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  1. This is now CLOSED. I think that certain outcomes are going to be pretty obvious! But we will still go through the review process, and will offer feedback involved.
  2. Its that time again - Wednesday once more! ***Halo News*** BLACK HISTORY MONTH NAMEPLATE This was mentioned last time, but a quick reminder - logging in during February will earn you this sweet BHM-themed plate! HALO SERIES MOVING PLATFORMS The Halo TV series has taken a significant step towards release - this afternoon, it is announced that it will be migrating to Paramount+ in time for the Q1 2022 premiere. No doubt taking their time over this can only be a good thing - check the latest here! ***DSL*** The bot is not workin
  3. UPLOADING YOUR MAPS FROM MCC Whilst those among us on consoles can simply upload to their file share and link directly, there are a couple more steps to doing the same thing via PC. It is NOT a complicated or challenging process, so have no fear! Go to your map and save it, even if you change nothing to do so - this will assist you at step 3. Navigate to C:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\LocalLow\MCC\LocalFiles. Open up the folder with the most recent timestamp, then through the folder for the particular game you forged in. Navigate through that and into the "Map"
  4. I'll make sure that is added going forward.
  5. Wednesday again already? ***Halo News*** BLACK HISTORY MONTH NAMEPLATE Logging in during February will earn you this sweet BHM-themed plate! MEET THE TEAM Steve Downes and Jen Taylor will be on GalaxyCon LIVE this Sunday, February 21st at 4pm ET! Make sure to tune in for video chat, opportunities for one-to-one, autographs and more! Find out more here! SEASON 6, FLIGHTING & MORE, OH MY! Huuuuuuuge update from Waypoint side regarding where Halo MCC is going over the next few months includi
  6. That's all a fair shout. First come first serve makes more sense. Are you wanting to put shouts out for hosters, or wait for people to ask?
  7. So looking at this (and taking into account what was discussed earlier), popularity and placement ideas below: Monday PROPOSED: Firefight Event Day (10pts). Can be either MM or challenge-based. Know Endure was very popular for challenge level. Tuesday PROPOSED: Infection Event Day (9pts). Open lobby, but would require large turnout if we wanted to avoid matchmaking. Wednesday PROPOSED: Halo Wars Event Day (6pts). Low popularity but building. focusing on customs and campaign completion. Thursday C
  8. It is Wednesday, my dudes... Forums, Twitter, Waypoint comment sections... all have been working overtime following the release of some juicy news morsels this week - what do you make of them? ***Halo News*** BOMB TAKEN... Grifball has dropped as the current game of choice, so rally your teammates and get scoring! A NEW WAY TO PLAY... Intriguing, isn't it? Speculation is rife around what this cryptic message is. The rumour mills are in overdrive after the teaser that "A new way to play" will be available for the MCC. Leading bets are on
  9. Happy Wednesday, and welcome to the next installment of the Info Roundup! Quiet one this week - but a few awesome pointers for the skins for infinite! ***DSL*** Still starting off with a grumble! The bot is not working, please log in to keep your DSL at an acceptable level. Skooma and I have both flagged it, and will continue to do so - no excuses! Some pointers below: ***Halo News*** OOPS! BUTTERFINGERS! There's been a sneak giveaway from a collaboration between the Halo Infinite team and Butterfingers, make sure to gra
  10. Hi all, and welcome to Halo OD's first 2021 Forge competition! The rules for entry are below. These have been specifically designed to make this competition accessible, no matter your skill level! Plus, with cash prizes for those who emerge victorious, I'm wanting to see some real competition here. So, breaking this down: Entry Period - The competition opens TODAY, Sunday January 31st and will run until midnight, Sunday February 28th GMT. Each player may enter up to 3 maps - but only ONE will be considered for prizes. You may enter three compe
  11. Welcome! I'm also in the UK, so it will be nice to have more players at a more reasonable hour 😄 Though the customs nights go on until stupid o'clock anyway... hope to see you there!
  12. Move like you got a purpose! Welcome to another release of the Halo OD Info Roundup - more importantly, Welcome to season 5! ***DSL*** Gotta move this back up to be more prominent. I've pinged the Halo Division with this but you need to be logging into the website in order to reset your DSL. I know of a few names that have been disabled that I personally have played with in the last 4-5 days! The bot is not working, please log in to keep your DSL at an acceptable level. ***Halo News*** The latest and greatest. MCC SEAS
  13. Thanks for the positive responses all - if there is anything you would like to see (either as change or for personal preference) let me know. I'm keen to keep developing this each week, to a solid part of Halo OD.
  14. Boots on the line, soldier! Apologies for the 24 hour delay on this one - my partner had an isolation notice due to an idiot at her work, and then we had a snowfall that took out our landline connection! Quick recap - this is the weekly roundup of promotions, changes and news within Halo OD - Last week's release can be found here for your reading pleasure. Bit of a bigger update this week - and some advance notice of OD's meetings. So, getting started quicker than an Unggoy to the food line... ***Halo News*** The latest and greatest.
  15. Hi all - can I please be upgraded to Officer rank in the forums? Thankyou!
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