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  1. SuNSeT

    d2 pvp squad

    ...im literally 180 km into the arctic circle...trust me if I could get on I would
  2. SuNSeT

    Hey all

    see you at reset bud, have a good one
  3. happy bday @Ylem(OD) old friend

  4. SuNSeT

    d2 pvp squad

    im in the arctic at work...be home on the 13th...fuckin stoked lol
  5. or @MooMoo(OD) @Rich(OD) I know I've definitely seen it in channel
  6. What time is it at...net here wont let me access the page lol
  7. i'll get ya leveled up...can use my gear when im out of town lol
  8. come back @Raged(OD)
  9. :*( wish I was home. Goin through gaming withdrawals
  10. Totally thought this was the cheat on our spouse thread....which I am NEVER available for
  11. im down when I get back home forsure!
  12. SuNSeT

    Lets Go D3!

    Ahhh right on. I'm bummed out that I cant jam for 2 weeks! Internet up here is too shitty to even load the battle.net launcher. Keep up the good fight guys, and keep reaching out to members in the clan chat. Gotta get some people on board with logging into the website. Also if there are members that need enabled, feel free to PM me their information!
  13. Another 2 weeks out of town, see you all in a couple!

  14. happy bday @JR(OD) you made it another one! go get white girl wasted for me

    1. JR(OD)


      tyty :) haha wish i could . only if i had no kids i would though :)

  15. SuNSeT

    My girls

    Thelma and Louise is.... Probably not their names
  16. SuNSeT

    Hello clan!

    Hey guest lexi! Pretty sure I jammed some games with you and tiny...ha...auto correct... @Triny(OD) Welcome to the club...ask @DBZ(OD) if you have any questions regarding the website
  17. think mines in signature
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  19. SuNSeT

    Reset Team Names

    pm me guys, need your jsp for names!
  20. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_troll I understand some people have issues with life's little curve balls, but you seem to be a grown version of the kid from gym class, who would strike out at kickball.
  21. The blind found the pornos they were lookin for
  22. Late to this party but nice work bud
  23. SuNSeT


    I feel like the last of the Highlanders now. Good luck my man. I'm sure we will cross paths again
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