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  1. ya keep these comin boys...i want this sc2 div to replicate the success of tl.net You guys got the right core. Keep building, keep posting these reps!
  2. Dude, that would be clutch...a lot of people enjoy just watching sc, rather then playing it...and it would prob direct traffic our way for more players, if you add a link to site Helps me learn the new meta and builds too...havent played since WoL :*(
  3. There a way to post this so I can watch on my phone lol?
  4. Well claws alone will cost 250fg for a cheaper fools claw. Chaos base should be 50-150 Inventory I prefer md/ar/life charms; however, lots of people prefer shadow skillers...they're cheaper but imo more geared towards a hybrid sin. You can make a cheap 42 fcr ghost...theyre slow but still fuck up casters with ease. Guilli helm Enigma Chaos claw Fools claw Arachnids 1 fcr ring Raven Highlords Trangs gloves Gore riders/shadow dancers/gob toe Inventory grab a mix of GC max ar life, and x2 fhr/ar gcs You need 27fhr I believe which can be covered by shadowdancers. 42 fcr with trangs fcr ring and arachnids Imo ghost and hybrid are top pub duelin chars. Struggle vs bvc and hdins...still winnable though. Good necros are a fun mu you'll also need 48fhr for some chars like trappers
  5. Pvp I'm guessin? They're fairly pricey Can walk you through one though anytime
  6. Totally thought you meant you got catfished. Old lady's "reality shows" must be subconsciously taking over
  7. SuNSeT

    Soul Patch

    Well I've rocked at least a mustache practically from grade 6 on...not even joking haha. Some facial hair is better then no facial hair...unless it looks like it belongs on squirrel nuts. Ask the misses...generally do the opposite of whatever she says.
  8. Welcome back man. Wasn't aware of the reason you were away. Sad to hear that. Very hard losing anyone especially siblings.
  9. @Froggie420(OD)> @Warrior612(ODO Default
  10. Scamming peoples annis with my step brother in act 2. This was before you could trade annis. Would have brother sitting in palace for when I would swap annis with the other players Good times
  11. Time to rejoin ya filthy ditch pig
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