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  1. Welcome to the clan hope to see you around!
  2. Is this cross playable through console? If so I can come along for some adventures.
  3. You'll be gone but not forgotten. There are those of us who have been here for along time like myself that will stick around and will be waiting for the day you are ready to come back with open arms. Keep in touch drop by every once in awhile, D2 will always have some one waiting to help you and I for one will be one of those people. Hope you find that life balance and health that benefits you. I left for awhile way back when to due to military commitments but it all worked out and im sure good things are in your future. Thanks again for all the things small and big things you have done to make this community of gamers better.
  4. i have a STO account i havent accessed in a while let me see if i can log in
  5. Can you guys add a discord invite link?
  6. Welcome to the clan Rei i'm a Naval Aircrew Veteran myself so thanks for your service and i Live in Orlando, FL as well.
  7. Froggie i live in Downtown Orlando. Which resort are you staying at i work for Wyndham and my wife works for Hilton.
  8. I'm most likely going Hammerdin. And I'll be available alllllllll weekend beginning from reset start.
  9. That will work out good if you could get some crush games going which can lead to some recruitment opportunities.
  10. To those still interested in running with us we will be in teamspeak and i will coordinate a meet up time that day about an hour prior we can be ready for reset. Who is still in?
  11. I've already started cleaning out mules and deleting unused chars
  12. That is crazy! Where did they catch those?
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