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  1. Way to big an empty post, was there a reason to have to scroll so far down to be able to enter a reply? Can this post be edited so as too clean up all the empty space? I'll check out the meeting next week, and thanks for the heads up!
  2. I too wish you well and will miss you! We never really got to hang out all that much, but I will never forget you, and your tireless efforts on behalf of the clan. Hope your grand kids are a blessing to you now and forever! Glad am I to have had a small, brief part in your life, and thankful that you survived and bounced back from covid19. You had me worried there for a week or three, but that is thankfully in the past. I too enjoyed playing and chatting with you in game and in discord. Fare thee well, my friend, and may the good times roll ever onwards for you and yours!
  3. Just finished my first run through of the recording of this meeting. Sounds like a good meeting, and sorry I wasn't able to attend in person. I like hearing that there is interest in having folks start to make more use of the website and forums, I feel that more interaction is better for the clan as a whole as well as for individual members. I'm interested in watching the D&D gaming sessions, so as of right now I am planning to attend the one scheduled for the 29th. I have to admit to being OLD, and with that, kinda intimidated by all that I don't know about technology. O
  4. As long as RL doesn't throw me a curve ball (like it did this week) next sat sounds good for me to be able to watch and learn... 🙂
  5. Very glad to see this thread, as I was (and am) in a good deal of pain this evening, and didn't make it too the meeting, but being able to listen to the topics mentioned and discussed is a great idea, and let's all of us not able to make it still keep current with those that did attend.
  6. As it turns out, "The Cave" is really a 'pay to win' game in disguise, where folks are supposed to pony up $200, in order for the game creator to feel that his players are 'invested' in the game, and for things to work as they should, rather than as they do currently, for those that don't invest/donate. Being broke, I will not be playing this game any more, so perhaps this forum can be replaced by (or made a sub-forum of), a SC2 "Arcade" forum?
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. Well, hello and thanks for joining us here at Overdosed. Hope that you have many an enjoyable year of gaming fun with us. Welcome.
  9. I'm looking to have a 'wish list' of things suggested as improvements to the game creator, and wanted to provide a thread, set up as a monthly thing, for all the things folks would like to have/see in "The Cave" in the future. Here are my initial things, from the day i started playing, to today. First off, when playing with someone of a higher level, there is a bug that will corrupt your character file in the very early game. The bug is that, as a quest reward for completion of the "Meet thy Enemy quest", you character gains 200 experience points. This is all fine and good, b
  10. Hey @OGsewerat(OD) good to see you here! So, below we see the news and information screens, as of this date, July 6th, 2020. These two pop up windows will appear once the game is loaded. Too proceed, just close them and continue on. Below we see a typical character selection screen. This particular screen is from a while ago, when I had just deleted a few experimental guys. As you can see, there are three rows, each with 6 positions, giving each BANK FILE a maximum of 18 potential characters. Note, you cannot name your characters, nor can you mo
  11. For anyone that has played "The Cave", can we get some information about things that you liked, as well as things you didn't, and then, maybe, possibly, some ideas on how to correct things? I'm working on a long list of things I like and don't like, and also what I would like to see changed so that the gaming experience could be improved for everyone. First off, the initial screen is a problem for me, as you get a grid of 6 columns in three rows, and your characters are stored just as what info goes in what slot. No name, and no information other than what class and le
  12. Welcome! And speaking of games, what games do you play?
  13. Here are some of the things you will first see upon entering the game. The Spawning Spot: This is the starting area of the game for newly created characters. Upon creation, you character will spawn in the fenced off area in the upper left, and Farmer Clyde will have a yellow exclamation point over him, indicating that he has a new quest for you, to get you started on the path to adventure. Read the quest!, and be prepared... The World's End Keep: Unlike many games, you don't immediately have the right to enter the local center of civilization, bu
  14. So, getting back to this, I made this image and am going to use it in helping new players out. So, my thoughts are to try to help new players of this great map/game out, so that more folks 'stick with it' all the way through the game. Right now, most folks that run across this map are just going in, having no clue what to do, being ignored by other folks in the game when they ask how to do things, then play on their own, and then quit altogether. I would love input from folks in the clan that have played this game, to give testimonials about their experiences, and suggest ways tha
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