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  1. Hey guys. I used to be in the clan from around 2003-2010. I was sitting at work today and out of no where thought of you guys because this is the shit I trolled alot of the time. I don't know if anyone remembers me really (I saw R.ag is still in the clan and I still think that I pretty much recruited him and RuSh stole him) but yeah hope all is doing well. Hope the clan is still doing well even though your website is hilarious. If anyone plays CSGO let me know because I'm always down to play. Just to let you know, I'm 25 now and I'm still as loud an annoying as I was when I was 15. Cheers
  2. About 11 years ago I tried to get into OD like everyday, but I sucked too hard. That was during BW days. Now I still lurk this damn place every 6 months are so.
  3. Azure

    My Life in Korea

    Oh and I also met SlayerS`Boxer and also Tasteless and Artosis. haha. Kind of funny to meet these people you have been watching for so long.
  4. To be honest, this is why Ron Paul will not go anywhere.. because all of his followers are ignorant internet users. They think they know what he is about, but at the moment his whole "isolationism" argument will not get him the Republican vote. As a Republican, the only person that is worthy of a Republican vote is Newt Gingrich. (I'm bias) If Mitt Romney wins, he wont beat Obama, even though (in my opinion) he is destroying our nation as it was intended to be.
  5. Hi. ChonG(OD), saosiN(OD), Azure(OD) here. I'm kind of busy right now, but since OD has always been a major influence on my gaming life and shit like that for the past 9 years.. I wanted to show you what I've been up to. Recently I moved to Seoul, South Korea to go to school at Konkuk University and it's always been a dream of mine because of StarCraft and the culture and friends that I have met through my home university. So I decided to come here in the beginning of February and I'll just show you a few things that I have been up to. I'm too lazy to make a separate album at the time so I'll just post my facebook and you guys can see my public album through there I believe. www.facebook.com/brockazure/ and also here are some shitty videos from the GSL StarCraft 2 Final between MVPGenius and MVP_DongRaeGu After DRG won. I'll post more, like I said, later but I have to meet some friends now so ask me questions or w/e or say hi.. haha because it's been a while since I've talked to a lot of you, or I may not even know most of you anymore. BYE!
  6. We can only hope it goes that easy, but China is crazy as fuck too. Personally, the fact that a young kid is now running NK makes me a little sketched out since I am studying abroad in Seoul in February, but hopefully him studying in a Westernized society for a while calms the family craziness.
  7. yo I can't see what that link was... I guess I have to send an email to Chobo or Bigballer.. fuck this is gonna be tough.
  8. Don't ever ask for promotions... just let the webcam do the talking.
  9. Yo I don't watch this show, but I did see the boxcutter scene and I laughed my ass off.. so funny.
  10. ITT: Rookies growing weed. Man cigs are like 4.50 here... but I don't smoke. I just drink 10 dollar 1.75s.
  11. Why would you ever want to leave THE BEST CLAN EVER?
  12. dude all the nonconforming conformists are hipsters now.. hurry up and jump on the train.
  13. Azure

    Its that time.

    damn can I rejoin now?
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