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  1. Welcome J. You on the big island presumably? And are you a gamepad or mouse and keyboard person? I found both to have advantages/disadvantages but the gamepad has less clout.
  2. Insomniax was actually a guest with us in the SC2 division discord for some time. He's a high quality individual (that's some high quality H2O!). Like he mentions, if there are any WoW or runescape people out there, Inomniax would be a good person to hit-up.
  3. Welcome Brian. Look forward to seeing you in discord.
  4. Hi StarCraft 2 Members: The in-game clan is named "OD2019" which we think could be in better taste and contemporary. We'de rather have a timeless name rather than an arbitrarily chosen year. Unfortunately, the starcraft client does not allow clans to change names. To remedy this, we've created a new in-game clan called "OvrDsd" per the 6 character limit. "OD2019" will not be disbanded until we are able to transfer all members to the new clan. Please contact either @MikeU1(OD) or me @CAPSLOCK(OD) if you need help transferring. In the meantime, I will be contacting w
  5. Eyyyyyy thanks for the award! Makes my profile all flashy.
  6. This video rose my blood pressure to levels unthinkable. I need a blood letting or something. The humors have never been more disrupted.
  7. Nobody else has a cockney accent. I think there's a hidden rule somewhere that says there must always be at least one person with that accent in the clan.
  8. Hi All: New match from Brigadier Gen. @RedIce(OD). Casted by @CAPSLOCK(OD) Zerg v. Zerg 3:10
  9. The Team Four Star references in this thread are spot on. TypeReal = Nail
  10. Sals(OD) versus CAPSLOCK(OD) Protoss v. Zerg Best of 7 Replays are placed in files. We expect to get the matches casted and posted as an embedded youtube video soon. Ice and Chrome LE (55).SC2Replay Eternal Empire LE (47).SC2Replay Deathaura LE (52).SC2Replay Ever Dream LE (51).SC2Replay Pillars of Gold LE (52).SC2Replay
  11. I took the opportunity to cast this match. I just wanted to keep uploading videos for whomever to watch. I'm not the best caster but It's entertaining enough. Hope you enjoy if you haven't seen it already.
  12. I dig this idea. Can always use a good historian/administrative records to give some depth and character.
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