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  1. Speaking of 1000.... This is officially my 1000th post hahahaha
  2. I'm studying graphic design at uni, vast knowledge of photoshop, illustrator, indesign and most of the other adobe programs. Haven't really read the other replies to this topic but if you're still looking for someone, I can help out. - Holden(OD)
  3. a very angry looking policeman who immediately caught on fire and began to...
  4. Ding! Today is my 1000th (non-disabled) day in Clan OD! This would be a bigger deal if it was 1000 days straight haha, but I figured I'd still post it up anyway (I've only been back for 31 days ). If I didn't leave in 2006 i'd be on day: 3696! So yeah that's all - Holden(OD)
  5. Hey Dj, have already welcomed you in-game! Good luck with your trials, I'm sure there will be no issues there. - Holden(OD)
  6. flashing blue and red lights, there were crowds of people everywhere all looking at the..
  7. flaming baton while humming the power rangers theme song. I wanted nothing more than to get out of the house so I...
  8. shocking at first, however I then realized it was just BigBaller(OD) trying to scare me. I hung up the phone and walked over to the..
  9. I've just redownloaded CSS and CS:GO. There's currently 0 people online, I'd love to help get CS more active
  10. a competition I won for holding my breath for 23 minutes. My pocket starts to vibrate, I answer my phone only to hear....
  11. made my self a bowl of cereal, i scratched my ass and looked outside. I was shocked to see...
  12. The sun spoke to me in my dreams last night and told me that I.....
  13. Told me I had won a random anal cavity inspection competition and as a prize I am rewarded three wishes! I immediately.....
  14. Fellow OD members, back in 2003-2006 there was a popular game on the OD forums, for all I know it still goes on today so forgive me if there is already a post going on... Anyway, the game is simple; I'll start a story using only one sentence. The next person to reply has to quote my sentence and add on their own sentence to continue the story. Pretty easy right? Ill kick things off: This morning when I woke up, I realized I was late for.............
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