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  1. sass said u was stalkin the site, how goes it bro u surviving?!?!?

  2. Appreciate Terra taking the time to listen.. I may have lost myself there for a split sec, its just OD is all I know. Its one of the few remaining things I even really care about when it comes to the gaming world. Felt like we were abandoned or left to deal with it how we can. Terra has changed my mind on that. Also Badboi appreciate you seeing something that many dont, that era was different and perhaps im stuck in a old mentality. My bad to everyone. JD your fine, for the evals I didn't really put a name or person on that one. I just saw everyone with the same opinions/thoughts/etc and I just kind of lost it felt like no one was in his corner. My mentality is a bit off when it comes to loyalty/respect/honesty. Thats all ive known really and so I hold those things high and it just felt off in my head. My bad again to all, will try to not snap about stuff or do it in a better fashion.
  3. OD is all I know. Ive mixed with probably what 6-8 different generations of people in this mug. I just want it to be normal, I want to beable to come on and say hi to everyone and not worry about grudges or people hating behind the woodwork but that shit runs DEEP. I came to the forums to be "more" then a oldschool d2 channel member.. And its just been killing me slowly reading the little akward wars we have between ourselves. Truly is killin my ass slowly.
  4. Pops and Sass are my go to people. Their personalities and the way they hold themselves is something i truly believe in. Every person is different aswell as some may not flock that way. My era they would be considered true OD and would have my respect 100% hands down. They talk to you like a human/ and understand even if your RAGING angry. Yes I didnt mean to insult OD as a whole.. I was really focused on our d2 section.. This shit is the type of stuff that makes your heart feel funky because your losing something big. My brain is just full of a bunch of mix/matched bs.. and i feel like shit because of losing a good chunk of people in this mug trying to stand for causes and stuff. I could PM you idk what ur looking for.. i dont want to put names out there because the "sides" have been formed in concrete.. so idk its a 5050 terra.. shit makes me hella mad.
  5. my ideas of change wouldn't be possible with whats going on or how this is set up.. As a Diablo 2 community no one should be above anyone. Ranks can mean something somewhere else but as a Diablo 2 gaming community it just causes ruckus, that or the people who have ranks now ARE causing the ruckus.. They are trying to prove they are that rank and that THEY make the calls.. Old school Old heads back then didnt FLAUNT or try to make you feel like u dont mean shit.. These nowaday people u got running the joint make u feel small or useless...like we just here to keep the OD name alive.. my ACC is older then anyone in this mug besides a few.. Ive repped that OD tag in every situation in diablo 2 possible from CLAN WARS... to all the haters who have hunted us in the years.. I cant even properly explain to u what my brain is shooting out tbh.. Its hard to describe and ever harder to see coming to the forfront. pops is a prime example, i get that he doesnt do the shit u guys want him to do.. i understand that overall believe me.. but he is what old school was.. he was there for the problems and that was it for the most part... all this EXTRA shit people be doing is just reaching for love from people above.. And it really kills the vibes when people are scared to voice their opinion about situations or people.. Because then the "fanboys" of that paticular person turn against those people... there is 3-4 small groups of people that are spreaded between those officers..there are sides to situations in a group where everyone should be one. Im guilty of choosing a side aswell i dont exempt myself from it..but side choosing began because there was Sides to choose.. Its rough.
  6. Anything we have ever brought up was told that it would be spoken about with the higher ups, then swept under the rug and never seen again. Things we had proof of and sent pictures/info/data.. Tossed away as soon as that person was a "friend" of a higher up.. OD was my fav spot.. for YEARS.. in and out/ here and there.. It just aint worth caring.. Ive told all the people since ive used this forum/discord.. TRYING to be a better[more active in other areas then the channel ingame, maybe not BETTER] member that its just downgraded the whole thing for me.. When I care and shit is going sideways i get pist. I aint very good with being smooth with words. Back in the day when we would just show up to the d2 channel and thats where we mixed was the BEST d2 of my d2 career. That was TRUE OD... Knowing people more then just from that channel, has dragged my opinion of EVERYTHING down. The amount of backstabbing[my vision of backstabbing ofcourse] and just the blatant everyone fucking each other someway somehow, not just evals. Its all a big mess, and its been this way for a chunk now. People don't want to speak their opinions to those who can DO something. So they sit back and grind their teeth talking shit while in the safety of members they trust. Its a huge blur of nonsense.. WHO KNOWS.. I truly wish it wasn't this way but I wont be the only one to speak about it either. It is what it is at the end of the day, I wish it wasn't but I dont see any change big enough that would save OD d2 section for me.. I dont care bout the rest but that was fucking home. Realistically aswell this just aint even my ERA I guess anymore, everyone I knew in OD is gone from then. I think maybe Rag is one the only left without digging for hours.. IDK
  7. add it to all the other people with "untold" work LOL
  8. its not a clan.. no one is joining anyone.. its a group of people who been fucked.. i have no feelings towards u terra or most of the OD people...just the chunk that fucked with us. Its way bigger and longer then any of whats being said. We been saying shit for months.. nothing is ever done, same shit goes on all the time. How long do we wait for change, or do you want us to just sit here and feel like shit forever repping the TAG. If anything was DONE at some point in time...you wouldn't have 12+ d2 members who are talking in the backgrounds about how they arent happy and how this isnt how its suppose to be. BUT what can you do when its cancelled by 5 people. Its fine because they can keep recruiting people who say they dont cheat but in the whispers of the wind, tell everyone they blantly doing it because no one is catching them. IM GOOD For all the legit players whats been going on is a spit in the face and has been for a good chunk now. Id rather be solo then sit here and be angry about shit that no one in the ranks even midly gives a fuck about. Froggie your words dont mean shit because you aint said shit in ages.. NICE FORUM ACTIVITY.. thats bout all u do.
  9. Heil Clanada, Forever and always. #Herasaguy #D2sectiondead #JusticeForRay #PopsRiots Information for kolbot: https://github.com/blizzhackers/kolbot If you need any questions feel free to ask @moomoo(OD) for set-up instructions, he’s the one that helped get the kolbot working! Thanks @moomoo(OD).
  10. Unfort Im going to get out of here.. This clan aint worth shit no more and has lost all credibility in game based on the people who run it.. Let a bunch of hackers into voice chat, take botted items for cheaters.. I mean practically generals cheating because they aint good at the game. They let hackers continue to hack and not do shit, and want to give their friends "second chances"... Half the generals in the diablo 2 section dont do jack shit, honestly dont no how they got those ranks other then blowing people for them since the "community word and vote" dont mean shit at those ranks.Bunch of flip flops, 1 day they cool with you until they want/need more, then your just a stepping stone. Perfect example is pops and how he supported people and they all flipped on him once in their Comfy ranks. There is very few respectable members left, and they all leaving 1 by 1... pretty soon it will just be the 4-6 generals circle jerking each other about how they fucked up and need to rebuild the community. When the diablo 2 community all of sudden dissapears because we dont agree with the decisions being made.. You have a fucking problem. I wish the few I do like left, the best but it aint gonna change.. This place stuck in some old shitty ways and dont know what the fuck they doing.. Just a bunch of power hungry Yesmen that once they get their rank dont do jackshit but suck dick to go up more.. The Diablo 2 community dont even like half the fucking generals.. Talk shit about them daily behind their backs and friendly to their faces.. Sorry I dont play hiding behind a mask... Im going to make a list of the remaining people i do respect right here.. just so those who read it down the road no i respect them and it wasnt there problem.. if ur name aint on the list.. u can go get FUCKEDDDDDDD... Dont worry bout responding to me, just send me to Banned heaven with Ray. OD was the best at one point, now its a sad sad joke.. When people leave messages like this its because at one point we cared and was told our opinions dont mean shit.. "We choose who runs you and your section." NAW u think u do..and this is why the d2 section about to die.. The main group of talkers are gone and will be spreaded elsewhere. Again to those I respect wish yall the best.. To the rest of yall dont let me catch you slippin 😉... D2 BLOOD WILL BE SHED... OD IS GOING TO PAY FOR THE CRIMES AGAINST ITS PEOPLE! List of respectable REMAINING OD members* Pops[Wish you the best pops, this war was started because people have respect for you.. Your probably the most respected tide with sass.. If you ever dip this shit hole we got a spot you can come post up and be a human for once or atleast somewhere people respect you] Sass[crazy at times but a good crazy, rather have some balls then NO BALLs leading up to a burning fire pit] RadarRick[Rick if you ever wanna come kick it with the TRUE squad. Holler we got you] Dater[Though hopefully he wont stay for long, gotta save the good people from staying and being fucked] Shark[you were there for a brother when i cameback originally, wish you the best bro and if u comeback playing heavy holler we pull u over to the TRUE side] I realized Ive gotten to lazy to put every name but they know who they are.
  11. #PopRIOTS


    I like how this clan has generals we never see, but yet they talk shit like people know them. GG

  12. #PopsRIOTS

  13. Lol this voting system be a joke. This shit is disgusting. Idk how people judge this shit.. But Ive talked to pop more then half these people shitting on him.. SMH Hope the best for you pops but it seems the fuckin world against you.. One of the only ranked people in diablo 2 I truly respect and he just being eating alive by ranked members who barely come around or do just as "little". Idk if I would even take the fuckin rank if you DO get it.. Just a bunch of piranhas in a small tank.. @ me BROS
  14. If you play Diablo 2 you know pops in some way or form.. No words really needed for this one. JUJUVOUCH.
  15. What I know of rick from pretty much just talking to him in discord, he good people. Seems laid back but respectable. I vouch.
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