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  1. This sounds fun. Definitely down to clown if my gf doesn't come up with any random plans.
  2. I actually just started watching this on Hulu. slow start, but the more it goes on the more I like it.
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  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. Hey folks ran across this topic on JSP, and wanted to share as I saw it has affected Prophet at minimum. So during maintenance/server reset there is apparently a bug affecting characters per account. People whom have 9+ characters on an account. Original topic I sourced this from is https://forums.d2jsp.org/topic.php?t=83553717&f=21 Blizzard support threat can be found here https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/blizzard/t/all-characters-past-slot-8-gone/10036/4 The bypass for this bug is apparently deleting the 1st character off the account, but that has mixed results so please be wary. This method did however work for Prophet, and Fireybaals in ODD2 channel. See you space cowboy...
  6. Hey no worries on that merge.  If you want you can delete the acc Huka_muka  I got back into my (OD) one.  Ty!

  7. Yeah we can do that. My bad it's been forever, and a day since I used the forums etc. xD
  8. ahh nice I did see that post! ty for the warm welcome back as well! I need to make my OD character, but overwhelmed thinking of what to make so hdin mfing until it comes to me xD This season has been an absolute blast thus far!
  9. Hey ty ty 😄 I actually got ahold of Hari on jsp to reactivate 😄 Randomly picked up playing D2 a couple days before the reset, and you can't do D2 without OD. Also couldn't remember my forum login stuff for the life of me so my apologies on the (OD)less alias xD
  10. Sorry I forgot to specify. Have these on East SCL
  11. Currently sitting on 10+ rune sets for spirits so if anyone needs them lmk before you buy off jsp 😄 Also have a bunch of hel's if needed.
  12. I agree. I'm awful at prices in general. Yesterday was the first time I used jsp in probably 7-8 years lol
  13. Hey folks been a while since I played D2, and tbh never really did LLD so item values are a blank for me. So who is up for an invigorating round of JSP, or Charsi? Thank you for any/all help with these 😄 Also sorry for the double post it's been forever since I have used the forums xD. Getting the hang of everything again.
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