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  1. Blind, there's not a lot I can say that hasn't already been said. You and I have been speaking more often recently, and looking at your manner, your actions, your intentions and your drive, I can wholeheartedly support this evaluation. Looking forward to what you bring. +1.
  2. Zak, You've been a person I can consistently turn to in OD, both with regards to gaming as well as admin support. Halo Division simply wouldn't be what it is without your input, which I think you do need to realise. You made a point the other day about how you need to "step up" and host more events - when the reality is far from that. You do a lot around here - leading Halo, attending meetings, keeping members in check, resolving issues, Officer meetings, Admin meetings, Forum discussions... I think the flaw I have to raise here is you seem to take a stance that what you do isn't g
  3. That a glass underchair floor mat? What's your verdict on them? Heard mixed reviews.
  4. It's not much, but it's me! Little bit cramped as we are renovating other rooms, so space is a touch premium right now! But I have my nest haha. ...and the fellow reptilian comrades who get to watch me game every night. Bonus points for spotting them! Please do not include me in the lottery, for obvious reasons! just here for fun 🙂
  5. It is Wednesday, my dudes... ***Halo News*** BOTS FOR DAYS... MAYBE? Dataminers found something verrrrry interesting in their latest foray into the Season 6 files... make of this what you will, but that seems to be a pretty clear indication of an "Add Bot" functionality coming to multiplayer, something that has been asked after for many years! Get the expanded lowdown here. BLACK AS OIL, TWICE AS SLICK Season 6 is upon us, heralding the arrival of the Season of the Raven - themed after the heroes of Fireteam Raven, this seasonal run is
  6. Wouldn't Shove be better placed by using Flurry of Blows as the actual bonus action? Way of the Open Hand provides this, and on hit they can choose to knock prone or push back. Only downside is the spend of a Ki point (which you could overrule).
  7. That's the Monday. These are usually held on a saturday, is there a change?
  8. There's good spots to farm World Tier once you have finished. Realistically, the more people you play with, the faster you will level as there will be more enemies to kill.
  9. What do you mean by streamline? No, Patrick.
  10. There's one for each of the classes, yes.
  11. For those of you who don't want to be seen, but to own the kill count. A place to post builds, strategies, and ask for support for the Devastator to move, they're blocking your shot. "The world is not as it should be. It's filled with distortion, and 'ruin' can no longer be avoided." First task - suggestions of a better name!
  12. For those of you with an unnerving love of gadgets... deadly ones. A place to post builds, strategies, and deduce which particular turret kills fastest. "The best way of improving a gun is to improve its ammunition." First task - suggestions of a better name!
  13. For those of you who want to see the world burn. A place to post builds, strategies, and recipes for smores destruction. "How do you wanna die? The quick, incinerating flash of an EXPLOSION!? Or a nice, SLOW BUUURN!?" First task - suggestions of a better name!
  14. For those of you who want to get up close and personal. A place to post builds, strategies, and ask for support on making stuff more deader. "I play tank. Meat shield. Like, brains and tactics are in short supply. If I can't hit it, it's not my problem." First task - suggestions of a better name!
  15. This post will be an ongoing log of patches applied to the game. Please report issues seen with current version only, as well as details if it is only seen in multiplayer, cross play with consoles, or single player. We will assess on the next update if issues are fixed. Launch Corrections Patch: 09/04/2021 Patch Notes (Reddit) QOL, Trickster Balancing, Crashes and Major Bug fixes, Crossplay Status Update, GPU Usage (PC Specific) ***Current reported Problems*** Input Lag (Multiplayer, non-crossplay) Crash when Return To Lobby (All Scen
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