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  1. 1 more day of corralling Grizzlies, and Wrastling Wolverines. Ridin home on my Caribou tomorrow!

    1. Redvaine(OD)


      well then! get it sunset! lmao

    2. MineNotYour(OD)


      Although it be awhile ago, I hope you made it safely. 

    3. SuNSeT


      Yah I've been kicking it on d3 off and on.

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  2. Couldn't make it on at night. Was a drunk belligerent nearly every day off. Had beer league ball, and just ya...wasnt able to make it. Back at work for a week...then 3 weeks off @DBZ(OD)
  3. @DBZ(OD) you workin tomorrow? Got a T time at 8am and I'll be working on my truck brakes and rotors. Lmk if you are available during the day
  4. 2 days till flyday, be available on the 9th for some showcase showdowns!
  5. Hes kidding cause he knows I hate leveling chars lol
  6. Can always beg for forgiveness rather then ask for permission 😉 I dont see an issue with creating an OD account that says pvp(OD). Put in the description the members that use that account. Done Not like that account gets added to site anyways.
  7. Get that tight underwear on boys, poppas home on the 8th Boner time
  8. Don't assume too much, Aern was with me when we started SC2. OD already didn't have the greatest reputation as a competitive clan on SCBW. SC2 we were knocking off professional teams and had players participate, and win on world stage events. Some of which signed multi year deals with professional teams. SC2 is not D2, but its the highest achievement OD has ever accomplished in competitive gaming. Work with each other, you'll see better results...that goes both ways @Aerineth(OD) This is legitimate. Before stepping down this was my primary focus; however, work/life didn't care about my gaming endeavours. For the jsp community, your 100% correct. PvP is D2 end game. Like it or not, OD does house a significant higher number of members just looking to hang out and grind. Not my cup of tea, but as a community we got to cater to both sides of the fence. This is where I think your expertise will excel. Clint/Robbie/zee are all household names on jsp. If we can continue to build a solid pvp foundation here in OD, it will in turn generate more membership. 5 ladders ago OD didn't have a pvp division, doesn't look like much but we have had 20 man tournaments in pvp only a season ago. Spearhead projects alongside @DBZ(OD) / @MooMoo(OD) to generate more membership. FG awards go a long way in generating members. FG for new players regardless of a 0-10 record, help fill positions in tournaments, and may gain more members in the pvp community. myself @SeeD(OD) and @Trump(OD) have shut down games, unfortunately only one of us had an OD tag. It would be nice to see everyone on a tag. The suggestion of having specific shared "tagged" accounts I think is legitimate. I believe you will find success in having "shared" Player vs player accounts. PVP(OD)1 PVP(OD)2 etc something along those lines. We could even have current non pvp members level them for forum gold. That way you get a 100% legit account that doesn't have a chance of getting banned for using bots. Could have the email for these account registered through @DBZ(OD) / @MooMoo(OD) / @PoPs(OD) / @Purplez(OD) . That way if the account is ever compromised, they have the ability of reinstating it. Anyways I'm not trying to bash, I've just seen members get heated in the past, and not see a good end goal through. I want you to succeed in OD, because I believe your a valuable asset to the ODD2 community. That being said, we gotta work together. I like the ideas that are coming forward, and now its time to build something the leadership of ODD2 and OD can agree upon. Keep at it
  9. I like the combination of ideas by @Drewg(OD) and @DBZ(OD) Have a few accounts dedicated to OD pvp. Members who enlisted in the ODD2 pvp guild on site can have access to it. This would help provide pvp members with the opportunity to swap characters and builds for the regular team duels. One issue is who gets what end of season. Another issue is it doesn't really provide any outside growth in the pvp group...which I think should be the main goal...build the community of pvp in OD Really I could care less end of the day. If members want to share accounts that's fine. If we want to dedicate a specific tagged account that's fine as well. I'm fairly certain at some point gear will go missing, feelings will get hurt etc. But until then I say we give it a shot and cross that inevitable bridge when we get there.
  10. Not entirely true. I have 1 pvper in a non OD account because I paid for a level job. The other pvper is on my OD account. I dont share any accounts either...OD or non OD
  11. boils down to this We've already had a general get demoted because their forum account access was shared to upload a photo. My suggestion is do what all the other shared account pvpers do. Have your OD account for everything outside of pvp. Make a separate account if you plan on sharing pvp characters. Other option is build your own pvp char without sharing it. Its more expensive sure, but this isn't a rule that's gonna go anywhere because of past events. Shitheads have already ruined that for the rest of us. Is what it is unfortunately.
  12. Purchased a couple unmade ctas today. Entered game with my OD account, and the guy was like, oh your OD yada yada yada. We chat for a bit, mentions that he has met a few of our members and enjoyed gaming with them. 20 minutes after we go our separate ways, he sends me a message on jsp. Below is the message Long Live Clan OD I love OD, always have, because you all seem like great people. I think of myself as an honorary member of OD. I would join in a heart beat and Sassy offered to recruit me herself last season. Unfortunately, there are a couple 3rd party programs, that I use for clone hunting, that make me ineligible to join. In other news, you're the 1st OD member to buy anything from my Aisle 7 thread. I want to officially offer all OD members a permanemt 25% discount on total orders. You bought 2x CTA at 36fg total retail price. 25% off for being OD brings the total to 27fg. You paid 31. Im refunding 4fg to give you the full 25% discount. So I thought I'd share that with you guys, the jsp members name is FGnewb, so if you search that user name and find his threads, mention your an OD member and get a 25% discount on the gear. I know we don't support 3rd party programs, but anyone who uses jsp is most likely purchasing botted items anyways. Obviously we house a community of GM first members, and as a result its shown its colours to the rest of the online community. Keep it up!
  13. Not back till August 8th. Doin a shutdown. Can have a bye if that's cool with drewG...I'll catch ya fuckers when I get back
  14. I didnt take a screen shot. We started messin around with other chars
  15. challenge winner of @SeeD(OD) vs @DBZ(OD) where the fuck is everyone @Rich(OD)@MooMoo(OD)@Dont(OD)@Mr_kon(od)@Krusty(OD)
  16. @Shade(OD) pm me when your on bromego
  17. Majority of the pvp guys know that this is a copy and paste job. Lots of us used these exact guides to improve or fix bad tactics. ODD2 lacked these guides in the pvp department, and with them, it may encourage other members to try out pvp. No harm in building the shrinking community. Keep up the posts and vids, I find myself going back to them from time to time
  18. Happy bday grey bush!


  19. Happy 50th ya old dog @Hari(OD)!

  20. SuNSeT(OD) Swampdonkey Vaso BvC MB- No I'm out of town periodically so I'll post when I'm not home and guys can have a Bi , lmk if that works @Drewg(OD), also need some BvC tips!
  21. I didn't think I even needed to mention it...pretty well known at this point isn't it?
  22. Came to the right place. Gl on trial and remember to login bromego
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