 but since it's using the battlefield engine it might be worth buying since DICE is good at making online aspects of games. If your buying Bad Company 2 then rent the new Medal of Honor unless the online aspects are better.
  2. Pat(OD)

    I'm Out.

    Well some people don't know me cause I barely game anymore but since AH is back for the 3rd time and I just got back to gaming again. I'm gonna go back to AH cause I liked AH better for some reason. OD was awesome but all my friends are like all gone and I use to enjoy OD so much with those guys and now there gone and OD seems dull without them. I liked OD better when they were here.... I'm not dissing anyone here but OD is not the same as it use to be. I try to hang out with newer people in OD but it's not the same as my old buds I played games with. Heck I never even heard from any of the guys I hanged out with since they left. They never got on there aim or Xfire. I don't care who disables me. If I hear from my old friends again and there in OD I will come back... Probably. I also don't have any shout outs cause I really don't know anyone that much to do a shout out on.
  3. Attach this to my post above please. Reason why I'm against torrents is cause if something kills Pc gaming it's torrents. Heck Pc barely sold any games last year cause of torrents. Less Pc game sells the less games that come to Pc. Ok I see torrenting games that are unfindable. Like really old games.
  4. Hey if you guys had to choose doom or Wolfenstein 3D? Doom comes with a online mode but I'm not sure if it's active or not cause I try to play Duke Nukem 3D online and people are rarely on. Wolfenstein 3D is a instant classic. One of the games that made FPS a big hit. I only have 760 and each of them cost 400. I really hate it how microsoft has those gay microsoft points, I have a stupid debit card on it so they should make it where I can just buy 40 ms points. It's stupid I have to pay $6.50 for 500 points when I need only 40. But eh life sucks and so does microsoft for being greedy bastards. Edit- Some friends on B.Net (Not OD friends) said why not just torrent them on Pc version. I'm not taking a chance and it's illegal and I'm not a poor loser.
  5. How can parents just kick there kids out of the house. That's really harsh. Your parents have no right to just kick you out of there house for being a Lesbian. If my parents even try to kick me out I'll press charges on them or if I even can. I mean what else can I do hit my dad lol cause if I do that then I'm definitely not coming back. Only thing I hate about my parents is my dad is a cheap ass that rarely buys me anything and goes buys himself all this cool shit. It's ridiculous that I don't even got a cell phone and he has a fucking expensive ass cell phone. Once I'm done with school I'm gonna move out and take online colleges. Cause I can't stand my parents a bit. At least he's buying me a decent car instead of a ugly ass car like some kids drive.
  6. Excellent choice dude. Clan AH was a good clan and had a nice D2 division. If haunts would stop taking down the site clan AH would be a BIG ass clan. I MIGHT join it when it comes back.
  7. He sent a message to the whole clan apologizing on what he did but I actually do think he's sorry for what he did but he should receive some punishment if he really did disabled you.
  8. Go ahead and lock or delete this Topic. Corgur re-enabled me. Thanks Corgur your the best.
  9. I was wondering if anyone can re-enable me. I've playing xbox live quite abit and now bored of it. I know I had my rough times in OD. Most of the time when I was pissed it was cause of lag cause I had shitty internet, I just can't stand lag. Now my new internet is almost 3 times faster. I don't care what rank I start out on even if it was the first rank. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but I haven't been on this forum for months. Edit- Oh yeah contact me in Clan OD channel on B.Net. OR BETTER YET MESSAGE ME. (Pat(OD))
  10. Well well Collin I will miss that day when we argued about that Elite guy and I made a big huge freak out in the ODD2 channel lol I couldn't believe I did that....Good memories. I remember when you recruited me when I was Milenko(OD) you where the second person in OD I talked to. Till I meet kherios and he told me the old runescape vent and that's where I was introduced to Fugitive,Zaldar, and Hell. Then my Milenko b.net account was hacked so Hell recruited me as Pat(OD). I had the fun days in the clan I go solo now. Bye Bye Xero. I am quiting computer games soon cause job/college. So this might be my last post and last goodbye.
  11. Bye snowwhite or should I say Melissa u where really a nice person even though you banned me like 3 or 4 times lol. It makes me sad to see you go and I will miss you alot.
  12. Pat(OD)

    Im out

    Ummm Ok Bye I guess. I looked ur trial member profile I'm taking ur Dragster didn't AH teached you to tag ur chars oh wait ur the highest rank in clan ah that played D2 "GENERAL". Pathetic.
  13. Pat(OD)


    Yeah the tito and xero one where funny the rest where decent/dumb.
  14. Pat(OD)


    Lol wtf naruto reanimated lol funny. Look at the My Clan OD Youtube Channel Icon video lol. Lol this shit is crazy he thinks of random stuff.
  15. Only reason ps3 has better graphics is that Sony waits for the new systems to come out and they just make a more improved version. But I BET ALL YA MY LIFE that if call of duty4 wasn't on the ps3 nobody wouldn't even buy a ps3. So my vote is both. I get tired of losers crying on which system is better if they want to know which one is better than buy both systems so that they don't cry about this kinda stuff. Cause if someone can afford a 360 they can afford Ps3. I got Wii also.
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