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  1. After I posted the above, I was able to 'back up' to the forums contents, and see all the many other threads already here, which would have help answer at least some of my questions had I been able to figure out how to get here without actually posting a thread of my own, ๐Ÿ™‚ From the look of this forum then, here is where I could post Masters of Orion 2 threads, or Civilization 2 threads, or even the Pools of Radiance game series threads? I just read, and got a bit of a chuckle from, the WHO DO YOU SHIP IN OD? thread from back in 2017.
  2. I've looked around the forums, and wanted to ask some questions. Although we have an off topic section, there didn't really seem to be a portion (at least to my new and inexperienced attempt to peruse our forums) That allowed for talk about the current pandemic, and how everyone is holding up. In additional to information along those lines, I was wondering if the tech support forum might be able to help me with a few question about issues some of my computers are having? For gaming related questions, I'm assuming that this is for games other than the ones that we have a clan presence in, and therefore don't fall into some other section(s), correct? The longer I am in clan OD, and the more I explore the forums, the more content I am discovering. Unfortunately, my health has been less than great for some time now, and has recently begun impacting my playing time (Gasp: How DARE it!!!!), so the most I have done lately was see the message about the change to the clan channel. Sorry for the rambling nature of my post, but hard to think straight right now...
  3. Hi folks, I'm not yet sure that this is the right place to be putting this, but I have yet to find a better place to put it, so here goes... I'm planning to do some chanted runs, with the stipulated use of brand new 1st level characters that walk through normal, and get loaned low level gear to speed up the process. Looking for ideas on what items to collect and lend out. I'm also interested in building {sets} of such gear, to showcase what the personalize quest is good for (not a whole lot, but more than absolutely nothing), and I will be showing in game screen shots of what items and why. The focus is on getting the players to kill faster and better, rather than on absolute survivability, but that can change if enough folks have ideas for alternatives for the low level EQ. This is a work in progress, and I am currently planning to build 4 sets of this gear, but with is going to be a long process. Hopefully, this image works for everyone, and shows my thinking on the 4 {Sets} of low level loaner gear I'm currently working on. The sets will include: 1) Hsarus' boots [level 3 req] 20% FRW. 2) Death's set gloves & sash [level 6 req] 30% IAS + Cannot be Frozen. 3) Raven Claw long bow [level 15 req] explosives arrows work great with chant. Other gear under consideration is to include swapping out the Death's set gloves and belt for Sigon's gloves and belt, once the character reach level 15, and can use the RC bow, they will also be able to retain the Cannot be Frozen perk by equipping a set of Hawkmail armor, thus: 4) Sigon's Gloves and Belt [level 6 req] 30% IAS + 2/clvl for the belt & Hawkmail armor [level 15 req] Cannot be Frozen. If you also have 70 str at 15th level, you can: 5) Swap out the Hsarus' boots for the Sigon's boots, and retain the 20 FRW perk, while gaining +50% MF in addition. Combined, these 3 pieces give some nice perks. The nice things about #4 is that you get to keep the CBF & 30% IAS, plus get a 16 box belt. The bad is that you need so much strength to equip the items. That being said, I can also toss in helms and boots to go with the gloves and belts, and those start to add up to some nice additional perks. Now, alternatively, I could also start tossing in Angelic rings, Amulets, and Armor, which give some very interesting perks with all three equipped, as follows: 6) Angelic Ring & Amulet + Armor [level 12 req] (replenish life +6, +20 life, +12/clvl to AR, and +50% to MF) each ring, (+75 life and +1 all skills) from the amulet. This is where I am stuck, and needing input, as I cannot make up my mind on whether to go with the Angelic set items, or with the Hawkmail variant. Either way has it's advantages, but MF at very low levels seems to have a far disproportionate effect compared to later on in game, at least in my opinion. Later on, I'll work on additional screen shots in game to show the combined effects the different low level chanted rushing gear can have. Anyway, I like helping folks, and the clan will always need 40th level rushers, so...? Any feedback? Or even better, anyone want to make some rushers and try this out and help me in the process to get this all setup and running on a regular basis? I forgot to mention, I'm available most days of the week to do one such run, but would like to keep things well organized and have folks sign up in a {Weekly} thread for when they will be able to join such games and following rushes. Random works, but not for maximum game sizes, and thus maximum results. I can currently only put 5 characters in such a game, so I would really want at least three folks actually running bumpers up to 40th level, and I can chant them and even runs a bumper of my own up with them if they like. The bumpers I would run would all be druids, with Oak Sage maxed by level 25, to keep everyone alive as much as possible. If you were going to play in such a game, what class and build would you make thru level 40?
  4. Hi. This thread is a good idea, but as we all know, time and RL make changes to our free time, and so I wonder if there might not be room for improvement with this concept. I joined back in late Feb, and didn't make it to this section until recently, and the posts within this thread span a good time frame, but are now over a year old. My suggestion would be perhaps making threads like this one, coinciding with the start of a b.net ladder reset? That way, it could represent folks stated playing times for the upcoming ladder season, and folks could then know that the information was up to date and who to look for in game? Just my 2ยข.
  5. New to the Clan, joined up on 23rd Feb, and just now today found this here thread. ๐Ÿ™‚ Looking at the pinned threads above this thread, I had to ask myself is any of them needed to be above this one? My personal opinion is that this thread should be put on top, so that it is the first one folks see, and therefore likely read first, lol. I'm shocked that no one has posted in this for over two years, and yet I cannot be the first new member to join since then. Anyway, my suggestion is that putting this thread on the very top might be best, along with coming up with a systematic way to get all new members to at least explore the forums a bit more and earlier. Just my 2ยข.
  6. Three weeks from tomorrow, then. I'm interested, so why the heck not.... Chanter(OD) Assassin And now questions. I've never played HC much at all, and even less PvP, so how do I rejoin and watch the fun after I die? In the bizarre, and extremely unlikely event I win a prize (did I mention bizarre and unlikely), can I just pass that along to the others? What are the battle zones going to be? In other words, is this going to be limited like the druid bowling, in a tiny little fighting area, or will there be a bit more room? No mercs means no killing of Blood Raven, or something else? Something like, you can Kill BR, but cannot then talk to Kashya in town? There is every possibility that I die long before reaching the exalted and lofty heights of level 9 (did I mention new to HC), so if that happens, I can make a new guy and just watch?
  7. I got to play with a few more clan members today, and had a good time and will look forward to playing some more tomorrow. I also learned a few things today playing with BabyStewie and Sassy. Purplez, am I just not playing enough, or at the wrong times? I haven't had a chance to get together and learn how to run chanted games for the clan yet, lol.
  8. Thanks Purplez! It took me a bit to find this thread after the move, lol, because I didn't know that I needed to scroll down to the new threads! I have not gotten much in the way of responses here, and am hoping to drum up some interest and players soon. Some of the events I want to do, are experiments with a full game (8 players---of which I can be 5 if needed), where we get some personalized gear, and then just walk through the entire normal difficulty setting. I have started doing personalization quests, and plan to have all the loaner gear personalized by the time I can get some interest. Another experiment I want to run, is systematically creating bumpers, and mass exploiting this, but that means folks standing by with characters that they want to grush. It also means getting folks to level up guys in normal, to have the bumpers, and I'd like advice on how to setup coordination for this...
  9. Hi all, Just joined up and wanting to know how best to coordinate playing times to accommodate payers needs. Currently, I only play LOD or USEast, Ladder on Softcore (cause I'm a wimp, lol). Very soon now, I'm going to want to start helping folks out, and need to know what is the best way to get the word out there, so I can coordinate times. I also have several experiments that I would like to run, and need volunteers. too run them. Where/what is/are the best ways to publish information about events and runs? Your thoughts.
  10. I am starting to think about what I would like to do within the clan, and one of the things would involve something like the image shows. I'm wanting some feedback and ideas on if this is allowed, encouraged, forbidden or what have you. If it is ok, then I'm thinking that this might be something to rip into this week, so I can have some items ready for either giving away, or lending out within events? Would an item like below be interesting with a personalization quest from Anya, done for a character named {Clan-OverDosed} or something like that? Please let me know...
  11. Is it ok to make threads other than in the Introduction forum while still a trial member?
  12. Thanks to Purplez, I am once again up and running on Discord. It was amazingly easy once I reinstalled, and now I know how to actually turn it off when not needed. Everybody really helped me out with all sorts of badass equipment, much of which I cannot yet wear, but OMG, this was awesome! I'll really be able to help folks out now with all this great gear. Shamefully, I cannot say thanks to everyone, as I didn't keep track or all the folks that came in and helped me out, but to each and all I would like to say, a great big THANK YOU!!!
  13. Thanks Purplez! My problems with my eyes are that I cannot read really tiny test, but I got the problem solved by adjusting the size on my end, so all is now good. I contacted the person on discord, and I think that they are not concerned with getting their items back. I don't know this for sure, as I felt that uninstalling discord entirely from my machine was a step I needed to take, and before I got a definitive answer to that question. I'm not the most knowledgeable guy when it comes to installing software, and usually, ig there is a way I can mess it up, then that is what is going to happen, and today is a good example of that. I got discord DL'ed and installed, registered, and pasted the clan's URL into the app, and got a nice chance to chant with several members of the clan this morning, and basically had an interesting time of it, and had started to learn some simple things and basics. I then proceeded to click around and check things out a bit. I remembered how to change my settings to "Push to talk" from the video instructions, and did that. I then, not really knowing what I was doing, clicked on one of the other 'voice channels', Frog Pond I think it was, but there didn't seem to be anyone there, so I went an (at least I thought I had) exited Discord by clicking on the 'x' in the upper right corner. After a nap, and several hours of unintentionally lurking in the Frog Pond, I got online and started to play my clan character. After a brien bit of play, I was surprised to hear someone talking to me. Earlier in the day, before I went and changed my settings to "Push to talk", I was just able to speak and be heard. So, when someone was asking me questions, I couldn't respond, and killed rodent guy, picked up my book of skill, and alt-tabbed out of the game, to go back into discord (which I had incorrectly assumed was off this whole time), and change my setting back to be able to just talk, rather than having to press a button to be able to be heard. After several minutes of mounting frustrations, I learned that something was not right, and I tried repeatedly to get the changed settings to make it possible for me to be heard, but alas, to no avail. Finally, i tried to just close discord, and was shocked to see the the lower left space on my taskbar was empty. I don't know what caused this, but the start icon was not there! So not only could I not just go into the start menu to manually shut discord down at this point, I also couldn't restart my computer, and all the while, I could hear the other poor fellow trying to talk me through the process and troubleshoot how to get my voice settings fixed. I did learn how to logout of discord as a result of this mess, lol, but I don't want to have to annoy folks like that again because of my lack of knowledge in using an app I really don't know how to use, much less troubleshoot, and while annoying someone else at the same time.๐Ÿ˜• I'm still willing to reinstall discord at a later date (Maybe even tomorrow), but for now I think I'll just rely on the chanel, and these forums for my communication needs. I'll probably go into some google searches sometime after midnight, and begin learning how to troubleshoot and use discord properly, but before it gets reinstalled, I'll make sure that I know a few things down pat, like: 1) What happens when I click the 'X' in the upper right corner... 2) How to actually shut discord down entirely... 3) How to avoid leaving myself in a voice channel at all... Anyway, so far I am liking the exciting prospect of being part of something bigger than just myself, while being able to help folks within the game!
  14. Hey folks, my eyes are hurting, so I cannot read too much of the forums at the moment, but I was helping a couple clan members mule items and the last one never came back. I have screen shots of the items, and the times between the players last drop, and when I threw in the towel. As this is my 2nd day in the clan, I respectfully request a link to the part of the forum where I can post that I did indeed pickup the two uniques left on the ground in town by the stash. Also, are there some standing guidelines on what to do when assisting in a muling? Anyway, looking forward to hearing back from the member that left their items on the ground, due, I suspect, to getting a Realm Down temp restriction.
  15. Thanks! Good to know I'm not going to be the only one playing as a chanter, which is going to be a big and MOST welcome change from pre clan days. Back when I only had a single computer with D2 on it, I got a bit frustrated that most folks would be happy to play with me providing them with chants, but no one was willing to make a chanter of their own, so that I too could enjoy some "Enchanted Diablo 2" runs. That all ended back when I first bought two extra computers and disks, and that had to be sometime back before 2003, so that now I just load my chanter up on one computer, and can play any other character(s) I want at the same time, and only have to switch over to the computer with my chanter on it to cast chant on newly joining players or those that are recently returned from the dead. You mentioned something called "Run Bots", and I didn't know what those were, and had a panic attack, and then realized that the "Bots" you were talking about were the ones that post automated messages in the clan channel. For me, the dang 'chant bots' have all but ruined the online gaming fun of D2 with a chantress of my own, and as I was a chanter before there were any bots, I have bad feelings towards/about those bots. Now that I know what you were talking about, I'm glad and eagerly looking forward to play some more games, and getting my < 20th level gal up to speed, so I can start hosting my own chanted runs! I have to admit that I have not really looked to much at what is available on the many forums here, as my experience is so far limited to the threads like this one. In a few weeks, after I have a chance to make some new characters and some mules, I'm hoping to be able to get folks into some interesting and challenging specialized games, involving teamwork, storyline progression, and maybe, possibly, some nice prizes (all of this, is of course subject to clan approval), but my hopes are high that some weekly events might be possible.๐Ÿ˜Ž I will most definitely be looking you up this week online. Thanks for the reply, and yw. Once the ladder in SC starts getting to easy? I have played some HC, but strictly in single player, and losing my character permanently didn't sit well with me, so that was the extent of my brief and none to satisfactory experience with hard core. To each there own. Perhaps when the next reset comes around, we will for a time be able to adventure together!
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