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  1. lol, I have had 3 separate Names McAlister, Somerled, Woden. Mcalister was my first worked my way through the ranks and ended up leading d2 east. I joined when Botooh was destroying some clan or another for spamming our d2 channel, I had been fairly good with bots back then good god what was that bot called. anyway Botooh asked if i had any knowledge about spamming or loading bots, i then proceeded to load like 12 or 13 keys thinking i was cool, then boom whole channel full of botoohs... witness to the Bballer/Firebabe drama. Personally liked DoSeD, R.ag Botooh and Slip always had fun playing with them. I see Rob's still around, one could hope the troll grew up... lol. I see no mention of Blind as a previous commander. there sure was a lot of drama back then, but all in all i still had more fun then not while in. Just dropping by to catch some nostalgia I guess. still missing something... yeah still need Rob to attempt a troll or flame... lol
  2. No idea who all is still in the clan from the old days, been a few years. I'm Playing D3 quite a bit lately. Figured I'd drop in and say hey.
  3. yo dom u still in the clan ???

  4. I Have been pretty inactive lately due to trianing. I am leaving within 30 days and will more then likely not be active for at least 6 months. I don't currently have anything the clan supports... I play WoW every once in a while and minecraft if I can get it to work past this fatal error shit... anyways I'm not resigning because Dave did I'm resigning because I will be in trianing and deployed abroad. It was nice meeting some of you and I hope all goes well for the clan. Was hoping dave would disable me but I seem to be a bit late... lol (give Rob my rank LAWL jk) Semper Fi, -Dominic
  5. 1. Zelda (Link to the past-Ocorina of Time-Twilight Princess fav titles links awakening was alright too) 2. Final Fantasy VIII (My fav I like X and XIII aswell) 3. Super Mario Bros. (World and Bros 3 were the best, awesome to play with friends) 4. Diablo 2 (Played it since it's release and always loved it. I wish my comp wasn't fucked up I miss playing it) 5. Texas Hold'em (bought my Jeep with my winnings, paid for alot of the nice things I own today) Kind of in order but not really. If you didnt have SSM on that list I would have said its the shittest I have ever seen Pokemon and WoW are both grind fests, and then Wii Bowling and Guitar hero are just not memorable at all. To each his own... i guess. Super Smash Brothers was so awesome... out of all my friends that played I was invincible with Samus.
  6. America is not a true democracy, therefore your statement is wrong. I guess my statement was incomprehensible for you Ancient. The ignorance that exudes from your brain to your fingertips and typed in this post just shows that you are a silly Canadian that can not grasp the over all message of my post. In no way did I say that the presidents are not responsible for actions they take. I stated the truth which is a fact here in AMERICA that we vote on any actions taken as a country. Every state has representatives that act as the voice for that respective state and it goes all the way down to city/town officials that carry the word and votes of the people to the next level all the way up to congress where the final vote is passed and action is taken or not taken. US citizens are just as responsible as the President for any thing this country does. America is not a true democracy because the people have let it go that way and given the government to much power over themselves (myself included). however my statement is not wrong. You probably did not read the whole post I'm guessing. (I'm just giving you the benefit of the doubt that you aren't that ignorant.)
  7. I can agree that going into Iraq in the first place was, especially in hindsight, a poor decision. That decision was, as we all know, made by the previous President, George W Bush. In my opinion this is an ignorant statement. We the people of the United states of America elect our president and other officials to run the government. Saying that George W. Bush made the decision is NOT the truth. Don't get me wrong, George was by far one of the dumbest and worst presidents. However We the people elected him and voted on any actions taken place, that is how our country is run. It was not just Bush and his administration that decided to go to Iraq, it was proposed to congress and voted on by elected officials from each state whom can not make a decision unless they have the support from their respectful states. So when people say it was the President that did anything... really it's the people that allowed it to happen. Just like the people forgot that the Government is for the people by the people not over the people.
  8. Taxes were never collected on winnings from any of the online poker sites. On top of that the companies ran their money through other countries banks which becomes almost impossible to regulate. Our government in the US along with lobbyists and casinos want the money to be taxed and regulated. you can expect the sites to be down for a few weeks before they figure out how to tax/regulate the money and then legalize online gambling.
  9. oh you were don't lie... lol
  10. It would show a disrespect of intellect (not 'for intellect'), however I wasn't even trying to insult you, you just took offense to it. My point was that Rob seems to be assuming that since you apparently don't understand what trolling is (according to HIM not ME), it is implied that the rest of the clan doesn't understand what trolling is. I'm sorry if I structured my statement in a way that was too difficult for you to comprehend. to difficult for me to comprehend LAWL... :rofl:
  11. First off Rob... I don't flame you... in fact for the most part I stick up for you when others don't. Second... this was on memebase.com under the troll section and I found it funny how many people couldn't follow the order of operations therefor I wanted to see the reaction from our clan... so get over yourselves. ancient my intellect is hardly definable through these forums, if you for one second think you have a bead on my intelligence based off of forum posts then it shows a lack of tact and a disregard for intellect. on a winninger note:
  12. i know it's 288, but it seems that a lot of people don't know the order of operations and think it's 2. was wondering what you guys would think.
  13. SM is mad about an off topic post... he can stfu... Ancient actually posts relevant and decent posts. you receive -10000 internets. I do agree though... robs intelligence is that of a futon. the end was epic!
  14. silly fat Brazilian beat me...
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