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  1. Hey Donk! Always good to have scientific minds aboard. My sister's a student on part of USC med. What little I know makes the medical schools sounds nuts. Super hard working people, I mean. How's it going being the head of a department? Any good stories?
  2. Welcome back Nico. Sorta same question as Raged, what your main area of gaming expertise now?
  3. This is pretty interesting. I personally played a ton of Perfect Dark on the N64, Perfect Dark on the GB Color (not a great game), and Perfect Dark Zero on the 360. The N64 one was awesome. And I remember Perfect Dark zero having a terrible storyline, and the multiplayer was a discount CS:GO but it was still pretty fun. Then after Rare stopped developing it, the total lore of the Perfect Dark universe was released and I thought it was a good time for the series to stop because the extensive lore was absurd and bizarre. It dipped into alternate universe protagonists and space/time travel. But, with all this time passed, hopefully they reworked the story.
  4. The meetings go over some of these. (Upcoming events and new developments in the clan). So it might rehash a little. Granted, it's another vector of conveying information, so it may be a tool to make certain topics salient.
  5. You into rogue-like's at all? Binding of Isaac is a great one. I have about 500 hours in it. The newest expansion is coming out December 31. Unfortunately no online multiplayer.
  6. Yo I put hundreds of hours into Grim Dawn. It's great other than sorta mediocre visuals, but the depth of character development and skill variety is super nice. I tried that....expansion I guess you could call it, and I have a great PC, but it still didn't run well. The game's pretty poorly optimized. But as an alternative to diablo 2/3, Grim Dawn and Torchlight are probable the best loot/dungeon crawler games.
  7. Welcome J. You on the big island presumably? And are you a gamepad or mouse and keyboard person? I found both to have advantages/disadvantages but the gamepad has less clout.
  8. Insomniax was actually a guest with us in the SC2 division discord for some time. He's a high quality individual (that's some high quality H2O!). Like he mentions, if there are any WoW or runescape people out there, Inomniax would be a good person to hit-up.
  9. Welcome Brian. Look forward to seeing you in discord.
  10. Hi StarCraft 2 Members: The in-game clan is named "OD2019" which we think could be in better taste and contemporary. We'de rather have a timeless name rather than an arbitrarily chosen year. Unfortunately, the starcraft client does not allow clans to change names. To remedy this, we've created a new in-game clan called "OvrDsd" per the 6 character limit. "OD2019" will not be disbanded until we are able to transfer all members to the new clan. Please contact either @MikeU1(OD) or me @CAPSLOCK(OD) if you need help transferring. In the meantime, I will be contacting whoever is online and ask them to transfer. Posts have also been made in the "News" alert for the in-game clan. Hopefully this will be the only administrative task we need to do to maintain the clan in-game. Thank you, CAPSLOCK
  11. Eyyyyyy thanks for the award! Makes my profile all flashy.
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