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  1. Hello all, figured community would be the best place to put this. As some of you may have noticed I have drastically dropped my involvement in the community in the past week or so. This has been due to a massive injury to my knee and leg while working out as a part of my journey to health. Last month around this time I weighed a little over 360 pounds and needed to begin loosing weight to avoid complications. Through major diet and lifestyle changes I am now down to 330 and am loosing about 5 pounds a week with my diet and 2 pounds extra with exercise. Recently, I was hit with a major set back after I was injured while ballroom dancing with my fiancee during a work out we were doing together. I immediately knew I was injured by the popping noise in my knee after I dipped my fiancee. Turns out I tore my meniscus and severely sprained my solorus m according to my doctor and am living with constant pain right now that keeps me pretty limited to my bed which is why I am going IA for a while. I need to have surgery in the next week or so to repair the damage but my insurance will only cover a part of my surgery. I am currently looking for donations as my insurance will only cover part of my claim. Every little bit helps and I will be forever in your debt. ❤️ https://www.gofundme.com/f/adam039s-knee-surgery-fund -SalinePandora
  2. I love the idea and my fiancee and I would be really interested! You gotta do a list of movies then use a random number generator to pick the movie.
  3. Looking forward to seeing you around ^-^ hopefully I see you around Call of Duty
  4. Hey everyone! So as some of you might be aware Minecraft Dungeons is coming out on May 26th. This game is basically Diablo 3 mixed with Minecraft and you can find out more information at https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/about-dungeons/. I am currently testing the water to see what type of interest exists within OD for this game in order to support the game within the Minecraft Division. Please let me know if you have any interest in the game either here or in the new Minecraft Dungeons channel within the Minecraft Division section on Discord. -Saline Note: If you have Microsoft Game Pass you will already own the game once it releases!
  5. Minecraft has become a division, finally, and in the spirit of this triumph we will be hosting a build off in the coming month! All members of the division will be able to participate as well as those from outside. The event will start on May 20th and last until June 3rd. At which point you will submit a picture of the build to a forum topic that will go live on June 3rd, along with the coordinates so our judges can visit. This will be both for the Vanilla and Modded servers. The winner will have their build copied to the spawn of the server it was built on. NOTE: Please refrain from starting your builds on the modded server before the start date as that server is being transferred over this week. Rules: 1. No copying other builds. 2. No use of bots to build. 3. No use of schematica to build. 4. Builds submitted after midnight on June 3rd will not be considered.
  6. I love and hate this XD
  7. Yeah, the worst part is I am a support engineer but am just terrible at networking stuff XD
  8. Yeah, I would 100% be down. I’m not the best at the battle royal and tend to stick to the regular multiplayer but would be interested 🙂
  9. Hello everyone! The Minecraft squad now has a Vanilla Minecraft server on Java Version 1.15.2 and will remain up to date. The server is located on VMinecraft.Overdosed.net and has a maximum player count of 10 at the moment. We will be running this server in conjunction with our modded server. Stop by our Discord channel and ask any questions! -SalinePandora Minecraft Squad Leader
  10. Yeah, if you could! I figured who better to offer a pc than to a community of gamers 🙂 thanks again v3n0m
  11. Hey guys! I am not sure if this is the right place to post this but I am selling my living room gaming tower to help buy my wife a laptop for school. I built it to act as a media server/VR gaming computer for my living room, but I really don’t use it and the money could be put to better use with my wife’s new laptop. Would be great as a starter computer for anyone who wants to move into pc gaming. Only thing that is really “outdated” is the graphics card. It has around 120 operating hours and comes with windows. If you are interested PM me on discord @SalinePandora(OD) Specs: Motherboard: ROG Strix z390-e GPU: Nvidia 1080 Founders Edition Processor: i7 8700K 3.7Ghz RAM: 32Gb (2x16gb) Corsair Vengeance LPX 2133 PSU: Corsair RM850 CPU Cooler: Corsair Hydro Series H150i Storage: 500gb Kingston HDD (willing to include 4tb if offered full price) OS: Windows 10 Home (license included) I am looking for about $1500 plus shipping but will throw in a razor orienta keyboard and Corsair wired mouse for free.
  12. ScudBarb, unfortunately at this time the server is a PC only server. If we have more members who would like this I may launch a Minecraft realms server. Feel free to drop by the squad channel on discord. Thanks Panda, it is great to see interest. I know we talked about all this last night when you dropped by the squad chat. In the interest of making sure there is an answer in the forums I am replying to your questions here as well. Right now we are running a custom mod pack that includes a nice mix of tech mods and magic mods as well as world expansion mods. The recommended RAM allotment for the pack is 5-6GB. This is recommendation is subject to change. The server is hosted through Apex Hosting with a very good deal so I am coming the costs for now. The server is going to be always up and the information for the server can be found in the squad chat on discord. I am currently building the world hub and will be setting up plugins during this week to manage the server in a more streamlined way. I will also be including a guide on installing and running the mod pack. Additionally, there will be a document for suggesting new mods to be added to the server that squad members will be able to vote on (as long as the mod is compatible).
  13. That would be great! I actually have another person on the server who is not in OD as well. I usually get on after work. Would you be free today or tomorrow at 8pm EST? I can get you the mod pack and server login.
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