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  1. do u no if bootleg copy will link to regular copies?!?!?!??! ill have to test it at some point see wat up
  2. Instead of clarifying they should put in some WORK.. LEGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGO
  3. The chess train aint stopping anytime soon. Next Sat bring dat ass right hereeeee.. As we battle each other to the death, to become the number 1 chess player in OD.. Which, dont mean more then a hillbilly downsouth smokin banana peels. Ill be waiting for badboi to fill in any info Im missing, or give his 2 cents.. Anyone who has 2 cents toss it in.
  4. Was good time as usual.. Thanks to all that showed up to make it possible. YOU ARE TRULY WHAT MAKES OD A BETTER PLACE.
  5. EVAL LIKE UR SPEAKING.. CIRCLES... "Im a banana, sometimes a pear.. People call me a dog but I feel like a cat.. I fly, but without wings" Id like to see more details and LESS photo gallery. SMH
  6. People let other people build their ladders.. Ima build mine

  7. Good maybe some your HOMEBOYS SHOW UP since they left the last one HANGING.. #ChessClubReally10PEOPLE
  8. Was a good mini tournament.. Ty to @Chanter(OD) and @MadBROBOTO(OD) for showing up and chillin.. Hope to see yall on the next one/ more people!
  9. I got a great idea, how about a Idea contest? Where we all toss ideas? Possibly for some FG? LMK
  10. Going to host Tourney 4 this sat 3/20... Usual rules.. 4pm est start time. Most likely some UFC fights after depending on timing. Show up and mix even if its just for a game or two.. legggggggggggggo
  11. Was good time forsure, shit im diggin the UFC night afterwards to..seems like good timing for my ass lol
  12. Man with a name like Magnus Carlsen.. I was expecting someone old as dust.. This boy my age... leggggggggggggggo
  13. this sat brooooooooooooooo bring dat ass!
  14. The Prize for Chess tournaments is a Promotion. This is available for the Highest placed member in the TOP 3, only available up to members that are current at MWO4 or lower.
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