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  1. We could also set up a team with just OD members to help with privacy and not needing to deal with Randos as much
  2. HI EVERYONE! I know I have been absent as of late. The reason has been a combination of work responsibilities (I was recently promoted to North American Director of Support and Customer Relations) and being diagnosed with Stage 1 Brain Cancer. I have been able to process this and am ready to return with my previous vigor! In this vain I am looking to gauge interest in creating a squad that would be for all things Pokemon. This includes PokeMMO, Pokemon Sword and Shield, the two new pokemon games, Pokemon Go, Pokemon TTRPG (pending Lightning's input), and the trading card game. If you or someone you know in OD would be interested in this being a squad please let me know! Sincerely, Your Friendly Neighborhood SalinePandora
  3. Hi Everyone! I wanted to gauge interest in a fun idea for something we could do as a community. I am thinking of us doing a 24 hour long community stream for charity to support the Home - The AbleGamers Charity cause. This charity promotes gaming for those with disabilities by building and giving them fully custom setups that allow them to game. A day of gaming for us could mean a lifetime of gaming for several people who otherwise wouldn't be able to game. This charity has several tools for us to help get started after we get registered including logos, guides, and videos we can play during stream. This will also be a great way to showcase the best parts of our community. I would act as the host unless someone else wants it and we could rotate teams of gamers from games across our community. I would also need some technical people to help behind the scenes with quick edits, effects, and stream overlays (goals, donations, people watching, and other things). I will also need the social media team to help promote and draw attention. This would be a all hands on deck sort of thing and I want to shoot for a date in October. If you want to be part of the team I will build to help plan please raise your hand in this tread and /or message me on Discord. With Hopefulness, Saline I will create a separate post and channel for planning if enough people are interested 🙂
  4. I just have a side opinion. I don't think every time someone negative votes there needs to be a forum slap fight. I just don't see the point or need. I would suggest we take these concerns into the next admin meeting and have it fully done and put to bed.
  5. Actually I would say debate club could be considered a game on a technicality. But I agree, Maybe we should shunt it down to non-squad instead. I was the one who originally asked for the channel to be created to keep it separate during the presidential election. I did not expect it to be as popular as it is. I just dont know if it should be in the community tab.
  6. Given how active the Politics 2021 channel is I am suggesting we make a debate/politics squad. I know there is alot of interest in the channel and debating in general within our community but want to hear everyone's comments on the subject. -Saline
  7. Hi @Purplez(OD), Actually these are good suggestions and we have something in the works already! 🙂 Re: 1, 3, I am actually working on a massive Discord overhaul proposal. Part of that proposal to to loop the Tech Support Squad up under the welcome channels and create a discord support and moderation area where issues, questions, and community violation reports can go. \ Re: 7 We have a discord team role, @discord team. Anyone can ping us all. We can create a forum role that does this. Re: 2, 5, 6 We have a forum post with this info and can link it to a FAQ section in the discord support and moderation area that I am working on getting created via that overall proposal. Re: 4 We can rewrite those as needed, are there any in particular that you think need updating? Here is an example of how we have this set up for testing. Sincerely, Saline
  8. ARG MATES IT IS SALINE THE SEA CAPTAIN HERE! I am inviting you, your rum, and your swashbuckling nature to a night of drunken Sea of Thieves! We will start at 7PM EST and go till the rum is all gone. We will do some piracy, sing some sea shanties (I'm serious), and engage in much debauchery! (5) Why is the Rum Gone? - Remix - YouTube I look forward to seeing you, ask any questions in the Community Events Discord Channel! -Saline
  9. All good @CompFreak(OD) I understand that one on deep deep level, but this means gameshow Saline needs to come back HI FOLKS! ITS TIME TO SPIN THE WHEEL AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!! WHERE WILL IT LAND, well I know, BUT YOU DON'T! ANDDDDD OUR WINNER ISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS REDVAINE! @Redvaine(OD) you have won a majestic fully paid vacation to the world of Enoch with its lush forests and friendly fauna! Please contact me to get your tickets to this fantastic world of opportunities! -Saline
  11. HI ALL! IT IS TIME TO PICK A WINNER!!!! THE WHEEL HAS PICKED......................................... @Blind YOU HAVE WON OUR FABULOUS PRIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Contact me for your game copy. 🙂 For our second prize........ @JD(OD) COME ON DOWNNNNNNNNNNNNN YOU HAVE WON A MAGNIFICANT ANNE PRO WIRELESS V2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you to everyone who participated. I enjoyed seeing your submissions! We will have another competition soon so stay tuned! This has been game show Saline signing out 🙂
  12. Thank you thank you thank you. Now I have a bunch to read XD
  13. Request for Officer Rank 🙂
  14. Last but not least my current office without screens that ive only seen once because of covid: Just wanted to show you guys the progression spanning about 7 years.
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