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  1. i will defiantly be around for reset, im having a toss up between classic and xpac due to gearing and FG issues If you die on xpac then everyone knows its somewhat easier to rush on classic without bumpers especially if your not geared well on xpac there will be more FG to be made on classic and xpac prices for just random low end crap will be insane the first few weeks chasing the xpac ladder positions almost never work out good due to the botters but the classic ladder doesnt get hit as hard so the OD tag has a better chance of shining there and staying however im a team player and theres a very high chance ill go with the majority, i just dont know im gonna be able to gear and stay a runner
  2. Congrats guys we already got our winners so I wont post screenshots but I will mention my progress 90 hdin - hccl 82 sorc - hccl 86 sorc - sccl 75 barb - sccl
  3. Account: BabyStewie(OD) Toon: OD-HccStewie hardcore
  4. Account: BabyStewie(OD) Toon: OD-HcclStewie hardcore
  5. BabyStewie(OD) stewy2018#1486 Barb
  6. Will be starting on a barb, looking for some more players who will be grinding hard at the start that is willing to help each other push content. Let me know who is interested Thanks
  7. Hey whats up everyone, Old school gamer here nice to be here and finally find some players that live by the code of not hacking. Looking forward to our future together. Real Name = Jonathon Account Name = BabyStewie(OD) D2Jsp = klitreturnz@d2jsp Currently playing Diablo 2, Diablo 3, StarCraft, Starcraft 2, Hero's of the storm, Raft, Game of Thrones Have played Blizzard game ever since Diablo 1 and have played Diablo 2 ever since it first released... Yea I'm old :P
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