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  1. Hey guys, it has been a hectic few weeks for me but I finally got a breather so I wanted to fill you in on where I have been. I got a job offer back in my home state of NY so my wife and I are moving home. We have been incredibly busy looking for a house and packing up our stuff to move. On top of that I have been helping Jess look for a place to finally achieve her dream and open her own medical practice. Well, we finally closed on a house and will be all moved in by the 10th. I will be able to be much more active again once that is all settled. See ya soon!
  2. Just finished watching Assassination Classroom, highly recommend. Haven't watched any of AoT S4 yet because I have kept up w/ the manga so I would rather binge watch the whole season. God Eater is a decent and short anime that not a lot of people I have met have watched. Bleach is a classic. The Irregular at Magic School is great but I watched up to S2 E13 and am now waiting for new episodes. Code Geass is great if you are sick of clueless MCs that are too afraid to do anything right. Tokyo Ghoul is a love it or hate it anime, but I love it. Higa is one of my favorite secondary ch
  3. Hey everyone, just joined with overdose (literally 5 minutes ago). I've been playing Diablo II since the day it came out with a few gaps in between during 1.10. I even used to have a museum account that I had kept alive up until 2018 when my PC died on me and I couldn't play for 90+ days. Been a gamer my whole life dating back to the days of Contra and Galaga. Glad to be here. As for who I am in real life, I am 32 (almost 33), married with no kids, and I work as the Head of the Biology Department for the School of Medicine at a major university. If any of you are still in college or high
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