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  1. Oh, and if you are going to always have a BO Barb with you on runs, your swap (instead of CTA and Spirit) could easily be dual claws with mass trap damage, mind blast, venom side skills, making the options even better. I like the simplicity of one character to use, but having 5k life is nice too 😉
  2. This ladder I had the fortune to try out not only a new character (the assassin) but also a specific build that so far is my absolute favourite after 15 years playing Diablo 2. It allows you to kill everything in your path in PVM (including ubers) and also a formidable foe for PVP play if you want to take that risk in HC, Mr. Deep Pockets! I do realize some may have already tried this, but if you haven't it is definitely worth a shot. FHR breakpoint: 86% FCR breakpoint: 102% Damage Reduction: 43% (+ Fade skill hits maximum) Crushing Blow: 85% (up to 120% with swap gear) Max Resistances with Fade Including Uber Mephisto* Max IAS breakpoint using Dragon Talon 12K+ Light Sentry Damage 1.5K Dragon Talon Damage 1.5K Fireblast Damage Skills: (Build Caps at lvl 99!) 20 Dragon Tail 1 Venom (including pre-requisites) 1 Mind Blast (including pre-requisites) 1 Shadow Master (or none if you don't want to get level 99 and want maximum trap damage!) 1 Fire Blast 20 Shock Web (or 18 if you want Shadow Master) 20 Charged Bolt Sentry 20 Lightning Sentry 20 Death Sentry Current Gear (still playing around but this works fastest!) Perfect Griffon's Eye with 15 IAS + 15 all resists jewel Last Wish Phase Blade with 70% CB Cham'd Stormshield Arachnid Mesh Spiderweb Sash Gore Rider Myrmidon Greaves (up'd) Trang-oul's Claws Heavy Bracers Gothic Plate Enigma (style points!) Amulet: Crafted +2 Assassin Skills, 17% FCR, 45 life, 18 mana, regenerate mana 4%, All resists 10% Ring 1: 10% FCR, 20 strength, life, replenish life, 110+ AR, life leech, all resists Ring 2: 10% FCR, 110+ AR, 10+ strength/dexterity, life/mana, 6+% MANA LEECH (very important), all resists, etc. Swap: CTA 6/6/2 + Spirit Monarch shield 9 x Traps Grand Charms (5 with 12% FHR, 4 with 40+ life) 5 fhr/11 light resist sc 5 fhr/5 all resists sc x 5 20 life/5 all resists sc x 2 2 dex/11 light res sc OPTIONAL SAFETY GEAR: Guillaume's Face with 15IAS/15 All Resists jewel + Thundergod's Vigor War Belt (boost max light resists + 120% crushing blow) Basic Attack Strategy: Besides being able to solo throne/baal in full games, she can pack a punch to ANY uber boss. Using CTA+Spirit: Cast battle command, battle orders, Venom, Fade (+ shadow master), Left mouse: Fire Blast (for immunes to light) Right mouse: Lightning Sentry (hotkey as main attack skill) Using Last Wish and Stormshield: Left mouse is hard set on Dragon Talon at all times (main attack skill) Right mouse alternates between MindBlast and Teleport (always teleport with this gear!) Allow traps to attack mobs or bosses from all sides as you teleport in and attack with Dragon Talon The life tap from your Last Wish will keep your health jacked up The mana leech on your FCR ring will help to keep your mana up without requiring a SOJ as you fly through maps. The other bonuses on godly rare or crafted rings and amulets cannot be compared to. If you have any questions or feel this guide could be improved, shoot me a message *Cam(OD) or *Cam, or I'll see you in channel!
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