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  1. I suppose we can have certain matches posted to Youtube and then linking the video here.
  2. Sals and I, in a majestic moment of fortune and destiny, met on the 1v1 ladder. Sals has been climbing that ladder like a jaguar who sees a sloth. And I've been falling faster than 50 pounds of lead compared to 50 pounds of feathers in a burlap sack. The match is more momentous than you would be lead to believe. Sals brought an attack and then it turns into a nightmare. #loot, #seweratfakemasters, #Salsberrysteak CAPSLOCK V SALS ON LADDER WOW HOW DO I WIN HE LOSE QQ TT.SC2Replay
  3. KING SLAYER 2 (SAYS DRO KISSY FACE WINK LIP BITE).SC2Replay Disregard the file name. Dro named it. I think.... This is a replay between CAPSLOCK(OD) v. ELSStephenCurry(OD) It is the only recorded win against Curry while he plays protoss. This is more valuable than a bigfoot sighting.
  4. The Finals of OD Tournament #4 between CAPSLOCK(OD) vs. Dro4Sho(OD) have been provided below. Enjoy. Not in any particular order. Eternal Empire LE (2).SC2Replay Ever Dream LE (2).SC2Replay Purity and Industry LE.SC2Replay Golden Wall LE (2).SC2Replay
  5. For those who wish to see that matches, please see attached. Purity and Industry LE.SC2Replay Simulacrum LE.SC2Replay
  6. Hi All: Just wanted to get a fair and neutral poll out there for everyone to vote on whoever they think will win the upcoming tournament. The remaining players are MarkOhFive(OD), CAPSLOCK(OD), OGsewerat(OD), or Jumpmansanic(OR).
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