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  1. It will be nice to see more member doing groups like this one. Rat runs are an excellent way to gain paragon and gear quickly! Thanks for getting me involved Bird
  2. If you haven't done so yet, add me to your friends list. I will be a very active player this season and will be trying to make the 1/2/4 leader boards. Would like to play with other serious players. Thank you in advance for reading my post, and good luck with the season! Immortal#1157
  3. Immortalmadness(OD) Immortal#1157 I also responded to a second group of (OD) members as i will have plenty of time to play next season and will be trying to push leader boards! Thanks for the post!
  4. Thank you JR(OD) / Raged (OD)/ V3m0n(OD) / Purples(OD) for welcoming me to the clan. I am looking forward to playing with you all during the next season!
  5. Hi all I"m Immortalmadness(OD), I am new to the community and an active Diablo 3 player. I am interested in pushing the leader board each season. I however do not have much interest in playing out of season but will in-between active seasons. Pm me if you would like to play!
  6. i would be interested in playing zbarb for this next season or pull/ww barb.
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