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  1. From what iv heard is the old school main man him self Fatalis is back on the scene.
  2. Hi all, Making a list of other games you guys play to see if there are any other games you want to play apart from the ones in the clan Discord. Other games iv played and wouldn't mind getting back in to or even just making a fun night out off are; Destiny 2 Anthem GTFO Monster hunter world Vermintide 2 Killing Floor 2 Hand simulator If there are any other games you want too add or suggest your welcome to comment and I will see if I can tally up all the results.
  3. Hi everyone, Ok short and simple forum for everyone to post there usernames and any thing relevant that would help all you clan members connect to each other, format I'm using right now for this is Game: username i.e Halo MCC: poltergiest993 then for other games like FF XIV and you want to add other useful information like home world enter after your username/gamer tag. Thanks for reading and hope to see you in game/discord. Polter(OD)
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