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  1. so items are going fast updated as follows 2x 5os Eth ettin axes Highlords wrath laying on hands gloves 15 ias jewel 15ias/15all res jewel(all res isnt necessary but highly preferred) eth fort AP or 4os eth AP faith greatbow or bladeblow
  2. Offering fgs to yall before i attempt jsp this weekend The following is a list of stuff i need Fortitude non eth archon plate string of ears needs to be 14-15% DR and pref 8%ll but not needed 2x Death Eth Ettin Axes(or two eth ettin axes + 2x Hel+El+Vex+Ort+Gul runes) Highlords wrath 1x ravenfrost (pref higher on ar) laying on hands gloves gore riders 15 ias jewel 15ias/15all res jewel(all res isnt necessary but highly preferred) andys visage eth fort - pretty flexible but would prefer a lower str req like archon or something faith greatbow or bladeblow Thanks for checking 😄 if you see me in game or channel holler if you got what i need yo 😄 if the price is right then DEAL
  3. i have matching sojs, and a shako - not sure of def. ill give free, tip what you think is fair, hit me up in game so i see it *Chillzillah(OD) or Crackajosh on jsp
  4. Ty for the kind words, ive already gotten a G rush and am sitting at lvl 61 right now as im about to call it a day. Looking forward to playing with you, but you do know that orange is the best color right? 😂
  5. Hey yall! Ive played since release on and off(as have most) and decided to rejoin and met up with an OD player. Figured id join a community to have some people to play with. I hate long walks on the beach, love a cold beer, and obviously enjoy Diablo 2(waiting on d4, but lets be honest that'll be a while). I do only play hardcore, as with decades of playing softcore just doesn't have the interest it used to. I'm not knocking sc btw, just a personal preference :D. Also if yall have any tips on farming spots besides baal, or (d2jsp users) stuff that sells well-ish for fg would be appreciated as i have just started back up. You can call me Chill, Chillzillah, Josh, just dont call me late for dinner.
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