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  1. with jr on this one CS:GO is a blast
  2. account: psy9zach(OD) toon: OD-PSYCHOBOWZ hardcore also @Purplez(OD) rick justin and i where talking i think you mean uncheck expansion not ladder in the 1.) line
  3. fun to tool around with, any item you want set your level get all the waypoints and try it out in singleplayer. just be aware of cheater/hackers in the duals just go to other multiplier, open battle.net log in adn look for d2 ga in blue letters. buying gear is in kurast and ubers forever responding is in the big portal server can have up to like 30 players or so difficulty increases based on players and is not capped to 8 players
  4. thank you for the great information pictures really help make it obvious and enjoyed the humour as well 😃
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