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  1. Hey Friends!! So I've been back for a few days now and just wanted to offer up some help, if anyone rolling D3 needs help rifting, leveling, or bounties hit me up tag is BrudashaOD i'm typically on around 7-8pm central time and keep my games open and my chat on, just looking to give back a lil and help some peeps out, or just have a good ol time slaying. It's been nothing but a great time for those of you I've had the chance to play with so far! 🙂
  2. Just looking to hook up with clan members and have fun 🙂
  3. Should be all good 🙂 Heavy on D3 BrudashaOD#1290 anyone can add me 🙂 Thanks again and glad to be apart of the Fam Bam again 😄
  4. Hey! Posted on the Clan / Communities through D3; should have probably looked under the forums here haha; but I played under RyanW(OD) on D2; and I'm jumping in heavy on Diablo 3; got the itch to slay again haha, but I'm all for playing /w anyone from OD I'll list my bnet tag below 🙂 BrudashaOD#1290 Typically have at least bnet loaded up at all times but I'm the GM of a bar in Wisconsin so during the day I'm pretty busy haha but I'm down to play with ya'll again 🙂
  5. Hey folks! Looking to get my account enabled Ryanw(OD) or just continue with this account ; I'm playing Diablo 3 and Id like to hook up /w some old clan members; played D2 🙂
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