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  1. Competition FEARCE IN THIS MUG. 🙉🙊🙈💨
  2. Keep the stars bro, everyone has had it rough so its understandable.. I didnt see a lot of people put in work recently because thats just how lifes going.. Youre still one of the Main people to go to.. Literally we down to about 2-3 of you at max.. I dont remember the rules to posting on here but this should be good enough. If not Im sure someone will handle buis..
  3. Really at a loss for words, saw it on FB.. Sausage Rolls/Posh/Welsh... Lots of crazy goofy random talks of bs... RIP Julie.. Save us all a seat.
  4. damn i wouldve joined for the actual stick fight...then u mentioned d3 :(.. Let me know if the Real Stick fight go down.. ill PULL UP
  5. Yall gotta figure something else out.. Or just kill the clan mules.. How anyone suppose to get stuff when no one around and u got to wait for the 3-4 people who ALWAYS do it.. hell dater was the only one really doin it before he stopped.. Purp good at it so is pops...so far the others ive hit just afk/no response. Then the shit expired, because the que situation.. but goddamn so everything people donated just dropped off because no one felt the need to sit through the que.. whether 20 members are playing or 2... shouldnt be that way.
  6. Might wanna clean that list up Purp... that mug no where NEAR accurate currently.
  7. O D2 section def OD.. WE ALL DEAD

  8. I got a huge list of rando games.. Ive been doing mostly Lost Ark RU/Black desert online/Tarkov.. Got killing floor and all that to so id be down for some new shit
  9. Cutting off discord really makes you feel 100x bettttttter.. LEGGGGGGGGGGGO

  10. I dig what ive played so far.. Seems like the place in John Wick..

  12. JuJu(OD)


    Ive felt that same door before, a few times it feels like based on the bruising I got.. Lol besides that man I wish ya the best, Im sure ill see you around somewhere. Be smooth and stay out of trouble..
  13. well shit there goes the neighborhood! RIP WISH YA DA BEST SASS..
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