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  1. prob why im single XD haha
  2. Can I get undisabled? i got disabled for 11 days DSL, i had some IRL problems happen over the holiday season and was not able to login. if you need to talk to me more about it, pm me please. thanks kevin/magik
  3. i prob spend half of it on food that day so its totally worth it.
  4. i can't wait for thursday best holiday ever. plus i get paid and have day off.
  5. I'm debating buying a new Xbox One BF1 edition. Hmm...

  6. Sounds good Terra, keep up the good work.
  7. took french and spanish in high school, dont remember much of it tho lol
  8. Magik(OD)


    i need someone to post my items, i suck at doing shiet like that lol
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