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  1. Request for Officer rank please and Thank you.
  2. PureSkoomaOD


    @Commanders @General @Generals 1* - 3* @Senior Officers @Officers @Warrant Officers @Enlisted Server Banner Competition. Since we are now at Level 2 Server privileges with discord (we have been for 4 months) I thought it would be really cool to have a banner at the top of the discord and I like to make a competition out of it. The specifications for the Banner is in this URL : https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/articles/360028716472 This is going to be a public banner, everyone will see it when they first join discord and people continue using discord. Please keep it P.C,
  3. Welcome Back Dressed(OD). I hope to see you in the Diablo 2 channel, if you need help, Don't be afraid to ask. -PureSkooma(OD)
  4. Is any of these your favorite Chocolates? I'm PureSkooma@jsp
  5. Thats pretty damn awesome. I like these summaries and I hope you continue to do them, if you need help doing them, let me know
  6. I will miss Sassy, She was a great recruiter, i loved it when she went onto the bot in her channel and and helped me with recruiting and many others with recruiting. I also will miss her blizz sorc that she made time and time again that was totally badass and was a fun grusher in softcore ladder. RIP Sassy. I hope your next life is as eventful and helpful to others as you were to this clan.
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