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  1. TheZero


    Well, I'm leavin with the rest of the WoWers. It's been fun, again, but I too am tired of immature kids. All I can say. No shout outs cause I know I would leave out some great people. Jake
  2. limewire ruined my last computer so ive never gone back to it... i just buy the CD's or songs online for cheap.
  3. TheZero


    >.< play azhara!!!
  4. lmao! thats so gay... i didnt know they could really do that for just accusing... thats odd... but i dont think u can go to jail cause i think they gotta find weed on u or something, idk, something like that.
  5. off topic lol but thats great. keep it up then
  6. ODWC has never been all that stable. personally i think BW and SC gamers know more about logging into websites than WC3/TFT people but because wc3/tft gamers are used to just being invited and going to the channel. it's hard to recruit on wc because of that, and when people get added to the website they more than likely get disabled for DSL. i guess just make SURE that your recruit understands to login everyday or every week, and try to remind them everyday to make it a habit.
  7. sad to see u go man. u did alot for the clan. gl, hf, dd, ka.
  8. easiest way to get a undisabled is IM gen's urself.
  9. cya, and gl with the clan.
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