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  1. So no renablements count in this contest?
  2. With this being a big controversy. I think one big issue that I think could change that would be positive towards these negative votes, is that it takes 1 reason to negative vote somebody. While, it takes 3 reasons to positive vote someone. Why don't we increase minimum requirements of the reasons on why we are negative voting somebody? If it really matters to someone that they are dropping their full weight on someone, I think they should have more then 1 reason. i see that some are arguing against the negative voting due to people only giving 1 reason while the person being promoted has done
  3. Back, 2 months ago, I have proposed that we should have a "Know Your Leadership/Administration " page on the website and on the Discord server as a text channel at the top by the rules. The idea was met with positive reception but we should discuss about what should be included and it will ultimately be up for vote during the next administration meeting I believe. Since the new website is in development, We will obviously need to wait until development is either finished or in the later stages in order to add the page if everyone is on board for this idea. This page w
  4. I will be playing as soon as a team wants to get started I am available anytime after the Ladder Resets if someone want to make their first characters at the first minute. on Hardcore Ladder.
  5. Hey Blind, the OD fastest speedrunner through the ranks. I support your promotion to Brig. General but I do have a couple of questions and they will be hard for you to answer and answering these will probably not change my likeness, or my respect towards you but this is for other people who may or may not know you or of you. What will you do differently now than you learned/mature from past occupancies of leadership? What will you do make sure that the choices in the past that you created for others and for yourself that weren't very popular for many people so they either won't hap
  6. Zakspeeeed, with 4 eeees and no Vs. You have been an awesome officer and have demostrated prowess and have shown that you can be a proefcient officer. You have built the Halo division up and now have an awesome accomplishment of having a self sufficient division that will keep going. You have the support of others and you have ideas to make into results and you have helped people many times in your division. but, You are being evaluated to become a general. the bar is going to be raised extraordinary. You will have to think outside the box for some issues, you will also need to be more k
  7. Thank you I also forgot, I can also turn on my light on my radiator, its cool
  8. This is my battle station, I have such a small space, I am constantly consolidating my desk, I feel like such a minimalist lol I can change all my lights but I decided not to because I am lazy. I hope you hit like and subscribe to this Desk Channel 😆
  9. Is Mayonaise an instrument?
  10. (Capsule) YLQWHRYHQPRTH is one of the names i think
  11. Hello JD, I have 3 categories here, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. The Ugly (questions) i am requesting your answer The Good: You are organized, informative and very reliable person, You assist everyone no matter how urgent it is and you make sure the discord is up and running You are very charismatic and you think before you speak and you lead more by example. You are very friendly You run the community sector of OD with an iron-fist. The Bad: You are too reliable You need to maybe delegate or have assistants to help you
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. Request for Officer rank please and Thank you.
  14. @Commanders @General @Generals 1* - 3* @Senior Officers @Officers @Warrant Officers @Enlisted Server Banner Competition. Since we are now at Level 2 Server privileges with discord (we have been for 4 months) I thought it would be really cool to have a banner at the top of the discord and I like to make a competition out of it. The specifications for the Banner is in this URL : https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/articles/360028716472 This is going to be a public banner, everyone will see it when they first join discord and people continue using discord. Please keep it P.C,
  15. Welcome Back Dressed(OD). I hope to see you in the Diablo 2 channel, if you need help, Don't be afraid to ask. -PureSkooma(OD)
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