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  1. Happy heavenly birthday mum you truly are missed hope you are partying in the sky miss you mummy 😘😢😘😢😘


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    2. Perrie-Rose


      Yes I’m very well thank you Scottie . Just trying to keep busy before I return to work from maternity leave , but until we are off full lockdown I’m home schooling my son ray chasing Josie-Mae all over the place 🙂 . 

    3. Terra


      However wise our experiences have made us, the child who learns to simply enjoy the moment may be the wiser still for doing so. Perhaps we should all take a little inspiration from the wisdom of children and set aside our worries and concerns once in a while to make the most of the moments we have.

    4. Perrie-Rose


      Josie-mae saying cheese lol 


  2. This is what smarties look like here james bit like m and m’s
  3. James told me to post my sweets lol so you know what lovehearts are
  4. I just made my character love hearts @RadarRick(OD) thank you I’m on during the day and some evenings , But with a 18 month old that takes a lot my time up by most evenings I’m too tired to play but I’m sure our paths will cross I look forward to playing with you ..
  5. Thank you very much for allowing me to join you guys ❤️
  6. Thank you James , yes it was a very strange funeral indeed only one reading by my niece riah was allowed . We wasn’t allowed to sit near each other for comfort. But our local church will do a full service for mum once all this lockdown is over and when we get her ashes . Also I’d like to thank each and everyone that’s been so kind since mums passing that have sent me messages everyday to see if myself & family are doing ok thank you again you know who you are .
  7. For my beautiful mother missing her dearly 😢😢

  8. Thank you James for all the support you alone has shown me these pass few weeks. I finally made my own account here now mums can RIEP 😢

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    2. Perrie-Rose


      Thank you Mike  much appreciated dad said cheers pal 

    3. Triny(OD)


      hugs girly, keep your head up!


    4. Perrie-Rose


       Thank you sure could do with some hugs . I missing her so much 💗

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