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  1. Nice! I like that it is "reinstatement" rather then "re-enable" Re-enable is right up there with "Unthaw" in my books.
  2. SuNSeT


    https://forums.d2jsp.org/topic.php?t=79178562&f=87 will basically tell you everything you need to know, on gear, build, tactics @SeeD(OD) and @Wave(OD) are both solid Zon players. They can show you the ropes
  3. Just be upfront and tell her to quit being a free loading hippy. Well probably don't say that but say your not down to sharing your mic, because your starting to get a feel for it. If she wants to sing then im sure she wouldn't mind cashing out and buyin her own mic. fit in or fuck off
  4. SuNSeT


    Late to the party here. Gl drew, I'll see ya around. Been away too much to get any solid d2 going.
  5. Goes to show theres a lot to learn in this game.
  6. Playin the lon necro pet build...dont like just being a single dps monster...crowds kill me pretty easy. Might change the build to a speed rift or under 90 grift grit speed build
  7. I tried sayin that to the old lady...she didnt get it...but I still got bottom
  8. Griswold was my boy in d1, shopping those kings haste swords and godly plate of whales. He never seemed to mind me trying to dupe piles of gold with potions of health for hours on end.
  9. Great idea, gonna be hilarious I ship out on the 19th so unfortunately I cant make it. Net up there wont even load teamspeak haha. Have fun!
  10. You two @MooMoo(OD) & @DBZ(OD) Big bag of dicks headin your way
  11. check jsp for up to date lld rules...this is more mld though, lld is level 9
  12. Monk/WD was pretty decent combo. I like mobility chars, and the LoN definitely made sure you could cruise around pretty quick. Hows S18 lookin? Hows Wiz lookin...ps hate firebirds builds
  13. Kid and I will probably level a char when I'm home. Hes just getting into d3, loves collecting the sets and messin around with builds....and no im not gonna recruit him lol
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