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  1. ah I bet, I did get Rathorne to talk to a few guys that are in ODSC2 now...I think he still has most of the old crew on his friend list...dudes a beast My sc2 days are short lived now...im not a fan of the changes they made since vanilla. I need to play through the campaign to get a handle on what counters what, build orders...so much to learn. Been jamming SCBW a lot lately though haha
  2. 3-1 @WWIII(OD) gds ladder closed
  3. SuNSeT

    Reset Teams

    Highly unlikely in groups , but I tend to sandbox as well the following few days. I'll put you down as sorc unless you want pally as well (2ndary if required)
  4. @WWIII(OD) what time works for you bud, we can finish our duel then im closing the ladder
  5. SuNSeT

    Reset Teams

    awesome sounds good. I'll put you down as a fire sorc. Generally when we group of there is 4 or 5 groups going...typically 2 to 3 groups complete hell and start running cbaals. Key is to get into the right group with the guys you know will go till the end 😉
  6. SuNSeT

    Reset Teams

    June 5, 5pm PT Signup with which Character you want to play Example: @SuNSeT SuNSeT(OD) Necro I will update this right until reset starts ideal team combination link below Teams will be divided on Discord BO Barbarian Fire Sorc @Champfield(OD) @RadarRick(OD) Cold Sorc Tele @queballz Tele / Static Sorc @Froggie420(OD)(SCCL) Charged Strike Zon @Rob Wairegi @BayButcher(OD) (HCL) Trap Sin @SuNSeT Hammerdin Conviction Pally Salvation Pally Summon/Amp Necro @SuNSeT Oak Druid @Chanter(OD) Whore (Play what ever needed)
  7. happy bday greybush

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