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  1. Welcome back bud, enjoy havin you around. We're lucky to have individuals like yourself. I'm happy to hear your studies are paying off. Well done
  2. Hey buddy long time no see
  3. SuNSeT

    Team Signups

    Sounds good bud I'll put you down On another note, I'm pulling out. Had some buddies surprise me with concert tickets tonight, bad timing I know! I'll catch up on Monday with ya guys! HF!!!!!
  4. Those are some pricey names on jsp
  5. Hide and Seek....whoever finds a specific non class specific item first wins IE - Find an Soj in Grifts/Rifts First one to find one gets a prize btw those are all solid man, great ideas!
  6. SuNSeT

    Team Signups

    meet on TS prior and teams get organized there. In the past we've made teams, and 95% of the time, those teams end up getting totally jumbled, because people have other commitments they forget about, or something pops up last second. This gives captains on TS the opportunity to check to see whos on, and what they want to play, and build an ideal team based off the info provided
  7. SuNSeT

    Team Signups

    got ya totally depends what you and your team decide, I generally just plow through act 1, and act 2...if we are too low on levels we tomb until 20 before duriel.
  8. SuNSeT

    Team Signups

    summon necro is a wrecking machine on reset...only char that can solo ubers without any gear on 😉 all good man, 95% of us are just here for the ride, not lookin to break records you'll see the majority of us just like to jam out, shoot the shit, and have fun on reset. that's what its all about nailed it
  9. SuNSeT

    Team Signups

    @SoByakusho(OD) Well........which one my man
  10. Give a man a fire and he will be warm for a day Light a man on fire and he will be warm for the rest of his life
  11. welcome dude, we have our fair share of vets here. enjoy
  12. totally thought when you said wife has a migraine, she was using it as an excuse to leave lol. Sounds like the eventful trip. I can barely get my old lady on a plane.
  13. Confucius says, "woman who fly plane upside down, have crack up"
  14. SuNSeT

    Team Signups

    got ya got ya got ya
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