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  1. happy bday cock knocker


  2. SuNSeT


    Well long story short I'm more burnt out on repeating myself. Issues were raised before I stepped down from gen ranks. Theres no hidden agenda , and if you care to take the time to look into it, they are posted on the generals forums dating probably well over a year. Anyways @Terra @CompFreak(OD) if you manage to catch me on discord one of these days we can have a chat. But like I said, I think our views on improvements are on opposite sides of the spectrum. I do wish you guys the best moving forward though. Thanks everyone again, its been a pleasure. @snick
  3. SuNSeT


    Fit in or F-Off Its been a long time coming, and I can't justify sticking around anymore. I've been vocal over issues in the past few years, and I keep getting hit by this revolving door of zero action...so its in my, and OD's best interest to part ways. I'm not going to get drawn into a debate over this. Selfishness is restricting growth. OD has a lot of gaming first mentality players, and these people need to be given a shot, rather then bombarded with the forums, admin, evals etc. The balance just isn't there and I don't wanna keep being the "bad guy". I don't enjoy it, and I f
  4. Always loved sunken rushing zerg in scbw.
  5. Sucks to hear and I know you'll be around, whether its to shoot the shit, or make a push to see if you can get 400 recruits. There's only a handful of people I've met here where i know I would get along with them well in real life, you are near the top of the list....of people I would never hang out with....jk 😉 Really sucks to lose you, and I know your making the right choice. Family needs ya, and you need to take a step back and really pay attention to those who matter most. There are a lot of great quotes out there, but one thats really opening my eyes mo
  6. being dragged because you tried getting in the wrong vehicle doesn't count
  7. Well I have a few extra chars kicking around from previous ladders on NL. They were all successful duelin chars on ladder, and can still clean up on NL. If anyone is interested in acquiring a decent geared PvP char, hit me up. Ideally I give these away to guys looking to get into PvP but don't want to dump a ton of fg for somethin they're not gonna use or like Currently have: Ghost Sin Windy Druid PnB Necro BvC Hybrid Sin Spider Sin Hdin
  8. Solid move, shows another aspect of being a true leader. Family comes first, but don't forget about yourself
  9. watched Mike play it....think the kid has it on ps4
  10. Most definitely. Although, I would take a new layout , something fresh, then polishing a turd.
  11. 33 degrees find this strain 

  12. Thats a lot of reading for someone as hungover as myself right now. Happy to have you in OD dude, solid gamer and a really chill person
  13. this is true, however enigma is pretty cheap 2 weeks into ladder...not even sure what they are currently priced, but cant be that much.
  14. My oilers shit the bed...just happy its not my bed...they've seemed to have developed a nasty habit
  15. I'm in.. but I can barely do 100 lol
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