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  1. I didnt take a screen shot. We started messin around with other chars
  2. challenge winner of @SeeD(OD) vs @DBZ(OD) where the fuck is everyone @Rich(OD)@MooMoo(OD)@Dont(OD)@Mr_kon(od)@Krusty(OD)
  3. @Shade(OD) pm me when your on bromego
  4. Majority of the pvp guys know that this is a copy and paste job. Lots of us used these exact guides to improve or fix bad tactics. ODD2 lacked these guides in the pvp department, and with them, it may encourage other members to try out pvp. No harm in building the shrinking community. Keep up the posts and vids, I find myself going back to them from time to time
  5. do you ever give it a rest? Stop creating drama, its offending to not only the person, but the people who support them. You are a figurehead in OD, time to act like one. Appreciate the honesty with your schedule. Will always support a member who puts the community first. Prime example of someone who has always lead by example, and let their actions do the talking for them.
  6. Happy bday grey bush!


  7. Happy 50th ya old dog @Hari(OD)!

  8. SuNSeT(OD) Swampdonkey Vaso BvC MB- No I'm out of town periodically so I'll post when I'm not home and guys can have a Bi , lmk if that works @Drewg(OD), also need some BvC tips!
  9. No questions just a little advise Your taking my spot bud! I know what you bring to the table, and I think you'll be a solid addition. ODD2 and every division for that matter deserves active in game leaders. With my current schedule I was unable to provide that, and I hope when the time comes, you do the same. Lead by example...shouldn't be hard for someone like yourself.
  10. I didn't think I even needed to mention it...pretty well known at this point isn't it?
  11. Came to the right place. Gl on trial and remember to login bromego
  12. Be home on the weekend. Cant xfer the gear with the net here. All yours
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