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  1. Looking for a Lo rune. I can trade a 17/17 Assassin Torch for it.
  2. If anyone needs anything - I dropped all the items so they will probably disappear. Game name is Free Here
  3. Wow that's an amazing story. Thanks for sharing! Wish him the best of luck.
  4. Hello everyone - thought I would take a minute to officially introduce myself. I've been around the D2 game for years now, getting back into the scene off and on over time. I was always missing something and finally after a few games with various OD members realized that what I was missing was a community experience. I'm happy to have the opportunity to play with everyone, learn, and socialize especially during the new normal of covid-19. Looking forward to getting into the swing of things! A little about me, I'm a software salesman (ERP for Manufacturing companies) and I have a dog. She's awesome. I'll see you at the camp. -spark
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