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  1. Any thing going on tonight? i'd like to run a few matches with you guys....
  2. dsagf - barb 14/19 please and thank you
  3. It would seem that this isn't always adhered to and seems based on favoritism at times. For instance i have been in Overdosed since 2004 and only DSL'd out for brief time due to my military commitments as i was deployed with a Navy Squadron and was unable to access online access. When i returned i was brought back Staff Sergeant and was given no consideration for any portion of rank lost. But time flew by and here i am still after i was told the generals at the time didn't believe i would be around long. General Badboi(OD) re-enabled Lieutenant Colonel ScudBarb(OD) for req via sn
  4. Welcome ZAC!!! FYI I love going to the smokey mountains yearly. I work for Wyndham and my wife works for Hilton so we take a vacation to Gatlinburg every winter.
  5. Rick you've been my go to guy for along time now. I always feel safest playing HCL with your guidance and the main reason i even play HCL. Your always around to offer support wheter its administration wise or gaming i.e. Runs, Gear, Muling and can always be found hanging around Discord. You definitely have impressed me every step of the way in your progression and i will vouch for you any day. Good Luck my friend.
  6. I've noticed the increase inactivity and am one who can attest to Sassy's availability whether it be night or morning she always around and that's even with the big difference in timezone. She recruits, she attends meetings, she leads and teaches other how to be effective leaders. I don't think i can think of anything else i can ask of sassy considering she has shown that shes here for the long run and will be a benefit to the division. Even when life has thrown a few wrenches in her spokes she still is here offering others her help. you get my vote sassy!!!!
  7. I was wondering the same have you discussed this decision with your division and would you happen to have any recommendations for leaders that have the potential within your division to assist in your absence.
  8. @Sil3NtKilL(OD) hey will you be on D3 today?
  9. awwwwwww this melts my heart
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. Sign me Up ScudBarb(OD) Account: ScudBarb(OD) Character: OD-ScudzDin Class: HammerDin
  12. Welcome to the clan hope to see you around!
  13. Is this cross playable through console? If so I can come along for some adventures.
  14. You'll be gone but not forgotten. There are those of us who have been here for along time like myself that will stick around and will be waiting for the day you are ready to come back with open arms. Keep in touch drop by every once in awhile, D2 will always have some one waiting to help you and I for one will be one of those people. Hope you find that life balance and health that benefits you. I left for awhile way back when to due to military commitments but it all worked out and im sure good things are in your future. Thanks again for all the things small and big things you have
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