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  1. Supremeorb2-Supremeorb2(OD) (IGN)-(ODN)
  2. Heya, I do "play" D3 however my proficiency in D3 has never been high, barely play it a few days every season, I will def take you up on the offer when i try for a new season again.
  3. Heya guys, My name is Supreme (Yes that's my actual name). I am from Nepal however I currently live in New Jersey. I am joining through The Cave - RPG, an StarCraft II Arcade game, come join. I do how ever have a extensive library of game in blizzard, and steam and more. Some of the things i play and but will be taking a break from for a bit would be: League of Legends Path of Exile World of Warcraft (possibly will be back for Shadowlands, Elune-Adore, Greymane will lead us to victory.:P) and many more, just ask me ( I don't bite... probably :P).
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