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  1. Thissongissick.com Havent checked it out in a long time but that's where I found logic and lupe years before they signed a major record deal
  2. Man...those monkeys have extremely non proportional balls...or maybe I just have really small balls. Either way...Bali is now on the bucket list.
  3. Well if that's heavens gate, I'm guessing I'm at Hells Gate Looks awesome. Don't fuck with the monkeys
  4. New reset is comin bud. Be a lot of new and old faces. Keep in touch regardless
  5. Prob be the 13th but I'll let someone else win 😉 Dec 9th cause it's my bday!
  6. Should prob include OD shared account for pvp Not sure what the status of that is currently, but I believe @Drewg(OD) put a lot of effort towards it...before he pulled chute 😞 @DBZ(OD) Should prob include OD shared account for pvp Not sure what the status of that is currently, but I believe @Drewg(OD) put a lot of effort towards it...before he pulled chute 😞 @DBZ(OD)
  7. I'll be sure to get on with you guys. Home in a week
  8. Nice well post some matches. @DBZ(OD) and @MooMoo(OD) you guys can still win the 5k, you just only end up with 20% of it in your pocket...the remainder is used for future tournaments you two host if one of you wins this tourney. I'm just the bank...mom, basically. That way maybe jared will host a tourney once a reset.
  9. SuNSeT

    Item Find Tournament

    That's random. Thanks though @MooMoo(OD) I cant log into the launcher at work. Dont think I could post it if I was able to though anyways
  10. SuNSeT

    Item Find Tournament

    Can we put this on the d3 news for when people login @Redvaine(OD) @MooMoo(OD)
  11. @snicker66(OD) More or less. Community style members who wish to participate in multiple games or invest interest in other aspects of the clan, will do so on their own accord. Can pm me if you want more in depth. Btw @Aerineth(OD) you have my vote of approval of staying where your at. We go back a long ways, and I'm confident in your abilities. Open and easy to communicate with, as well as keeping the best interest of OD
  12. Well well, I can see your frustration and I dont blame you. I've said before these evals are more for individuals enjoyment rather then addressing an issue. I know if you look back at when OD was successful I bet you can remember some of those leaders. Not sayin OD isnt successful, its just not where many of us wish it to be. Those division leaders that are coming to mind were highly gaming first oriented. Theres a place for admin and I'm not knocking anyone who is admin inclined...but since I've rejoined I've noticed it takes precedence over gaming. "Once you hit general ranks we want you to branch out" "you need to take interest in the community" So on and so forth. How does that help that members division? Why break away from what's successful? People who enjoy admin will take on admin responsibilities, and those individuals are easily identifiable. Look at our previous games at their peaks. Go through the logs. Willing to bet Scbw - @NewbCrack(OD) Sc2 - sun/ @Tris(OD) / @Badboi(OD) D2 - @Sassy CS - @Buckeyes33 Dont remember the other gaming leaders because I dont recall them breaking 100 members. It's more then an active leader in game that promotes growth, it's a bit of a perfect storm of multiple individuals contributing with a collective goal. Look at how many people post on these evals. Take into account how many members we have in clan. The people posting on here are your future admin. We hammer the same issues non stop. Focus on growth, if your admin, focus on 1. website development 2. social media 3. Developing future admin abilities Gaming comes first. Gaming brought us here. Not really a critique of your commander abilities. I know you have good intentions and I've seen that over the years. Keep doing what your doin...but maybe let's direct some effort at generating revenue for a website overhaul.
  13. Not a single game played wtf is goin on!? @MooMoo(OD) @Rich(OD) @RadarRick(OD) @DBZ(OD) @Krusty(OD) @ScudBarb(OD) @Mr_kon(od)
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