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  1. d2 reset hypeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. Im glad your vote is yours Geordie, that makes me super happy and proud. It shows that you are a pillar of your own strength! That is what OD was ment and built for. *Stands up and starts to clap* I am dealing with it just where it MATTERS. I dont think your grasping that part to well. You wanna be in but you aint 😞 Ill let you get the last one in because I think you need it! ADIOS AMIGOS
  3. Geordie I dont shy from it at all, your in a position to me that doesnt matter. No need to feed you info other then YOU saying you want it, if that was the case Id have to feed 30 other people to. Thing is I just go to the sources.. You aint there yet broloc sorry. Unfort I gotta dissapear I can already here the PMs. thanks again!
  4. This a cool idea id be down for the game time filling.. d2/Emulates snes/ps2.. w.e holler if it gets moving..
  5. Geordie I will not enlighten you as 1. Terra words I can choose who I want to share my personal info with[I only share with those I BOLIEVE in]/ 2. Not quite sure who you are so not sure I can confine/trust in you based on word of the wind. Ty for your time and hope to game with you soon 🙂
  6. Im all for negative voting, I think you got me confused with someone else buddy. Well documented Im totally for it, just not the gangbangin neg votes of a paticular group that you can CLEARLY see/call out. There be a reason behind why more people are talking out. This isn't some made up shiz, it only sounds made up if you IN IT.
  7. I was writing this paper here when the website told me to get F'd and that it was either To long I took, or someone deleted my shizzz.. My first thought was DELETION. I was wrong so I still wanted to post this. "You can't teach someone to be more like you, you have to wait for them to BE YOU." Fixed that one. [Drum tap] "If its the easy road you want then you may choose to only support people, tell them what they want to hear, avoid confrontation and just be everyone's buddy. You won't do much to help people grow, and your fellow leaders won't respect and admire you as much as they otherwise could, but people will love you, far fewer people will say bad things about you, and you can feel nice and secure about yourself. It is a *safe* approach, avoiding risks in favor of being on everyone's good side." This not only sounds horrible, it sounds like we creating fake people. Calling this the "safe" approach is false flagging. These type of people can stay farrrrrr away from me.[They already do for the most part] "As the leading expert on saying things people don't like, my recommendation is this: Just be the kind of leader you think you should be, and make the decisions you feel are right. Pick which people whose opinions matter to you, and let them be the ones whose views you consider and take to heart. Don't worry about the opinions of everyone outside of that list, let them say what they want, and believe what they want." This is the beginnings of group forming, I agree with the words which is probably why this is a bad idea. Unless of course, your group is 5 people in the DUBS then do you buddy get that rank! "That is the price of integrity" Only the price if you take the hard road, aint no pitty for the easy route city! Sugar coating isn't having Integrity/ thats being a Skeezer "It's not only important for helping some people grow, but it also means staying true to yourself as well" If they dont got integrity, they aint staying true to anything but their/the goal. "In my opinion, a leader that is loved by everyone isn't doing their job as a leader." While stated as a opinion, it is actually FACT. I overall agree with a chunk of what terra said, but been called a CRIMINAL FOR IT. I shall have PMs open for all the apologies and love that will be flowing in. Im getting into these convos more whether my shit makes sense or not, someone will get something from it. Maybe my apple taste different on this sunnyside of the tree!
  8. Well look at that, juju been taking the hard road. Though easy road based on description sounds easy, its actually very very hard.. Id rather just go ham and accept fate, not lie to survive.
  9. "Someone may feel hurt that one of their favorite members or their best bud is getting negative votes, but that person who voted probably is friends with them too." 5050 on that one, everything else look bout right. Shit a chunk of the people who hit me never even talked to me, literally. Blind was a exception.
  10. 😈 My D2 shoulders be so stronk carrying OD.

  11. Short stubby event but was still a thing, on the spot notice.. ty @CompFreak(OD) for participating.. We can try for a better set up on the next one
  12. Id like to Nominate Kevin the Rhea.. Only this rhea though.
  13. do u no if bootleg copy will link to regular copies?!?!?!??! ill have to test it at some point see wat up
  14. Instead of clarifying they should put in some WORK.. LEGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGO
  15. The chess train aint stopping anytime soon. Next Sat bring dat ass right hereeeee.. As we battle each other to the death, to become the number 1 chess player in OD.. Which, dont mean more then a hillbilly downsouth smokin banana peels. Ill be waiting for badboi to fill in any info Im missing, or give his 2 cents.. Anyone who has 2 cents toss it in.
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