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  1. Request Warrant Officer Rank, thanks.
  2. Ok all, been struggling with health issues, but did get one additional chess puzzle, here is a link to the initial game, where the level 8 computer is playing black. Can you win as white? https://lichess.org/editor/8/p4pk1/2p4p/3N1Pp1/2P3Pb/1P1Q3P/q7/3K4_w_-_-_0_1 Hopefully this link works, but I can tweak it till it works like the others.
  3. Ok, so also from my best friends games last week, this was another winning position that was not recognized as such. Black is on the offensive, but all three of blacks front line pieces are under attack. Can you, playing the black side, go 'forward unto victory' without loosing your queen? https://lichess.org/editor/r4rk1/p4ppp/8/4q3/3P1nP1/5PK1/PP2b2P/R1B1R3_b_-_-_0_1 Have fun! 🙂
  4. My best friend played a series of games last week, and lost most of them, but in going over a few of his games, I came across a trio that I turned into studies, two of which I think are rather good. I've already got one posted over on discord, and a few folks have had a chance to play with it a bit, but I didn't really get to watch someone work their way through all 8 levels of the computer AI playing against them, so I don't yet know just how useful the study is going to be, and keep in mind this is the very first one I have ever done, so hopefully, all others will be done better. For something that I want to be able to serve as a fun, interactive learning tool, that will make a better chess player out of the folks that play them, and provide hours of fun for all, even years from now. But, at least for me, I would ask that these homemade studies NOT be played as a group event, but as a single player event, and WITHOUT computer support!!! The simple reason for this is, this type of content takes time to develop, and a player isn't going to get better if they just use the computer to tell them what to do, and then just practice doing that over and over again. The Lichess.org website has a HUGE amount of content that is exactly like that, and solving those types of premade things is fair game as a group effort (and allot of fun) but the custom made studies are going to be very limited in number, and we as a club will need some way to have new members play out things on their own, to get an idea where they are in their own skills playing chess, and what we need to focus them on too make them better. That said, we as a chess club really don't have much n the way of infrastructure to bring in new members, get them sorted out, and get them started on the path to better chess. I for one would like to start talking to the other chess club members about learning how to use the Lichess.org website, and then learning how to teach others how to use it. What thoughts have you?
  5. Hi everyone, I'm not the boss of anything at all, but I am willing, health permitting, to work on things to help our chess club grow and attract players of skill all levels. In my own chess playing endeavors, I was introduced to the Lichess.org website several years before I discovered clan OverDosed, and at the time an old army buddy got me setup there, I created an account, VoidStalker666, and played him a few times (3), and then started playing against the various computer AI's on their site, but that really isn't my thing. I could beat the lowest level AI more often than not , but have never beaten the level 8 AI in a fair fight. 🙂 Now fast forward several years, and I started playing chess with the OD chess club! The boss, Badboi(OD), setup some chess tournaments, and we had a great time playing some games, but as usual, the tournaments are pitting new players against not only their own level opponents, but the more advanced players as well, and chess is not exactly a co-op game. 😞 But wait, working with Badboi(OD), I began to learn that there was more to the Lichess.org website than merely playing chess! A whole lot more in fact. The Lichess.org website offers tools to improve one's game that I could only dream of 40 years ago, when I was {17} young, healthy, and capable of kicking much chess player butt. 🙂 For starters, you can go and watch EVERY game of every clan(OD) member that they have played out using the website, and you can go over these games 24/7, at your convenience, to your heart's content, over and over again if you like, and watch how they played their games. I cannot recommend this enough, both to find that individual members chess playing strength's and weaknesses', as well as tricky things that they do... But the website has waaayyyy more to offer than merely being able to view other's (and your own) past games, it also has a huge amount of tools that teach everything to do with chess, and in this area, I'm a complete novice. I have not yet even begun to explore all the ways Lichess.org makes it easier to learn and master chess!!! In this thread, I'm going to issue a call to arms, and challenge all my fellow clan(OD) chess club members to join me in an effort to explore the capabilities of the Lichess.org website, and begin to learn you to use it to improve not only my own game, but that of all that care to invest some time in leaning the site, and in learning the game! I love using dramatic movie moments to both reference movies that I like, and to emphasize my points, and in keeping with this quirk of my personality, I give you the following... What say YOU?
  6. I'm not feeling up to playing several hours of chess today, let alone trying to run a tourney, but that being said, I'll be around for at lest part of today/tonight, working on something chess related. Hope to see everyone there.
  7. My health has been on a sort of roller coaster, going up and down, but I did wander over to the Lichess.org website and discovered my best friend and arch rival had been playing himself some chess... I took it upon myself to make some studies from his games, and because he has not signed off on this project (I just had a chance to talk to him and tell him to check his email), I won't use the private studies I made, but instead will be focused on making actual "Play from here" setups, that I hope to be able to make into clan chess challenges, to help folks learn how to take a posted position and play to victory, hopefully even against the level 8 computer AI. I spent a few minutes going over my friends games, and something told me that in his latest game, he had a winning position, and then I spend way too much time making a study of that, and beating up on the computer, including the level 8 one, and hope that posting an anonymous PFH (Play From Here) might get to be a thing. If I do this, and Badboi(OD) gives me the green light, I'll start working on providing "chess challenges" to make playing chess at all levels more fun and rewarding!!! I want to make lotsa chess related content, and over time it will probably become quite a lot, but my focus is to make things that everyone plays/solves themselves, unlike the working together on public 'puzzles', where everyone can log into and solve together on chess days/tournaments.
  8. I'm wondering if anyone even knows about this portion of the clan, will post this URL on the Discord, and hope for some other members to join me, perhaps on a nightly basis? Or more likely once a week type of thing?
  9. Lol, a well deserved pat on the back, sir! Your play was excellent, as the results show. Well done 🙂
  10. Another tourney sound like fun! I'll be there.
  11. Hey everybody, I've had a great time or too working with my fellow clan members to solve puzzles as a group, and would like to invite folks to join me in channel whenever they want to work on their puzzles.
  12. I may or may not be able to play in this one, I have company coming over to help me with my new refrigerator/freezer, and that delivery window goes from 3-7pm.
  13. Had a fun time playing! Looking forward to more time spent with collaborative puzzle solving, where there is no pressure to win, no agony of defeat, but just a good time solving those dang puzzles! 🙂 Maybe we can have folks arranged in order, starting with those with the lowest score in puzzle solving (and thus most in need of help) going up to those with the highest (that still need and want help), and figure out some system to getting together and working the puzzles in a round robin kinda way, where we take turns sharing our screens in discord while on the Lichess website, so everyone in the voice channel can hear and put in their own thoughts on every puzzle, till we can offer good input on the potential "Best Move" that solves the puzzle, and awards points, and raises folks scores! The point of all this, would be to help folks begin to get positive experiences seeing the lessons the puzzles are trying to teach, and then being able to use that knowledge in their future chess games to good advantage (and their opponents dismay...) I'm also interested in learning what else the Lichess website has to offer in the form of being able to help others get better at chess. Back in my day, we had just the one option, a board and pieces, a place to set them up, and a willing foe... We didn't have all the fancy resources that are available today, but these rather remarkable resources do no good, if no one uses them. 😞 One big thing that stands out right away, is the fact that each and every move, of each and every game you play on the Lichess website, is recorded for all time and posterity, and I would love to have the opportunity to work with folks that want to go over games that they and their clanmates have played, and see if they can spot the mistakes made, and improve their own play, by reducing the mistakes they have learned to recognize. The more you play, the more games you have in your personal library, and thus the more information from games of the past, to help you shape the games of the future.
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