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  1. SuNSeT

    Reset Team Names

    pm me guys, need your jsp for names!
  2. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_troll I understand some people have issues with life's little curve balls, but you seem to be a grown version of the kid from gym class, who would strike out at kickball.
  3. The blind found the pornos they were lookin for
  4. Late to this party but nice work bud
  5. SuNSeT


    I feel like the last of the Highlanders now. Good luck my man. I'm sure we will cross paths again
  6. Baby steps my friend. Stay in touch. Enjoyed our talks. ...i'll be back
  7. Well hectic your a big part of the d2 Hc division...and tail end of ladder things tend to sizzle out. Over the last year there has been changes...not nearly enough and there is a push to improve; however, with any change big or small, it takes time and patience in a community this size. There are many obstacles to overcome , and they dont come overnight. That being said I can guarantee those who want change, will see it through perseverance. I hope you reconsider. Perhaps try d3 for a change. Their leadership is more internal.
  8. @Ray(OD) missed out on your resignation bash. Chin up, stick on the ice bud. Learn from experience, continue to be passionate in life, and have a vision. Good luck

  9. Congrats grey bush! Cuter then me...I looked like one of those Mexican circus dudes when I was born...hairy fucker
  10. Might have to setup my other computer and get the kid jammin with us!
  11. For real? I fly home on the 16th...what time is reset? Guess i could just use google
  12. Nice nice...I'm working by Cambridge Bay right now in Nunavut. Retired at 37...dunno if thats good or bad subject to touch on, but your in the right place if you enjoy spending some free time gaming. I play d3 and destiny 2 when I'm at home...which is not often at the moment. But I'll see you online in 6 days. shoot me your gamer tags and we will jam out!
  13. happy bday bud @OptimusMike(OD)

    1. Sassy


      Yeah happy birthday mike 


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