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  1. few hours left until start. ill be in discord most of the time leading up to the launch feel free to stop in!
  2. @TypeReaL(OD) we are going to need to assign you leadership in D3 and also give @EdgiestWall(OD) and myself privileges to add and remove people
  3. @Solaris(OD) @EdgiestWall(OD) @TypeReaL(OD) Will be in group two it looks like so far with sneaky squid, me and maybe @Azzuryon(OD) if he is up for necro or barb for start. Looking forward to the grind. Depending on play times we may be able to fumble around groups a bit since some of us won't be on at launch! Thanks for responding to forum post ya'll Still room for 2 more guys across both teams so keep an ear out for others that are interested
  4. Sounds good @EdgiestWall(OD) Im looking forward to getting everyone together and having a solid season thanks for the response!
  5. To effectively coordinate the start of season 21 I would like to get a show of people who are going to be active at the season start July 3rd. Most likely 5pm PST. The Elite group will consist of these rolls: 3 Necro Starter build until late game ( 2 rat necro/1 znecro) @Immortalmaddness(OD) SneakySquid(OD) 2 available spots 1 necro 1 barb 1 barb anything until late game : (zbarb 22pur build for rats) Secondary group will be lax with no requirement on class. Please let me know what your interested in doing and we will be setting up pre launch sessions leading up> thank you in advance!
  6. if possible can we do around 6pm Pacific? otherwise monday is good for me anytime. let me know what works for you guys- @TypeReaL(OD) @Hari(OD)
  7. @Hari(OD) I would be interested in creating a more stable diablo 3 group. I spoke a bit with @TypeReaL(OD) about some events and things of that nature including some incentives. I have a funky schedule currently since i work a 9-5 and have my own LLC on top of that. That being said I am making myself available to make our gaming experience in diablo 3 better. I would like to attend the next admin meeting to get a better feel for what is involved as well as the recruiting process.
  8. @TypeReaL(OD) sounds good ill get into the Discord Diablo3 around 8:15 your time
  9. I think that having predesigned weekly races for leader board within clan would be great. Also there is an aspect to this game that is under used and that is pvp. If there is an interest of doing a ladder tier style battle royal i think that it would be a great way to expand peoples builds. I would be willing to pitch in on getting some prizes situated. IE gift cards, clan swag whatever works. I think that this would promote a more dynamic experiences and hopefully grab the attention of our players. 5 @TypeReaL(OD)If you would like to discord more about this stuff please let me know when would work and ill try and make myself available.,,
  10. We had a really quick fall off on Diablo 3 this season based entirely on the activity of players (from my prospective) I find that not so many member come onto the forum to engage in talking about what their goals are. I am actively trying to expand the group aspect of the game. Use me where you can to help make this happen i would love to see this game have more consistent participation. Sub note: Thank you @Sil3NtKilL(OD) and @EdgiestWall(OD) leadership is hard to find and you made yourselves available to conversation on discord and in game. party on ya'll
  11. It will be nice to see more member doing groups like this one. Rat runs are an excellent way to gain paragon and gear quickly! Thanks for getting me involved Bird
  12. If you haven't done so yet, add me to your friends list. I will be a very active player this season and will be trying to make the 1/2/4 leader boards. Would like to play with other serious players. Thank you in advance for reading my post, and good luck with the season! Immortal#1157
  13. Immortalmadness(OD) Immortal#1157 I also responded to a second group of (OD) members as i will have plenty of time to play next season and will be trying to push leader boards! Thanks for the post!
  14. Thank you JR(OD) / Raged (OD)/ V3m0n(OD) / Purples(OD) for welcoming me to the clan. I am looking forward to playing with you all during the next season!
  15. Hi all I"m Immortalmadness(OD), I am new to the community and an active Diablo 3 player. I am interested in pushing the leader board each season. I however do not have much interest in playing out of season but will in-between active seasons. Pm me if you would like to play!
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