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  1. I'm thinking a weekly shout out for hosters in general. Adding it to future Halo OD Info Roundups in the Events section right before the list of upcoming events would probably be one of if not the best ways to go about it. It wouldn't need to be anything more than something like "Looking to get into event hosting? Pop on over to #event-planning on the Discord. 😃".
  2. As I said in #event-planning earlier today, I see the value in having different event themes for different days of the week. @Geordie(OD), I do like which days you put the types of events which currently aren’t being hosted in your proposition. HOWEVER, I’d much rather it be a first come, first serve basis. If, for example, someone reaches out to start hosting Firefight events before others reach out to start hosting Infection, Halo Wars, 4v4/6v6 matchmaking, etc., and they want to host on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday instead of Monday as well as make it a weekly thing, then why
  3. Hello everyone! I want to start off by thanking those who voted on that types of events poll I put up last week in #division-announcements (18 people not including myself). I’ve been looking over the data from the results and there’s clearly a lot of interest in everything with the exception of FFA. There’s also been folks very recently expressing interest in Halo Wars MP, which, from hosting such an event last month on the Steam version (no crossplay with Windows Store/Game Pass version unfortunately), I’m pretty sure has around as much interest as Halo Wars Customs. I
  4. If anyone else is looking to get into Blood Bowl before Blood Bowl 3 releases this August, the Steam Lunar New Year Sale has just begun and will be going on until 2/15 at 10AM PST. Blood Bowl 2 base game is 80% off ($4 USD) and Blood Bowl 2 Legendary Edition (base game + all DLC teams) is 75% off ($7.50 USD). 😃 https://store.steampowered.com/app/236690/Blood_Bowl_2/
  5. Hi everyone! Blood Bowl 3 is the latest video game adaptation of the long-running Warhammer fantasy tabletop game, Blood Bowl. It combines American football, turn-based tactics, lots of violence, and a dice god (Nuffle) out for blood into one glorious sports game. I’ve grown tired of most turn-based strategy games in recent years which I used to enjoy (i.e. XCOM-likes, Advance Wars-likes), and I could care less about sports IRL, but Blood Bowl managed to suck me in despite all that for over 400 hours with Blood Bowl 2. From my experience, I’d say it’s 50% skill and 50% luck, and it
  6. Welcome again @Larixal(OD). If you ever have any questions regarding Halo, feel free to ask me. 🙂
  7. Great read! Also, old alien dude in flying wheelchair is best Covenant leader in Halo Wars. 😆
  8. Major requesting the rank of Senior Officer please. Just got promoted to the rank tier today.🙂
  9. Wednesday 12/30 I'm hosting a BTB (Big Team Battle) event from 7:00 PM to 10:30 PM MST. Please react on the event based on your expected attendance in #division-events under the Halo division on Discord.
  10. Hi y’all! We got an active thread on favorite map in Halo going right now (https://forum.overdosed.net/topic/70622-your-favorite-map-in-halo/), so I thought I’d make one on favorite mission in Halo. I’ll start with mine. Halo: CE – Two Betrayals (I adore all of the multi-way fights and the atmosphere in this level on original graphics and audio. It’s also the first time in the series you get to pilot a Banshee [unless you know some tricks on Assault on the Control Room] and folks in OD have certainly come to know my affinity for the Banshee.) Halo 2 – Gravemind
  11. Halo: CE – Danger Canyon, with Chiron TL-34 as a close runner-up Halo 2: Classic – District, with Midship, Colossus, and Coagulation as close runner-ups Halo 2: Anniversary – Bloodline, with Zenith as a close runner-up Halo 3 – Sandtrap, with Rat’s Nest and Heretic as close runner-ups Halo: Reach – Tempest, with Breakneck as a close runner-up Halo 4 – Longbow, with Exile and Outcast as close runner-ups Halo 5: Guardians – Haven’t played its multiplayer yet and have no interest in Halo 5 Forge on MS Store. Hopefully the 343 Publishing Team pulls a surprise in 2021 and brings the ful
  12. I want to go into more detail about how Raged has helped trained and mentored me on being an Officer. Not long after I was promoted to Second Lieutenant, Raged reached out to me letting me know that he would no longer be able to host Halo division events due to Friday being the only day he was available to do it and that day becoming the day OD’s retail WoW guild was doing its raiding. After letting Raged know that I was interested in hosting BTB events for the Halo division on Fridays, I asked him for advice on admining, specifically kicking/banning someone if they were breaking O
  13. Second Lieutenant requesting the rank of Officer please. Just got promoted today.🙂
  14. From your list, I have Killing Floor 2 and I played Vermintide 2 once over two years ago. Other than that, for MP games, I also play Awesomenauts, Blood Bowl 2 (soon 3), and Insurgency 2014 co-op. I’ve been thinking about giving Wargroove (alongside Vermintide 2) a second chance at some point. And, of course, I’m always down to glass EVERYTHING as The Prophet of Regret on Halo Wars: DE. 😛
  15. Chief Warrant Officer 3 requesting the rank of Warrant Officer please. 🙂
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